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  1. ...actors are just live action roleplayers. O___O

    You think when they were kids they were like "Man, I love playing pretend and creating stories, but I'm not very good at writing... I am good at pretend though! I WILL DO THIS FOREVER."?
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    Well, as both someone that's done some acting myself in the past(not professional, like, local productions.. plays and musicals and stuff o_o), I totally think so. :D Although, I'm personally into both the physically playing out of scenes and the writing of them. :3
  3. It's the nature of roleplaying. :P

    For example you'll find that a lot of voice actors are actually D&D Players.
    Including all of the Critical Role Gang & Mark Meer.
  4. It's in the name. "Role playing" is literally "to play a role." Actors are role players. Pretending to be something you aren't is role playing. This goes all the way back to ancient Greek Theater. Voice acting is all about role playing too. So every video game and cartoon voice actor ever is also a role player. :ferret:

    In general though, role playing as referred to on forums is a carryover from its tabletop origins, which was a role playing game--like an overly complicated version of cops and robbers. So in the case of actors, they're more like cousins once removed, because in order to make tabletop fun, you're supposed to act out your role--just like an actor. On forums though, you don't physically act things out. So while you still might adopt the role, you're not physically acting it out in front of others anymore. You can also see some of the games elements carried over to the PbPRP (play-by-post role play) format used on most forums, including: You take turns, godmoding is frowned on (because it's mechanically broken even if it might make sense in the story), et cetera.

    STILL! Yes. Actors are role players. Everybody's a role player at least once in their lives. :ferret:
  5. Well yeah, acting is LARPing for an audience/camera. I made that connection when I was a wee teen and first learned about LARPing. :P
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