You know how you can rate posts with a like or thanks?

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  1. Well, I was thinking about the whole rating system the other day. The positive ratings help users develop relationships with...I'll skip this part, you don't care. Point is, the "Like!", "Love", and "Thanks" ratings are cool and should stay just like they are.

    I don't like having the negative ratings, but I understand that they serve a purpose. Instead of starting a flame war or causing drama in a thread, a member can just rate someone's post as negative. Either the other person learns, or they go off in PMs/profile comments and has their own little private fight (which is better than a public one).

    It is the single neutral choice, and indeed the selection of the three negative choices, that puzzles me.

    First, "cat like typing detected" does not seem like it is worthy of a negative rating, a solid RED tally mark against a member. Its bad, and its against the rules, but... It seems more neutral than the actual neutral choice, "dislike." I could be wrong there, of course.

    As for the neutral choice, I do not think it fits. It doesn't feel neutral, and seems more likely to create harsh feelings than the negative rating mentioned above (the cat, ya following?).

    It would also be nice to have three neutral options, to properly cover the wide range of reactions to posts. I was thinking something like... "You could have done better." Or "That was random." Or even, I don't know, "That didn't really need to be said, but thanks for trying."

    Those don't sound as bad as dislike, but they aren't likes either. Its a way for members to more fully express their reactions to other member's posts, without creating hard feelings and without being like ,"Oh brilliant, yes, good!" all the time.

    .... What do you guys think??

    Also, promised Overcast - I LIKE RAISIN COOKIEs.
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  2. I'll be honest, and this is me as a person, not as a member of staff, I find society at times tries to overly sugar coat things. Iwaku is not YouTube where the most random things can turn into flame wars because there is no accountability, everyone is anonymous and thus feels like they can spew hate without repercussions. When someone gives a negative rating they have to be able to own up to it, it's not anonymous, as well as the person that recieved it. Life has consiquences. We do not live in a feel good society, however we should be civil to one another.

    In conclusion, if you do not like negative ratings, do not give them and if you don't like recieving them, look at WHY you got it instead of feeling picked on. And of course if someone IS harassing you via that system report their sorry ass.
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  3. I didn't say anything bad about the negative ratings. I mean, I said I wasn't fond of them, but that I understand why they are there and that they serve a purpose. In fact, I've been on forums where they only had the good ratings, and it was...annoying. Because some posts weren't worth reporting, nor replying too, but obviously needed a negative reaction of some kind. A negative rating would have been nice to have. I might not like them, but I am totally in support of having them.

    I was just thinking that maybe more options in the ratings would be nice. A full spectrum, as it were, rather than having to choose between "OH YAY" or "BAD BAD". (to paraphrase)

    I would like to see an expansion of the neutral rating options. That is all. I am not dissing the negative or the positive ratings. Although, again, "dislike" feels more negative than neutral.
  4. Since Ocha already gave my basic feels about having negative ratings, and how we'd slap someone for abusing them so I'll skip to the other parts!

    Cat Like Typing is a negative rating, because most of the time it is roleplayers being too lazy to check for typos and stuff than it is anything else. Which is why it's called Cat Like Typing instead of "bad grammar/spelling" cause that is something we DON'T want members being persnickety about. We'd expect members are smart enough to know the difference between accidental typos vs someone who is chronically lazy and not like, be a jerk about it.

    Dislike :( was added as a neutral cause I've often seen posts where you wanna show someone that you're sad/dislike something, but not in that "UURG DONT LIKE THIS POST!" way but an "I SUPPORT YOU AND DISLIKE THAT THIS IS A THING!" way. Kinda like how facebook has a LIKE button, but sometimes you really wanna dislike. Um... it's DEFINITELY an unclear button. O___O If anyone has a better suggestion of words, I would make a change to it.

    Also open for suggestions of other neutral options! We don't wanna add a million little buttons there, but if everyone wants to throw out some ideas, we could pick the best ones to balance it out a bit!
  5. Oh. See. I've seen people use the "dislike" button to mean, like "oh, man, i dislike that you said that, it was messed up." rather than, "I sympathize with you cause this is a bad thing and I dislike it too." Because it can be used negatively, as in "I dislike your post or your point or your way of saying it" (or all of the above), maybe changing it would be good.

    Lets see...what would work. "That is sad." "I sympathize." "Not cool." ...uhhh... yeah, drawing a blank. I am going to think on this. something will come to me. Hopefully not while I am sleeping, because then I will forget it.

    As for the cat thing, I actually understand that if it is applied to RP posts versus general chat posts. I have tons of typos sometimes, but I've seen people who ....yeah. go a little further than a few typos.
  6. Maybe an 'Iffy' rating could replace the 'Dislike' rating?
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  7. I was thinking that just calling it what it is, Neutral :| would be better than Dislike :(

    Especially if it doesn't affect the poster's rating. Iffy is good too though.
  8. I think Iffy, like Dislike, serves as a reproach, rather than a sign of support, which is what Diana said it was supposed to serve as. I am still trying to think of a way to say "I support you" and "this sucks" at the same time.
  9. Neutral implies you have NO reaction to it though
  10. Ratings tell a reader if their posts are offensive to others or not.

    Now on most sites that have these, it is nothing more then a popularity contest. Frankly, I'll rate someone's post according to how much I like or dislike their post. Now that doesn't imply that what I think is correct, it is my opinion. Opinions aren't there for others to take seriously, they are there simply because it is that person's views. You can choose to take it to heart or let it roll off your shoulders. I don't worry myself with what others think of me. Now I could be rude and give you a negative rating for the last part of your post, but instead, I'll just tell you that it holds no relevance to your topic.

    But the rest of it was a considerably good conversation starter and very good topic. I hope this helped.