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    So, what sneaky things have you guys done when you were a teenager OR if you're still a teenager, tell me, have you ever done anything sneaky without being caught by your parents? I have!

    My dad "likes" to not empty his pockets and I'm the one doing the laundry. So, whenever some money comes around... I usually don't give it back despite having high morals for the most part... All I can reveal now is that I'm a greedy person! XD

  2. Okay.. so this is like the worst thing I've done to my parents sorta!

    They were like " I need you to go to bed early around 9pmish because we're leaving early tomorrow "

    So like we were getting ready to move (this was in June by the way~ ) But like I wasn't able to sleep because I was so excited because we were moving back to the place I used to live in, so I got to see all my friends again! So I accidentally stayed up all night and slept on the way there, but I was very tired when packing up the rest of the stuff ; w ;
  3. Eh...I mean...Uh...Like everything? Cept drugs and sex. Cuz nooooo way man. But literally everything. I remember once in freshman year I
    forged my moms sig on EVERYTHING.
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  4. @Unknowledgable Oh my god you forged your Mom's signature on EVERYTHING?! Without getting caught?! Now THAT'S sneaky! XD
  5. Yes yes...Shower me with praise...More MORE

    I am a Jedi! Fear my lightsaber!!!
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  7. When I was a kid and got sent to my room I would totally just play/read books. I became a master of hiding my shit quickly if I heard someone coming

    Harry Potter was forbidden in my uber sheltered Christian house (don't ask why, long story), but I watched half of the Sorceror's Stone when my sister brought it over

    Oh, and despite similar sheltered/hyper-religious rules, I snuck peeks at r-rated fanfics :O

    ...that's about it. I was a pretty straight laced kid.
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  8. I never did anything majorly bad, but plenty of little things that add up to me definitely being a little shit. I was viewed as the good kid of my family, the one who never started fights (I just instigated them between my siblings because I'm a shit stirrer :bsmile:) and usually followed the rules, so when I did bad things I was able to very easily deflect and deny and get away with it.

    Stole money from my mother's purse a few times, blamed it on my brothers and got away with it. Since I had two brothers they almost always assumed it was the other one when I denied it, so they'd fight it out between themselves while I went off and did other things.

    I was a master of circumventing punishments for those times when I did get in trouble for things. Bedtime? Pfft, easy, I'd just hang out in my room and read until she was asleep, then get back to TV or video games or whatever I wanted to do. No TV enforced by parental lock code on the cable? Figured out the code she used the first time she did it, but I was sneaky about it and only watched stuff when she was asleep or out of the house so she never realized that I knew. No computer enforced by password? Again, guessed it pretty easily, was sneaky enough to not get caught. No video games enforced by taking them away? I found where she hid them, and my stealth skills plus her being a heavy sleeper meant I was easily able to get them and play them while she was asleep, then return them to their hiding place.

    I also forged my mother's signature pretty easily, though not often. The main thing I used it for was writing excuse notes for days when I showed up late or wanted to leave early, and to excuse skipped days of school away as being due to illness.
  9. Candy. It was everywhere in my family home and I would not resist its charms. I always denied I ate the candies though.
  10. I was a goody-two shoes. :/

    I did get into the dark-side of the internet before it got too dark and too well hidden, though...
  11. I stole my mom's Lindor Truffles.
  12. You monster.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I've had the benefit of always being a pretty honest and reliable kid, so I didn't need to get away with anything as a teenager. Anything I might have wanted to do against my parents wishes they'd let me do in the end.

    There are a couple events where I went against their mandates, such as when I went to a party with alcohol near grad—though I myself didn't drink any. However, I wasn't very sneaky about the thing. I merely waited to tell them alcohol might be involved until after I had returned, using a bigger party that I agreed to sit out on as a distraction in the meantime.

    Whenever I break the rules, I confess, as soon as possible. Does it count as getting caught if you gave yourself up?
  15. Nah, I would say that's not getting caught. It's actually a pretty good punishment avoidance technique. I used it myself and avoided getting into trouble for things that would have probably earned me punishments, like when I skipped school I'd call my mother at work and tell her about it before she would get an automated call from the school about my absence. Because I was honest about it I never really got in trouble for it, whereas my brothers got into shit for skipping school and trying to hide it.
  16. I was an evil little shit when I was a teen.

