You know you're addicted to roleplaying when...

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  1. think about plots, characters, or how you'll respond to something when away from the computer. ask people in real life if they roleplay.

    Can you all think of more?
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  2. ... You'd rather roleplay than watch T.V. Read a Book Play Video games or Face book

    ... Two weeks with out a role play seems like hell

    ... You dream about your characters

    ... You can't go to bed without plotting or 'dreaming' your rp forward!

    ... Post first thing when you wake up

    ... You post last thing before you go to bed

    ... You have been rping for over 10 years

    ... You have been rping more than half the length you are old.

    ... You cannot think o a good story without seeing how to rp it

    ... Roleplaying is a requirement for a relationship

    ... You married your roleplay partner.
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  3. ...when everything is a potential plot bunny. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING

    Don't believe me? I was once inspired by Road Kill, Barbie Rapunzel, a specific shade of green, the word lascivious, random stupid things people say on a whim, a hair cut, a rock, THIS LIST GOES ON.
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  4. This!

    ... You come up with plots when working, cooking and of course the shower!
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  5. I dream about my characters. And my roleplays. :/
    I roleplay with myself or do some quick character development before bed. Every. Night.
    I base entire characters off of songs. Plots off of random objects.

    ...when conversations you have in real life remind you of a roleplay.

    ...when you set random goals for yourself. "This week, I want to use the word 'vaulted' in at least one post..."

    ...when you get 137 posts in six days.

    ...when you suck your real life friends into roleplaying.
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  6. .... Your best friends all started off as role play partners!
  7. I wish I was that lucky. I had to drag them into it.
    They ended up enjoying it, though, so. c:
  8. ....When you take a sick day at work so you don't miss any alerts.

    ....When your asking your partner to ring you up in the middle of the night if any thing comes up in one of the roleplay's your in.

    ....You wait for the bus laughing out loud at something you read in a post. (at least it puts a smile on your face for the day.)
  9. When you take the time to write things down on actual paper because it's just so awesome but you've got to work out the kinks first.
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  10. ....When you roleplay in your SLEEP!

    (You dream of yourself as someone else!)
  11. ... you walk down the street going through potential roleplay scenarios
    ... you get into other forms of creative writing
    ... you use, reuse and reuse again the same characters over and over because you love them
    ... you cry when you kill off characters that you have used from your first roleplay
    ... you cosplay as your characters (not me, yet...)
  12. Thinking about plots literally ALL DAY, while at work, drinking beers, whatever. Same as most.

    I used to sneak away at work to check for new posts on my iphone > <
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  13. -When all your roleplays end up as stories and vice versa
    -When you look at a person and think 'I should use them as a charrie'
    -when you do a happy dance because your favorite rp partner replied
    -when compulsively re-fresh the page until the next person replies to your charrie
    -when your friends refer to you as 'The Lemon Queen' (not me, a friend XD)
  14. - When you're trying to sleep and thinking about the situation your character is in and it makes you suddenly super excited.
    - Thinking about your RP all day.
    - Pretty much every post here. XD

    When I was younger I used to be so invested in my character's life that I would think about her constantly and gush over her blooming relationship with my RP partner's character.
  15. [quote="When I was younger I used to be so invested in my character's life that I would think about her constantly and gush over her blooming relationship with my RP partner's character.[/quote]

    hehehe XD I make very detailed backgrounds for my charries in my miind, even though I know none of it will ever be used or even remotely important XD
  16. ...when you're in a chat RP and you have the person you're RPing with on IM gushing over every little thing you love about how the game is going at the same time

    ...when you spend hours on a single post because you're researching the things that will lend authenticity to your work (God Bless Google!)

    ...when you have your chores down to the most efficient routine possible to allow more time for RP

    ...when you spend hours at the computer wrapped in a towel unintentionally because you can't be bothered to tear yourself away long enough to get dressed
  17. When you cannot go to bed at night before thinking about your character)s) and all of the fun you'll ahve with them!