You Know What Really Grinds My Gears

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  1. You know what really grinds my gears?
    1) Going to the bathroom. It's just so inconvenient.

    2) People who text with an accent.

    3) Getting really excited for a video game and then realizing that it sucks!

    4) The government

    5) Someone who lies about having something in common with you just so they can hit that

    6) American Justice System: What justice is really served? It's not for every ethnicity and everyone knows it.

    7) When you're driving a stick and you grind your gears

    8) Females who wear way too much make up

    9) Females who don't wear enough clothing

    10) People who yell when they argue

    11) When you're playing a video game and you get to the final boss realizing you have no health left.

    12) When people post meaningless one liners

    13) When people insult you without really knowing you

    14) Litter (Throw it away... lazy ass)

    15) People who think they're a gamer because they play halo or Gears of War

    16) Tobacco Chewers (That's fucking gross)

    17) When siblings touch your stuff

    18) People who talk too much

    19) Awkward silences

    20) Crying babies in the movie theater

    21) People who answer cell phones in the movie theater

    22) Justin Bieber (I have nothing against the boy... just hate his music)

    23) The media (IT'S ALL A LIE!)

    24) Presidents of the USA... they've fixed close to nothing... stop making excuses to pay your people peanuts

    25) Animal Cruelty

    26) Bugs

    27) Stepping on Bugs... just gross

    28) Reality television (Funny because none of it's real)

    29) Girls that ask too many questions

    30) Girls who over think things

    31) People who are bi polar

    32) People are anal about everything

    33) Jackasses

    34) People who judge others based on what they where

    35) Fake people

    36) High School Students

    37) Leviticus 18-24 (That is the reason the world is not accepting of homosexuals!)

    38) Therapists

    39) When you're getting ready to get to the next level in a video game and you parents
    decide its a good idea to call your name

    40) Parents who think that getting more involved in their teen's life will fix everything.

    41) Parents that blame their kids' friends for the way there son/daughter turned out

    42) Bad kids

    43) Falling asleep in the middle of cyber sex (I HATE it when I do that)

    44) Sleeping (we waste so much time doing this)

    45) Teachers that don't teach

    46) People who don't change their minds when they're proven wrong

    47) Teachers that think they know everything

    48) Teachers that aren't motivated about what they teach (How the fuck are you going get me interested then?)

    49) People who ask stupid questions and are completely serious

    50) Students that have a conversation in the middle of class with the teacher (SHUT UP)

    51) Parents that force their dreams on their kids

    52) Twilight

    53) Bad humor

    54) People who laugh at everything

    55) The fact that I'm short

    56) People who think that going to another country would be boring... say what?

    57) Girls who are total cliches

    58) Lies (We all know how that goes)

    59) The He-said-she-said game

    60) Best friends that stab you in the back later

    61) Uncessary cussing

    62) People who think they're perfect

    63) Bills

    64) Traffic

    65) When I eat too much

    66) Idiots

    67) People who don't admit their addictions

    68) When your computer makes an update you don't know about and restarts. You're usually in the middle of
    something important

    69) When my internet decides to give out at random times

    70) People who think that you can't like all types of music
    ((if you can think of more, I will add them.))
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  2. You know what really grinds my gears?

    1. Getting angry over gears being grinded.

    2. When a movie does not have an explosion in it.

    3. When you play Mortal Kombat only to be killed by Goro. FATALITY

    4. If a plane crashes and you are not there to watch it in person.

    5. When wars are wages but little is said about them.

    6. Women who do not wear men's clothing.

    7. Men who do not wear women's clothing.

    8. Aliens who invade planet Earth.

    9. People who take lists too seriously.

    10. Dragons in video gaming. Every dragon is a million feet tall and bullet proof. Where are all the weak dragons!?

    11. Too many mario games.

    12. Too much pop music.

    13. Country music in general.

    14. Nuclear bombs after a 25 kill streak.

    15. Powering up for sixteen episodes to fight one person for twenty seconds.

    16. Becoming one with nature.

    17. Giving others a chance.

    18. Sharing.

    19. Eating anything that does not taste right.

    20. Evil babies that are possessed by Satan that consume the flesh of the living.

    21. Zombies that consume the flesh of the living but run fast.

    22. Explosions that hit the wrong person.

    23. Friends that are total tools.

    24. Intolerance to others.

    25. Goodness.

    26. Religion.
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  3. [video=youtube;kc9f-VVQK3k][/video]

    I hate Steam crashes.
    I hate chavs.
    I hate my low stamina.
    I hate children.
    I hate people who say they can't be mature because they're about fifteen.
    I hate flying.
    I hate sailing.
    I hate smiling.
    I hate people who smile too much.
    I hate overly-quiet people.
    I hate overly-loud people.
    I hate having too much work.
    I hate having no work to do.
    You know what I don't hate?
  4. I hate roaches
    I hate Arrogant people
    I hate asshole teachers
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  5. Hhmm.. For me... it's...

