You in 10 Years

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  1. Thinking about the future is important for our health! Especially if you are thinking about it in a positive light. It keeps you motivated and working towards goals. In fact, for this very thread you are going to put on your DREAM GOGGLES and think about where you want to see yourself in 10 years! I don't want to hear any nonsense like I'll be dead or I'll never be happy, that attitude can go suck a bag of dicks.

    Tell us your best case scenario, dream scenario, wish fulfillment!

    Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years? What will your life be like?
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  2. Best case scenario: In 10 years, I live in an awesome city, teaching and doing research at the prestigious university nearby. I have enough money to buy audiobooks for my commute to work. I am on the way to becoming a tenured professor, and already, the students enjoy my teaching style for the lower division chemistry classes I am allowed to teach. I spend some of my free time auditing those classes I did not have time for in university like Classical Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese. The rest of my free time is spent at home with my family and maybe a little child. :D We go on lots of bike rides together to get froyo or a bike ride to a good hiking spot/park. I have my allotted 30 minutes in the evening for my writing (which often happens in the aforementioned hiking spot or park) and extended hours on the weekends when there are no vacation plans. One room in my house is dedicated to a burgeoning library full of both fiction and scholarly books and a few comfy chairs to fit any mood. I have a wonderful fully-paid-off updated kitchen and enjoy cooking a few times a week with my family using mostly food from the farmer's markets around (which we bike to).

    Enough wish-fulfillment? :D
  3. Hopefully graduated and working, and I'll know how to draw and paint better than nowadays. Maybe living with my boyfriend? I don't know, our relationship is quite young, but we both hope that'll be the case. And if I'm not living with my parents anymore, I want a pet. A loving cat. Or dog. Or snake, owl, lizard, anything ;A;
  4. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?


    What will your life be like?

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  5. Explicit (open)
    Perched upon Chris Hemsworth's fine visage

    One can dream...
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  6. Ten years...
    I'll be 26 and dead.

    Ok, ok... Best scenario, For you Dian-Sensei.
    I'll be 26, alive, in Hong Kong, with a honey I like, building an game/computer designing empire, while having a voice acting career that trumps that of Nolan North, able to speak 4 languages, able to hack stuff, be even more flexible than I am now O.o Meaning that I'd be able to touch my face with my heel... , able to freeze time, and be considerably better at drawing than I am now.

    Realistically I'll be able to do about 5 of those things. If I'm not KIA right off the bat.
  7. I'm hoping that in ten years time my main source of income will be uploading Let's Plays onto YouTube, it's been my goal ever since I learned what a Let's Play is and that you can make money off of it.
  8. Collab! Now!
    I'm kidding, but I wanna make a couple dozen playthroughs myself.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Decently in shape, writing and designing things for a living. I am halfway there (Writing stuff on commish for some places), not quite in shape yet.
  11. Running the place I'm working at.

    Or lost in virtual reality with my cyber-waifu.
  12. basically an expanded version of what i do now (because my life fucking rocks)

    -Still a doctor
    -More gray hair - would be dead sexy with some gray hair
    -Probably still a teaching physician, leveled up into a program director or head of medical education - that would be sick and awesome
    -Still doing martial arts
    -Still doing Parkour
    -Would like 2-3 kids by then
    -Paid off my massive medical school loans - that would be nice
    -Would like to have added Escrima to my list of martial arts i've studied
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  13. Seeing my oldest daughter graduating from college, and my youngest daughter graduating from high school....without kids of their own. Finally finished with school myself. (Still have Master's and Doctrine on hold till I move....>_<)

    Hopefully still married, and looking forward to an empty nest. :)
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  14. Ten years is a long way off.

    It's also a huge leap in terms of technology so I can't even begin to imagine what sort of tech I'd be working with. I'd like to be successful, of course. And I hope I'll still be working with augmented/virtual reality games or even with whatever computing systems will take the form of at that time. I hope I'll have a steady relationship or at least be married / close to married - hope hope hope.

    But definitely still programming, working with computers. I get excited just thinking about how fast technology advances today, and how intricate and different it will be ten years from now. Will we be bio-computing? carbon based transistors? Or nanotransistors? Will we have enough fossil fuels to keep burning energy the way we currently are?

    Another thing that stays at the back of my mind is a total tech shutdown (something like apocalyptic electricity failure in the show Revolution or living in the space station as in the 100). That would be a less likely scenario in a span of ten years, but who knows.
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  15. Well, at least I don't have to wait ten years to play with your kids :)))))
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  17. I honestly don't know. Hopefully somewhere.
  18. - Hopefully in a postdoctoral research position.
    - In a stable, chilled, and happy relationship with some lovely, down-to-earth guy or gal.
    - Have quit smoking and gotten in decent shape.
    - Be on good terms with family.
    - Earning enough to start paying off student debt, to help with my parents' debt, and to start saving towards a mortgage (may be somewhat inconsistent with first goal. :rotfl:)
    - Have met some of my online friends around the world, and have travelled somewhat. I have wanderlust bad. Luckily a job in academia often means lots of living in different places. :D
    - Have met Emma Stone. It had to be said. Ooft.
  19. By the time ten years passes I hope that virtual reality is a thing, and I can finally be the powerful warlord I was meant to be. If not i'm guessing I will be right out of collage but other then that i'm just rolling wherever the tide takes me.
  20. Dead from alcohol poisoning.

    ...what? At least I'm fucking honest about it.