You! My Epic Partner, Come In!

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  1. Hi hello you! Yes you! You who are reading this now and might be my epic partner!

    Welcome and thank you for wasting about 2 minutes of your time to read my random thread :3

    I'm looking for 1x1 partner because I can't do the group roleplay yet because I've some things to do. It will be easier for me to reply for 1x1 roleplay.

    Here are my requirements for being my epic partner:

    • Male character, I need male character to RP with me, I don't care about your real gender as long as you can play male role well.
    • No one-liner please! Super please! I'm begging you! Why? Because one-liner will kill the vibe and the story won't develop. I'm not asking you to write a novel, but at least make 1 paragraph, more is better.
    • No romance as the basic. I love having some romance as salt and sugar, but I want to take it slowly. That way, we can have a beautiful and epic story. No rushing!
    • Reply at least once a day, inform me when you can't be here for long time, I will inform you too so no one will wait for nothing.
    • Anime/digital art appearance! Well already told that, but please take it seriously, this thing kinda sensitive to me.
    • 18+ doesn't mean I will do the sex themes. Well I won't oppose this and will do sex things IF it's related to the story and can enhance the story. I put this because sometimes it could be hard RPing with someone under 18, so I prefer to reduce the risk.
    • I will give the character sheet when we finally become partner, so please follow it, I just want everything looks neat.

    So, off to the main and interesting topic! I have some cravings and I play female role only, I expect you to play the male role please. Here are my pairings, you can tell me yours and we will talk about it:

    • Angel x Demon
    • Human x Demon
    • Vampire Prince x Slave
    • Vampire Princess x Slave (since mostly choose this pairing, please take a look at other pairings :3)
    • Princess x Knight
    • Princess x Kidnapper
    • Killer x Target
    • Popular x Nerd
    • Teacher x Student
    That's all, I'm currently out of idea so I can't think anything beside all above. I have no plot in mind now, so feel free to inject me with ideas :D

    Have a good day and thank you again for wasting your precious time for me, ciao!
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  2. Hello I'm willing to either do Vampire princess x slave
    Or Popular x Nerd
  3. Hello there @Midnight Justin
    Cool! I'm gonna PM you now to talk about things :)
    • Vampire Princess x Slave
    works good with me.
  4. Also site rules prevent you from writing smut with members under 18 for safety/legal reasons!

    Jussayin' n_n
  5. The Angel x Demon or Human x Demon idea sounds fascinating ^-^
  6. @Salty n Sweet @XiaoLu Great! I'm gonna PM you right away :)

    @Minibit Actually, what I mean is even outside the smutty things, sometimes it's hard to RP with someone under 18, you know the normal one, sorry for not being clear but thank you for noticing it :)
  7. Vampire Princess x Slave! <3
  8. I like the princess x kidnapper.
  9. ya know... I've never tried a Killer X Target. I was tryign to find one not seen alot and that seems good. How about it? I think i coudl whip up a character for that.
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