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  1. All right jerkwads, here are the rules so no more people are confused.

    1. When in the cbox, always make sure you know the supposed gender of all you are chatting with. This is very important, so that a pecking order can be established.

    2. Girls are always right, because there aren't that many and so all the guys are going to be fighting for a position to date them.

    3. All guys are faggots. Every discussion. Every time.

    Unless you ask Darkness, then we are ALL faggots. *Starting to suspect Darkness is the Buddha*
  2. I demand Asmo Expansion Pack rules. >:|
  4. LAZY COW.

    4. Asmo's jokes are between him and God. Leave them be.

    5. When Asmo is in the Cbox, he will win every argument via popular support, implication of rhetoric or (occasionally) his own merits.

    6. All discussions will focus around Asmo whether he likes it or not, because everyone is too much of a loser to ignore him.

    7. Myrn is always wrong when Asmo is in the Cbox.
  7. 8. Grumpy is almost always drunk when in the CBox, cos that's when it's most appealing to him.

    9. Don't point out Grumpy's many drunken spelling mistakes in the CBox, or he will develop a way to throat-punch you via a broadband connection.
  8. inb4 don't talk about cbox.
  9. 10. Do not talk abou--

  10. 11. TK has the right to snuggle you. And "No" means "HELL YEAH".
  11. 12. call wmd english/new zealander/american/anything other than Australian at your own risk.

    13. the saying "shrimp on the barbie" is verboden. punishable y the putting of YOUR "shrimp" (if applicable) on the barbicue.

    14. heed the fothermuckers, destroy the chucklefucks.
  12. 15. ???

  13. Hey guys, do you remember at the start of this thread when the joke was still funny?

    Those were good times. :)

    So why're you surprised?

    DERP HERP. <_>
  15. 17. GMK reserves the right to execute anyone or anything for heresy at any time, you will be aoutomatically assumed guilty of he foulest heresy and no attempts to prove your innocence will be tolerated.
  16. This joke was NEVER funny.
  17. *Knocks Asmo down the stairs by throwing Tegan at him*

  18. Penelope

    Again, I can sense some emotions rolling off of Jack--confusion, surprise, or some other cousin of it. I can only guess he's wondering why I left Helen behind with Demon, knowing full well that Helen means the world to me. I...It was so hard to leave her alone. Taking steps away from her side was like ripping out a piece of my heart.

    Which is the problem. I've been...thinking lately. About us. About how I feel about her. I know that she'll never return my feelings and I've come to swallow that painful pill. However, I can only imagine how agonizing it'll be on the day I tell her. I have to come clean eventually or else the guilt will eat away at my insides like acid. She has a right to know. Some distance might do well to numb my heart and prepare me for the dreaded hour. I'm not abandoning her nor ignoring--God, I'd never do that. I just can't afford for us to close right now. It hurts way too much.

    I nod after Jack suggests Jacqueline's room, though I almost trip over myself when he mentions making out with people. 'I-is that truly the only way f-for you two to feed? Y-you'd think something simple l-like hand-holding would work.' That's a fear of mines; what if Jacqueline is in dire health and I'm the only one around to help her feed? I don't mind doing it, but I really hope she can just do it with a touch like last time, but Jack is making me have my doubts...

    With Jack's guidance, I soon find Jacqueline's room, but then I stop upon seeing someone else there.

    "...Cyrus? W-what're you doing here?" I ask cautiously while approaching him.
  19. Demi

    Jesus, I've never met someone who's stuttered this much in a single hour before. It's pitiful, to be honest, and pitiful things usually piss me off. But...I don't know. I'm not really pissed with her, just amused, to be honest. I mean, shit. It doesn't make sense. She has the ability to put me in my place (ugh), but she's still standing there on the other side of the room like I'm some sort of plague. The girl baffles me. I shoot her a scrutinizing look.

    "Safe place, huh? Well, hate to break it to you, Helen, but I don't need one." I snort under my breath. "Honestly? Looks like you need it more than I do. Seriously, you're looking pale as a fucking ghost over there." I nod at the spot next to me on the bed. "Sit down and calm your nerves. I can feel your damn jitters all the way over here."

    I then flash a smug grin. "Swear I don't bite. You gotta take me out to dinner first." Hah, gold. I swear I crack myself up. "But seriously, I'm too fucking exhausted to do anything to you. And, believe it or not, I'm not always in the bone stabby mood. Only when people piss me off." And look, I know I've got a temper issue. I remember how much trouble I had gotten in at school and with my adoptive parents; I can still clearly envision the disappointed and horrified looks on their faces. Those never bothered much.

    However, the looks from Bo...yeah. Those looks used to cut deep. Part of the reason why I left; I just couldn't stand looking at it anymore.
  20. Demi

    Again, I've got to fight like holy hell to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Seriously, you'd think Helen is about to step in Satan's lair with how long it takes her to sit down. I could feel offended, but I'm not an idiot nor blind to why she's so nervous. Doesn't make it any less annoying though. When her elbow accidentally brushes me, I swear I see her panic spike 200% and I openly sigh.

    "Breathing, Helen. Ever heard of it? For Christ's fucking sake." I bundle up the bloody sweater in my hands, absentmindedly picking up at the rusted stuff with my nails. Yeah...that shit is caked on there good. I gotta do my laundry tonight anyways, guess it wouldn't hurt just to toss it in there with the rest. Not as, like, an apology or anything. Fuck that. I don't regret anything.

    I snort again, shooting her a quirked eyebrow. "Uh-uh, yeah. At the rate you're going, I'd lay off on apologizing for apologizing. It's just gonna be a headache for both of us." Her next statement about how I should honored actually weeded a low laugh out of me. "Hah! Should I now? It's just a bed." I tug at the sheets to get my point across. I blink in surprise though when she playfully nudges me...the fuck? Where did that come from?

    "Okay, look," I'm massaging my temples now, "You're sending mixed signals, Helen. Are you scared or trying to be friendly? I'm getting bipolar vibes every fucking where." However, after a moment of silence I drop my hands with a sigh and stare at the wall, face scrunched up thoughtfully. I mean, I guess I can't judge her too much. Heaven and Hell knows that I'm beyond bipolar. I was actually diagnosed with bipolar depression as a kid, but I refused to get "help". None of that shit matters--Koda has and always will be top priority. I run a hand through my hair tiredly. "Fuck it. Forget the bipolar bit...What I'm curious about is why the hell someone with a powerful ability like you is so nervous and scared all the damn time? You put me out of commission like it was nothing, don't you realize that?"

    I can already feel the hesitation gnawing at my brain, but I try to ignore it and scratch the back of my head, avoiding eye contact. "Like, don't let your ego blow up or anything, but that stunt kind of earned my respect in a weird ass way..." I fiddle with the sheets again, debating with myself. Fuck...well, I am trying to play nice. I think I'm on the right track...I think. I shrug nonchalantly, though I probably look like some pouty little snot-nosed brat. "You don't have to shut up. You haven't pissed me off yet--I'll let you know if you do or whatever."