You, Me And Zombies!?

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  1. A [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2808]Mushishi[/MENTION] Rp
    rated R for who knows what will happen. but im 100% sure there will be alot of cursing blood and zombies

    plot: it the end of the world zobies taking over. Two people have been trying to find saviours for three years or so. The Lader Theodore (Theo) and sacond in command Alicen (Reaper). one problem they hate each other and if the zombies dont kill them. lets just say only one will come out of that battle alive.

    Reaper was this close to riping out Theo's balls off if he didnt shut up right now. "Sir" she said as she looked at him and he looked at her. "Shut the fuck up!" she yelled. it seam to work for now. he may be the laeder but she didnt give a shit at this ponit. 'iner peace got to find it' she whisperd to herself knowing he wound not hear it. after awhile she was geting tired but she woundnt show it. she pulled her black hair behind her in to a high pony tail. "i wish there was a bath around or something to clean this smell" she said out loud not meaning to

    the first time she meet him it was at base. she was to help his team out that is befor the zomibe shit started. she loved watching them she never wish to be in one. but back to the story. when she first meet him she thought he was cute and hansome. he was funny at first then she became more stiff and he well he just stayed as him.
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  2. *Revs random chainsaw, and various explosion devices whilst reciting the cursing alphabet*

    HoldMeCloser~~ READY !
  3. O.O lolz
    ps sorry i tock ever long to reply i for got to what this
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