You just think I'm not real

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  1. Name:Kanji Mitsune aka Yami No Okami
    Personality: She's a loner but has a caring nature for those that are close to her. She sometimes is a jokester and sarcastic
  2. Name: Zach Morris.
    Age: 22.
    Personality: Quiet. Shy. Doesn't talk to anyone unless they talk to him first.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  3. Kanji landed lightly on the roof top of a home; she was in her full gear, only her wolven ears and tail remained shown. The blood of her most recent victim still stained her gloves and sleeves; finger prints had become a pesky ordeal now a days. There were times when she wished that it was like the older days when she could simply slit a man's throat and call it a day. But now she had to make sure that none of her dna was left; as annoying as it was she enjoyed the challenge she also enjoyed the new toys that came with the shifting of time. Like the grappling hook shot that she'd gotten herself recently.
  4. He was in his home, starting to make dinner for himself. He was alone, again tonight. But he didn't care, he was use to being alone anyway. He wondered around his house, the food was cooking on the stove already. He stood in the kitchen as he heard a soft rumble come from the top of his roof. "What the..." He eased over to his window, looking outside of it as he shrugged his shoulders then walked back to the kitchen as he heard rumbling once again. He just ignored it. Maybe it was a storm coming his way that the news forgot to mention. He quickly finished his cooking then fixed himself a plate, [SIZE=3]then sat down [SIZE=3]with a n[SIZE=3]ice [SIZE=3]c[SIZE=3]old drink on the side. Since [SIZE=3]he was alone, no need to eat all pro[SIZE=3]per like. He just simply [SIZE=3]dug right after saying his blessing towards the food.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] [/SIZE]
  5. Kanji jumped off the roof onto the ground when she spotted a chopper flying over the spot light made her curse. She quickly picked the lock of the back door and slipped inside as quietly as she could, the kitchen light was on but there was hardly any sound coming from the house. She closed the door with a soft click and crouched on the floor watching out the window as the spot light did a sweep over the area. Damn those stupid alarm systems; she was still working on learning how to keep them from tripping but her employer had wanted her to set the alarms off so the death of the man could be spread across the papers. A warning to all his other enemies to keep their distance.
  6. Before he could even dig into his food and enjoy it, heard a chopper flying over his house and saw the spotlight flashing into his home as he rose up from his seat. His ears twitched as it sounded like someone was intruding into his home from the back door. His alarm was blaring off as he walked over to his kitchen wall, punching in the code, quickly shutting off the alarm. S someone was inside his home, eh? He was going to have with this. He maneuvered himself to the side drawer, getting out his silver pistol as he clipped the bullet pack to it. "Alright, whoever you are, be prepared to taste my fury." He then walked into every room, pointing the gun first then raising a brow with nothing there. He walked backwards, easing himself as he bumped into something. He reached over for the light switch to turn on the light as when he turned around, he saw something unhuman like. He screamed a little bit then fainted, the gun sliding off to the side.
  7. Kanji stayed silent trying to sneak out through the shadow until he bumped into her and flipped on the light on she froze as he pointed the gun at her. The scream made her jump and instinct had her catching him and the gun before he hit the floor. The poor human had not been prepaired for her inhuman sight. She lifted him gently and walked to the living room turning off lights as she went along her extras could be hidden in the shadows. Something about the male made her feel sorry for him; she laid him on the couch and sat down in a recliner not to far away she put her feet up infront of her and rested her elbows on them as she curled her tail around her feet and starred at him with her bright blue eyes. She had to atleast make sure he woke up okay; she had never truely conversed or socilized with a human and she hoped that she had not hurt him in some way.
  8. He felt his body being lifted up, maybe he was being touched by an angel and going right on to heaven. Wrong. His body started to stir as he woke up in total darkness, only seeing bright blue eyes in the darkness. "What the..." He fell on the floor, using his hands and legs to back away from whatever was in front. "What are you?" He said outloud, his voice almost echoing throughout his home. "No wait, you're not really here. Ha Ha! That's it." He rose up to his feet, holding on to his head as he laughed. "Yeah, I am hallucinating." He laughed as he clapped his hands together, turning on the light as he sat down on the couch, then laid down. "When morning comes, you won't be here." He closed his eyes, trying to drift off to sleep but couldn't as this intruder, or whatever was in his home. How could he sleep? "So what are you doing here?" He asked, sitting upright on the couch.
  9. Kanji watched with increasing worry as the man rambled on, how could she not be real? But she supposed it was just his way of cooping with him seeing her humanoid form. She was startled by his question and could do nothing but anwser honestly, "I killed someone now I must hide from the helicopter as it looks over your neighborhood to find me. I'm an assasin and my employer wanted the man's death to cover the news as a warning to all his enemies. But I dont think I'm going to work for him again he puts my life at risk and I dont like that." She tilted her head, "Why do you think I'm not real?" She got up from the chair slowly walking towards him, "Do I not look real enough to you?" she reached out to touch him, "must we touch for you to believe?"
  10. "You did what?!" He was really scared now as he stood, his hands out in front of him, his eyes directly on the humanoid creature in front of him. Zach walked into the kitchen, watching the creature closely as he put on his usual morning coffee then went back into the room. "I didn't think you was real because..." Zach sighed, placing his hand on the back of the chair, where she sat. "I have Schizophrenia." He walked back over to sit down with a grunt then looked up as she started to walk towards him. "Yeah you do but..." When she reached out to touch him, he instinctively grabbed her by the wrist and turned her around. She was in his grasp, one arm wrapped around her rib cage, the other wrapped around her neck. "Don't you ever...I mean ever try to touch me. Got it?" With that, he let go of her then hid his face into the palm of his hands. "I'm sorry about that." He said as the coffee was finish brewing[SIZE=3]. "You want some coffee?"[/SIZE]
  11. It took almost all of her selfcontrol to stand still in his hold; she could smell the fear and anger that radiated from him as he held her in a fairly secure hold. Once he released her she relaxed pysically, "Coffee is nice...Schizo-phrenia? Is that an illness?" She looked back at him and sat back in the same chair curling up and resting her chin on her knees and tucked her hands under her tail that wrapped around her ankles. She learned that the the more harmless she looked, the less frightened he'd be. She watched him as he moved around the kitchen getting cups, cream, sugar, and of course coffee.