You know you're addicted to roleplay when...

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  1. see someone's facebook status about a serious issue, like gangs in Singapore using lost children as bait to trap and kidnap women.. and then think that would be an awesome plot hook in a roleplay. .__.;

    Yeeeah, that's what I did this morning. t____t I find myself inspired by just about anything! Even things I should be ashamed of! o__o

    How do YOU know you're addicted to roleplay...?
  2. When this happened, please look at the demo below:

    RPing > Math
  3. When you look at various video games/movies/novels/T.V. shows/etc. and go "Wait a second, I thought of that way before this started!"
  4. When you spend a lecture writing up intricate plans for your game instead of, y'know, actually taking notes.
  5. Getting a smart phone JUST so you can check posts while your out and away from the comp

    Waking up in the middle of the night with a plot idea

    DREAMING about making forum RP posts.

    Zoning out when people are talking to you, while thinking about plotlines and characters

    Relating to your characters on a level thats SO personal that YOU start to act like them IRL.
  6. I've done that last one.
  7. When you have a nightmare about lagging behind in RPs and letting everyone down... >.>
  8. When you begin seeing people in real life as possible character images o__o
  9. When you're a GM who's already thought of how your RP will end, what the sequels will be like, and what the prequels are.
  10. ...When you read a stupid article Rory posts and get another RP idea. D:<