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  1. Hey there. So, I've got a plot, and I would like to see who is interested.

    Genres include modern fantasy, romance, action, humor and adventure. Perhaps mystery. Definitely romance, though, but nothing terribly shmoopy. More intensity/ emotional connectediness/ steamy hotness than shmoop, though some shmoop might come way later. Before the shmoop will come deep connections and hot steamy greatness. Perhaps not enough to be placed in the Mature area. But darn close.

    Short Plot:

    A half-breed werewolf roams ahead of their pack, heading into the Alaskan Wilderness where another pack resides, to prepare a way for their small pack of werewolves that believes humans and werewolves should be able to be together without discrimination from other packs. The Sheriff of the small town is a werewolf and dislikes the idea of a new pack with odd ideas. They try their hardest to scare the half-breed off, but the results of that mission are largely unexpected as the two come to understand and appreciate the other. All the while, life around them continues. Murders, danger, social awkwardness... oh, and two vicious packs of werewolves following the half-breed's pack on a mission to annihilate the half breeds and the rest of the pack. And anyone that helps the odd pack.

    Long Plot:

    In Alaska, there are many mysteries hidden in the wilderness, throughout the mountains, and along the coast. Well, to be truthful, it isn't just Alaska. It's many places around the world that remain sparsely populated, because there are "people" -- the "mysteries"-- in this world that can hardly fit in among large crowds. So they take refuge in towns where their own kind can live together. Alaska is just one of those sparsely-populated oases.

    One town in specific is home to many supernatural creatures. Werewolves, fae, and shapeshifters all live in the small town in relative peace, and even some humans that are knowledgeable about the supernatural world live there without fear. The werewolves are the dominant race, making up about seventy-five percent of the population that is only in the hundreds. The wilderness welcomes all of them, giving them enough room to spread out and feel comfortable and safe. But lately the humans keep coming closer and closer, pressing many of the fae to flee to quieter places. The shifters and werewolves, however, accept the challenge head-on and seem to conquer their fears of living near the humans that have no idea the wolves and shifters exist. Things seem to go well.

    Until a new pack of werewolves also drifts closer. It is a small pack, but a pack with strange beliefs. The new pack believes in cohabitation with humans, in reproducing with them like normal humans. A few half-breeds have already been born. They are not as strong or large as true werewolves, but the halfbreeds are not controlled by the moon. Rather, they take power from it. They control their changes. When the moon is weak, however, that control and power lessens.

    As the new pack barely ten members large begins to migrate north into Alaska, the Alaskan Pack of over one hundred begins to fret.

    And all hell nearly breaks loose when one of the half-breeds arrives a month before the rest of the pack to settle potential disputes and make agreements. The pack will seek refuge with the Alaskan Pack, hearing of their peaceful lives and largely unviolent ways. Two packs follow the half-breed's own pack, ready to annihilate it. That is the main reason the small pack has come to Alaska.

    Apparently the half-breed's joining the police force was a part of the plan to gain acceptance for their pack, and legally no one could turn the halfbreed away. But the Sheriff, a hard-headed werewolf, can try their best to scare that half-breed off by showing them how rough the Alaskan Wilderness can be.


    There can be as many characters as the two of us want to play, but only two characters should be main: the halfbreed, and the sheriff.

    You can be either, but I would love you forever if whoever you played is male. I suck at being a male. Personality is up to you! I will mention shortly that I would enjoy playing a girl that is used to being in charge but had to learn to cope with someone who shows little regard for her high status. In other words, power struggles will ensues. And she will probably lose. ... In a good way >.> Yyyep.

    Your thoughts? Concerns? Similar yet different ideas? I am willing to compromise on plot. Definitely.
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