You killed the forum again, Diana.

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  1. Why would you do that, Diana? You suck.
  2. She must be trying to get rid of you, Darkness, it's the only thing that makes any sense!
  3. *Uses a tazer on Darkness*

    Nothing to watch here, kids. Just a white guy beating up on the minority. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    ...move along.
  4. You gotta give the people what they want
  6. Layla was not about to complain about Yura being topless more. "Lovely? If you want you can touch them...I know I been wanting to touch yours, but figure it was not appropriate since we are not lovers, and more like siblings...but I have to admit I am curious? I mean, I can touch my own of course...and so can you. But I am curious what other breasts are like, and ...well someone else may take advantage of that situation. But I can trust you" Yes, play it cool Layla. Do not give the wrong idea, or Yura might not agree. Now she just had to hope Yura buys her excuse, and thinks it ok to touch each others breasts even though they were not actually siblings, and so they really did not have that 'family' excuse. "I would like to just relax, and wait for the food to get done. If that is alright? We can chat some...maybe touch each others breasts if you agreed to my words ago" with her thinking she was going to build a shrine around that peral Yura gave her if she did not get to direct some of her feelings in a positive way towards her crush. Or a least that was the excuse she gave herself...
  7. "Experiencing unusual loading issues across the entire domain. A note has been sent to the hostman. No need to panic!"-Diana's message on the forums.

    So something is up with the server, or something. That's what's going on. It's making it neigh impossible to get into the c-box and the forums are loading SUPER slow.
  8. AH HA! The first one to point fingers is always the guilty party! Perhaps Darkness is the one that has cursed Iwaku!

    In the meantime, I turned off the cbox in hopes that might have been a cause (and fix) but alas. It's gotta be the main machine or the domain name. t___t Waiting on hostman to fix. (if it's the server anyway.)
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  9. "Lead the way." Lucius hid himself and opened up his gray wings.
  10. i mean i just sorta scheduled my first "hey this is actually a date" date tonight so that's pretty alright with me

    and she's a total insomniac too so like yeah woo
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