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  1. Introduction

    I am XxDreamingxX but you can call me Dream. The only reason your probably reading this is so you can see my idea's for my one on one's. But please, read everything before you get there so that my expectations don't fall behind. Before we continue on our way, I wanted to tell you some things. I'm a major anime fan. I prefer anime images and there is also a larger variety of species drawn in anime, making it more helpful for many of the pairings below. I want nothing less of my expectations, and failure to do so will result in me putting the idea back up and stop roleplaying with you. I will absolutely NOT roleplay with OP, GM, or Immortal characters. After reading all this, I hope you will understand. You may now continue!

    1. You must write two or more lines per post
    2. You must be active! Post at least once every two days
    3. Try and use proper grammar and punctuation
    4. If you lose interest, tell me. Don't just disappear
    5. Romance and Drama is highly loved!
    6. No smut
    7. I prefer roleplaying in threads

    8. I mainly play female but I'll play male if I must

    Anything in bold is the part I want to play
    If there's a ❤ beside it, that means I really want to do that pairing
    If you see ☆ beside it, that means it's a fanfic
    If a pairing has a strike through it, that means the roleplay has been taken

    Demon x Human
    Vampire x Human
    Long Distance/Online Crush x Long Distance/Online Crush
    Heartbreaker x Victim

    Popular x Nerd
    Anthro x Anthro

    Half-Demon x Human ☆ ❤
    Human Toothless x Viking

    Angel x Demon
    Shy Person x Outgoing Person
    High School Student x Shifter
    Will Add More Later On!
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  2. Human Toothless x Viking! This one seems like it'd be fun to do.
    Demon x Human can work as well. I'm fine with either.
  3. This open for the public! Just ask and you will receive!
  4. I only do female characters, but i was looking at your Half DemonXHuman and AngelXdemon
  5. Updated the first page! ^^
  6. I'm interested in this idea.
  7. Great! I'll update the front asap.
  8. Awesome!
  9. I'm up for Demon x Human and Demon x Angel! Take your pick. ^.^
  10. Interested in any of these two:

    Popular x Nerd
    High School Student
    x Shifter ❤

    Pm me to talk about it :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.