    I remember stealing my father's truck because he wouldn't take me to school once, I made it to the end of the block and crashed it into the stop sign (I ran for dear life after that).

    I was running from a resource officer (over rated truancy officer who did shit but bitch and moan until he was put on the spot) and managed to find tunnels under my school. I ditched school and hung out in them until I had to leave.

    I stole extra cheeseburgers in the lunch line.
  17. Hmm... Where to start...

    --Dislocated a limb only to reset it. Never went to the hospital for it, never told my parents, probably should have. If you want a pain comparison for what it feels like to reset your own limb, it feels like I set my entire nervous system on fire, followed up with seeing spots and being too dazed to stand for a couple minutes. Pretty sure I nearly knocked my own ass out from pain. Good job, me. (At least I learned that the whole Hollywood thing of "hero resets his own limb" is kinda seriously bullshit. xD) Parents noticed a limp, but that was it. Surprisingly easy to bullshit.

    --Tried Vodka in high school. Wasn't great, wasn't terrible, don't recommend it to teenagers reading this. (If you wanna try some liquor, try some wine. It's not nearly so bitter and it will get you drunk at a pace you can deal with. Plus, in small amounts, some types of wine can actually be good for your heart.)

    --Sometimes skipping a class in a day for a long lunch break or to head home early. Always claimed it must have been a teacher error. Was nearly always believed. In hindsight, I was a little shit.

    --Plenty of late nights sneaking in or out of the house, or staying up late on my computer on a school night to keep chatting with @Tempest or other friends of mine. Was occasionally caught, but usually got away with it.

    --Got into a few fights. Always found ways to cover up the damage. (I <3 Hoodies.) My mother never really gave much of a shit though, it was more my dad I had to be careful about this stuff with.

    --An entire mental disorder. There's a long story with this that I can't possible summarize except to say that while I was always considered "odd", they never clued in due to their own lives being quite, er, "hectic". A couple people in real life clued in at one point or another, but they remained thankfully silent, or were psychiatric professionals who had very few issues seeing through my veils.

    Ahh teen years... I don't miss you one bit. If any of you want to hear an amusing or dramatic story though, I have plenty of those.


    OH! How can I forget! The first and only time I've had sex was classy: In a high school bathroom with a girl I met two weeks prior. Go me. Did I mention that I'm glad my teen years are over? Because, wow, I'm glad my teen years are over, and I'm not nearly so shitty a person anymore.
  18. Oh, where to start...

    I forged my mom's signatures on my homework, though it wasn't because I didn't do it at home like the good girl I am, but because I always forgot to let her sign it and my teachers wouldn't stop pestering me about it.

    I used to get into so many fights it wasn't funny, but nobody suspected me for the longest time as I was a tiny, blonde-haired angel and such a cute little girl with perfect grades couldn't possibly think of hurting her classmates. Ha ha. Actually, I remember that I got an official reward for exemplary behavior once and half of my class threw a fit, saying something like: "How can she receive the reward when she goes around beating everyone?" To which my homeroom teacher replied: "She's just instilling good manners into you." To my defense, I did beat only those who deserved it.

    I also once stole a piece of paper with 'Don't steal' inscribed on it. It was my biggest act of rebellion.
    Actually, dislocating your limbs only to reset them doesn't have to be a Hollywood bullshit if you're, in fact, a member of a group of real-life superheroes with hypermobility like me xD Dislocating limbs doesn't hurt me at all; the only thing that bothers me about it is the cracking sound (it's seriously disturbing), but I can live with that if it means I get to disgust my friends, haha.
  19. This makes me feel so horribly honest and boring. My dad tried to show me how to forge his signature so when I consistently forget to bring things to school signed, I can sign it. Never did. Felt guilty. Never stole change from pockets, although I've probably borrowed a quarter or two. Never stole toys or candy (when I lived with my step mom we had a three piece of candy a day rule. Rarely broke it. I was so boring). Maybe the worst thing I've done is say I'm sick when I'm not to stay home (dad trusts my word when I feel ill. God bless.). That and the time I tried to hide the nurses note that I needed glasses. I got away with it for like a week before dad found it under his other papers. It doesn't help that I have no curfew and no bedtime and that, usually, if I ask for some money I'll get it (provided it's a small amount). Although I feel if I ever stayed out past 10 on a school night dad would be pretty mad.

    If it counts I found my Christmas gifts early one year?

  20. same
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