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  1. I've been wondering about this for a while. Can anyone tell me why the 'you need a hug' icon looks like a face hugger from Alien? Is it supposed to be a back-handed thing, like 'you need a(n alien spawn gestating in your belly until it reaches maturity and then bursts from your stomach consequently killing you before going in search of your friends for further nutrition) hug'? Is it actually supposed to be genuine?

    I dont get it.
  2. Can be both. And yeah, we're alien fetishists here.
  3. Because of faceHUGger.

    They hug your face.
  4. It's both reassuring and condescending at the same time!
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  5. It originally was a joke suggestion by me and @Drakel to diversify the emotes on the site (not the ratings), suggesting we add a facehugger one (not sure what made us try this in the first place now though).


    Using this image as reference.
    It never went through as an emote, but then out of the blue apparently one of the Staff or Admins took a strong liking to it so it surprised both of us once it came out a few weeks later as a rating.
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  6. Its actually because of the phallic nature of the Xenomorph lifecycle

    Bascially, we're telling you to get skull fucked

    And then have a chestburster baby!


  7. Don't question it. It's perfect.
  8. Secretly this thread is actually an attempt to garner the greatest amount of 'hug' ratings possible


    @Gwazi Magnum
    I had a strong feeling that it was an in-joke.
    Also I love your icon??
    I hope that you've seen this video

    @Razilin Technically isn't giving fellatio getting skull fucked? There's a penis in your skull. But regardless, thank you for the uplifting comment. I'll go give birth to an alien baby now. Excuse me.
  9. I tend to avoid using it myself because it seems a little backhanded, but from what I've seen, it's meant as a genuine, if a bit silly, offer of comfort.
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  10. I call dibs on the middle name!
  11. @Razilin
    His first name is Mercutio and his last name is Bloodsucking Cunt. What's the middle name? Also you're now the godparent. Congrats
  12. might I suggest "mmph" or "umph" as the middle name?

    (its the sound a girl makes when she's got her mouth full!)

  13. @Razilin I'm worried we're getting a little raunchy for a general chat thread haha.
    Mercutio Mmpth Bloodsucking Cunt. I'm so proud. Before we know it he'll be graduating from high school and eating civilians on a cargo ship.
  14. It's not so much a 'in' joke as it is just a random joke that happened to gain traction. :P
    Thanks. :P

    And I wish I did, but alas it's region locked.
  15. I think it all depends how you look at it. I've seen something really, really stupid posted and have someone give the, 'You need a hug' given. The message on that was clear to me.

    And I've seen one where someone talked about a loved one dying and got it, that was more of a comfort. If it was the other message i worry about the sanity of people on this site. Though most of me doesn't want to know, little part of me has a bit of a morbid curiosity.
  16. @Gwazi Magnum It's an SNL skit of Hilary Clinton transforming into Bernie Sanders. Are you not from the US? I still appreciate your passion for US politics haha

    Thanks everyone for the explanation. And all of the 'hugs'.
  17. I'm Canadian. :P
    We're that country just north of you that get's influenced by a ton of your stuff regardless of not being American. XD
  18. @Gwazi Magnum Is there space under your bed for me to live in if Trump is elected
  19. My Computer already occupies it. :P
  20. @Gwazi Magnum Maybe I'll get lucky and Ted Cruz will go all zodiac on Trump's ass.
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