You know those people who enter a room and no one notices? That's me.

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  1. Yuuup, so, hello everyone. I'm Sapphiric; a big RP enthusiast with around nine-years experience. I'm a female, in the real world, but set myself as androgynous on this site because you'll see me taking both roles in-RP.

    Sooo~ well, yeah. That's all there really is. I'm not good at 'hello's' so... *clears throat*

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  2. *Notices a person entering the room*

    Hello, you will notice most of the people here are "those people who enter a room and no one notices"
  3. Welcome to the Madness.. XD
    Enjoy your stay, be part of many twisted Stories :3
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  4. O-Ohh. Oh, good. So this is where everyone was.

    THAT is how I wanted to be greeted... everywhere I go.
  5. Remember .. We All are Mad in here..~

    Nothin' is what is seems.!~ rawwrrr ..
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  6. Hello! I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel! You will have a nice time here on Iwaku! Enjoy your stay on Iwaku; the site filled with glorious insanity.
  7. Hallo Sapphiric! :D Welcome to the community!
  8. Hey as up new person *Waves*
  9. hi, im new on this so would be great to meet some new peeps, so hi nice to meet you guys
  10. Hey I'm just going to post in here to contradict the title, haha.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  11. So how would i go about joining a roleplay? If anyone can advise i mean theres so much forum etc where to start?
  12. One time I entered a room and everyone in it was skeletons. Maybe that's why they didn't notice me. How rude.

  13. Thanks, ya'all! :D
  14. Well, if they don't see that too bad for them - ignorance is a bliss... only until the very last seconds hehe ^^ Hi, I'm also new here
  15. Thanks, mang!