You Love Me?

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  1. It was a new year and Zak had gotten ready for school in the normal uniform, trousers, shirt, tie and a jumper. Zak was more a badboy though and sometimes didn't follow the rules, he could be a jerk which he used as a show, but he was a nice guy really once you get to know him
    Zak looked at his older brother "You better behave this year Zak, i mean it" Ryan said to Zak who just groaned and got out of the car and took his bag and going to his locker
  2. Lydia was scared it was her first year at a new school, she woke up at 6.00 to get a shower and to get dressed. She put her uniform on and rolled up her skirt also, it was her thing. She was a goodie tooshoe and did everything people said so she wouldn't get into trouble and she didn't care if she was it was her thing to be.


    She walked through the front door of the school and walked down the corridor, met with the principal and then went to find her locker, she was lost and ended up bumping into a guy, she said quickly being nervous "I'm so sorry you ok,"she picked up her books.
  3. Zak groaned and looked the girl infront of him "Watch where you're going newbie" Zak hissed through his teeth and got up shuting his locker doot shut "Zak by the way" Zak said softly deciding to be nice and not a jerk since his friends where not around
  4. She gave him a dirty look to begin with and when he introduced himself, she smiled and said," I'm Lydia by the way."
  5. Zak expression softened and he held his hands up "I'm sorry, i didn't mean to be rude" Zak said
  6. "It doesn't matter,"she replied softly smiling at him.
  7. Zak smiled at her "I'm only a jerk when I'm with my friends so sorry in advance if I am rude to you, I don't actually mean it im a nice guy really m" Zak said and looked at his friends coming and got a pen and wrote his number on her arm and his name "call me later" Zak whispered before going to his friends
  8. She smiled as he walked off and then eventually she found her locker. The rest of the day was a blur but when she got home she went straight to her room and got out her phone and dialled his number and sat there while it rang for a while.
  9. Zak wasn't really paying attention in lessons or really to his friends. After school Zak made his way back to the house he lived with his brother and walked in smiling "josh I'm home" Zak shouted and went up to his room and lay on his bed "I know that look is my little brother falling in love" josh said and Zak rolled his eyes and got his phone that was ringing "hello?" Zak said into the phone
  10. "Hello...,"Lydia said nervously down the phone and she smiled.
  11. Zak smiled when her heard her voice " hey newbie" Zak said smiling, he did know her name "I'm calling you that from now on, Lydia right?" Zak asked more of a question "josh shut up, get out my room" Zak said pushing his 21 year old brother out his bedroom door and shut it
  12. "Ok Hottie,"she said by accident she didn't mean to say that.
  13. Zak smiled at what she called him "oh you think in hot now newbie must say you are beautiful yourself" Zak said and went red in the face and heard his brother laughing outside "so are you new to town?" Zak asked to change the subject
  14. "Yeah i am and thanks for the nice comment,"she smiled and blushed herself he was pretty awesome himself.
  15. Zak smiled "welcome to town then and I'm sure you will love it here, where do you live?" Zak asked knowing a house had been sold down the road from his house "you welcome Lydia" Zak said smiling, he would have to get to know her more, she seemed nice to him
  16. "Um I live at 16 downing street,"she smiled at him asking.
  17. Zak smile grew wider "you live like 3 doors away from me, I live at number 8, if you want my brother is going to his girlfriends and I can cook, fancy a welcome dinner newbie" Zak said smiling and hope she would come, even if he had only just net her
  18. "I would be honoured to have dinner with you zak you seem very nice,"she smiled and said, she loved that he was so welcome to her and that's what made her happy.
  19. Zak smiled and fist pumped the air "I guess I will see you then, hey what do you fancy for dinner?" Zak asked as he didn't know what she liked or anything "josh go to your girlfriends house, leave me alone" Zak said hearing his brother singing that he was in love and was shouting it is actually a date. Zak hoped that Lydia didn't hear his brother
  20. "Um I don't mind you choose? what time?"she also asked him.