You Love it in Roleplay - Wouldn't dare do it in reality!

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  1. Today one of the many awesome conversations that go on during the cbox, everybody was talking about babies. As you know, Diana hates babies. I never ever ever want to have babies.

    And yet.... I actually really love developing character relationships and going through plot lines that involve getting preggo and having babies and kids. D:

    Love it in roleplay, hate it in real life.

    There's a LOT of things like that for me! Like vicious vicious murder. Fun to kill people in a roleplay, proooobably not the greatest idea in reality. >>;

    What are some things you LOVE doing in roleplay settings, but would never ever do in real life?
  2. The producers would like it noted that this episode of the Revision Show has exceeded the maximum rating allowed by standards and practices and has thus been cancelled. After the fourth removal of certain words meant only for mature audiences, it was deemed that this episode be scrapped.

    Alright, for serious answers, I love inflicting injuries upon my characters. I absolutely hate hurting people in the real world and will go out of my way to alleviate suffering and pain, but there is something really fun about bringing a character to near death and leaving them suffering for days.
  3. I'm with Revi. I love being utterly, completely evil to my 'babies' in stories and RPs. I wouldn't hesitate to hurt them to bring out some drama or pivot points for plots.

    In reality, I'm more of a pacifist. Save for when it comes to human rights and religion, but even then I only wage war with words in proper debate.
  4. I'm far too shy to rape and commit genocide in real life.
  5. When doing battle scenes while roleplaying I love causing pain to the other character, but every time I step on someone's foot or bump into someone I constantly saying sorry because I'm scared that I've hurt them.
  6. I really love to put long, inane monologues into the mouths of my characters as a tool to show that something is not quite right with them, and present them as absolutely insane with a god complex. Needless to say, if I started quoting their dialogue out in the open, or to anybody that is around me, they would probably report me to the police, even though I love writing them so much. Sadly, I have not roleplayed many characters of the kind, but I absolutely love them because they give me all the reason I need to not make sense and just write what I want with very, very few restrictions.

    I think I also sort of like violent and sadistic characters who are needlessly cruel to their opponents, or, alternatively, they are just jerks with a sense of humour. Of course, I would not hurt anybody in real life, and if I feel like I offended somebody, I always make a point to apologise, even if I tend to joke around a lot. I also like cold, heartless characters, but I would not want to be like them in real life; I try to be as compassionate and empathic as I can be.
  7. *pushes Lyth forward* This is my favourite character to play, and yet everything (and I mean everything) he does, I could never ever do in real life. He kills, he tortures, he's defiant to any authority figure, he's been the cause of a few wars... The list goes on ^^;;

    I also like to play flirty characters. Way too shy to ever attempt to flirt outside of writing.
  8. Practical Self Annihilation and Extremely Premeditated Murder.
  9. Everyone on here is a secret sadist it seems.
    even me >:3
    One of my favorite plot elements is the killing of an ally or friend.
    Not only do you have to watch your friend die, you have to pull the trigger.
  10. Getting tortured and torture other people, it's really fun to read about it and write about it buuuuut I think it hurts a bit too much in real life and I don't want to go to jail for torturing another person xD
  11. Well hmm. There's a lot of stuff actually. Like, lately I've been really irritated by the number of people who have been all head over heels in love with me when I just really want to be single and don't want a relationship.

    And then there's my character who loves being loved. He loves being showered in it. And he used to have a little fan club and things like that just made him really happy.

    He also definitely holds opinions about things that I definitely am the complete opposite of. And he can be a bit of a asshole sometimes.

    Um and he wants kids. And I don't.

    Sometimes I worry that people think that just because my character says and does and enjoys certain things that I do too.

    I used to do the angsty thing, where I let other people hurt my character but then it got to be too much and then they kept hurting him and I was like omg stop- this is really unfair to him. He really got kicked down. And I was like wow a little bit of heartbreak is okay but ffs, imagine if that happened to a real person, that's really harsh. And then I sympathize with my character because he lives in my head and I'm like wow you poor baby I'm so sorry. And I hug him and coddle him.

    And then because he likes being loved he's just over here:

    "i'm being loved~"
  12. I guess the biggest difference between my IRL self and my puppeteer self would be how...charismatic and bold my characters are. I'm super charming behind a keyboard, but put me out in the real world and I start to fall over and blubber over all my words.


    Basically this is me. On a very awkward daily basis. I don't know how my fiance even stays with me xD
  13. Sexual relationships with women.
  14. I think i aalso being homeless in roleplay. Doesn't seem that ffun in real life.

    Hiding in trash is also a weird theme I have.
  15. Oh yes. that too. ^ My character goes frequently without sleep for long periods of time and without food for longer sometimes and sleeps outside sometimes. not because he wants to but like hobo sleeping outside on a park bench. He's done that a lot.
  16. Er... yeah.
    The torture, rape, killing, psychological abuse things.
    Also, things such as being blindly and foolishly trusting.
  17. ^^ With everyone about the whole raping, torture, pillage thing.

    I also wouldn't be a prostitute, or become pregnant and leave my boyfriend behind, and I most definitely wouldn't be able to throw fire. As cool as that sounds.
  18. As much as I love smut roleplays and mature themes, killing, demon slaying and ass kicking, I am far too humble to do that shit in real life. Despite I do make my Dante drink, I am not much of a drinker in real life, unless it's on occasional events such as birthdays, holidays, etc. Dante ish a good boy in real life. :>