    1. Parents who do not make their kids mind. I work at a second job where some people do bring in kids in the store. I am tired of seeing, screaming, crying kids, because they can't have a candy bar or their way.

    2. Old people when they drive. They honk at you when you need to turn. There is like 50 cars that are turning the other way.

    3. Having lack of sleep in real life.

    4. People who ask personal questions and bombard you with them. They won't stop, even if you ask them to.

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  6. 1) People in general, sorry guys but you fucking suck

    2) When you think you’re doing something right and all someone tells you is “that’s wrong”

    3) Modern day religious aficionado who have NO IDEA about their own religion “you are why Christianity sucks’ get the FUCK off my DAMN religion NOW

    4) Special ED activities who think we ‘need’ their help, go suck a monkey

    5) College students that think because its their major they know dittle squat about their subject. Go suck a monkey

    6) yes

    7) More yes

    8) see 1-7 and under stand that 6, 7 was the reference to “the answer is yes’ if you have not heard this….. then go to hell, not really.
  7. Babies.

    People who say "if you knew how to take care of them" or "you're just not doing it right" or "have you tried __" and will not accept the fact that I just HATE babies!

    Cramps and migraines.

    Being teased about a touchy subject one too many times.

    Teenagers and Adults that pitch temper tantrums about being mature, and thus show they really aren't mature.

    Girls that play alpha female mind games with other girls for crazy girl politics nonsense.

    Guys that say they're "nice guys" but then call girls bitches when they turn them down.

    When someone leaves all the condiments out on the counter.

    When cabinet/closet doors are left open.

    When someone drinks the last soda.

    When I pour a bowl of cereal and find out we have no milk.

    Cats that pee on things.
  8. Any child aged 0-7. They get kinda cool after that cause I can play video games with them

    People who constantly remind me I'm addicted to the internet. I know, okay? I know. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop. I like the online people far more than all the fake smiles and friendliness and assholes I find in RL.

    People who don't listen. Especially in an argument. Okay, you made your point. Can I make mine now? No? Well, fuck.

    Watching people play video games that I'm better at. It just annoys me so much when they get stuck on puzzles..

    Summer heat. FUUUUUUUCK

    Upgrading school.

    When the internet cuts out

    When movie sequels suck

    When game sequels suck harder

    Breaking pencils

    Kids who decide my art book is now theirs and proceed to draw random scribbles on every. single. page.

    Parents who get upset when I'm upset with their kids.

    Crushing on people. It sucks. Horribly. I hate it. Hate hate hate it... Mostly because they linger..
  9. People who don't spell correctly...

    I really dislike writers who think they're all that and a bag of chips when really they're not (such as, half a paragraph, one liners, god modders, ect.)

    I mean like, you're here to roleplay! Put some more effort into it, rather than that measly sentence or dull paragraph. Use some colorful language, let your imagination take you!! >:U

    I also hate seeing food being wasted.. :(
  10. I hate circular logic and not having privacy.

    Those are the main ones.
  11. Main trip wire: Most stream line of society and its fixed strands on how people should act
    and dressed!
  12. a recent addition to my list.

  13. You know what really grinds my gears?

    1) People who write with an accent--it takes about five minutes to try and decipher everything!

    2) Putting yourself out there for a story or character, and getting absolutely no reply. EVER.

    3) Overly-attached friends. You only realize too late, and when you want space there's a fight on your hands!

    4) Thinking. Thinking is hard work, especially where university is concerned.

    5) Never-ending stories or dropped roleplays. A lack of an ending, whether reading or writing just feels like your soul is crushed.

    6) People who do just enough in a relationship to keep you hooked, but never commit

    7) Lists. The ONLY time they're easy to make is when you're ranting

    8) Needing to practice. Anything.

    9) Being socially awkward/shy. ON THE INTERNET. Why can't we just change those flaws of ours instead?

    10) People who vocally stereotype. Yes, we all do it. But silence is the difference between intelligence and stupidity.