You Have to Work for it

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    Michael was completely and royally pissed off. His mother had left this morning with his new step-father, taking some trip around the world with the man. And he was left with the brat that was his son, but Michael sure as hell wasn't going to make things easy. Of course he lived away since he was an adult, but now he had to move back home so he could watch the younger of the two. He ducked out of the driver's seat of his car and sauntered up to the door after grabbing a couple of bags, knocking on it. He sighed heavily, of course his mother forgot to give him a house key, so he'd just have to wait for Tyler to answer.

    Tyler was a bit nervous and jumped a bit when he heard someone knocking on the front door. He had to run down the stairs to get to the door. He was wearing shorts and a shirt, since he had been cleaning. He opened the door and smiled, seeing his new step-brother. "Hello. You must be Michael. Dad told me about you coming," he said still smiling. He moved out of the way to let Michael into the house. "I was just cleaning up my room. Sorry for looking like a mess," he said softly to his older brother. He sounded happy and nervous. He wasn't very spoiled. He had never had much but he had been taught how to be humble by his late mother. The rest of the house was homey yet roomy. There were still a few boxes left and he was going to put them away when Michael knocked on the door.
  3. "Yeah, and you're Tyler. Doesn't matter to me how you look." he stated matter of factly, his eyes wandering around the room as he shifted his bag over his shoulder and stepped further into the house. He had to admit, the place at least wasn't that bad to live in. But what he was going to do with this kid...he needed to think on it a little more. After reaching into his pocket and digging around, he retrieved a pack of cigarettes and placed one between his teeth before lighting it up and returning the pack to his pocket. Usually he didn't smoke that often, maybe a few a day, but the situation had him craving one. Taking a long drag he held the thing between two fingers so he could speak clearly, "Why don't you give me a quick tour, eh?" That would buy him a little time, plus he'd get to see how the younger of the two was personality wise and such.
  4. Tyler looked at his step-brother and nodded his head. He nodded his head, taking a few steps back. He had asthma so the cigerette smoke would actually hurt him. "Umm.... Could you not smoke around me.... I have really bad asthma..." he said softly. He was timid but said what was on his mind. He nodded his head when Michael wanted Tyler to show him around. "This is the front hall way and to the left is the living room. I still have to set up the cable so the tv is kinda just there. Through the living room you can get to the kitchen. To the right is the front office area," he began motioning to the areas.
  5. "Fine, don't want you needing a hospital or anything." He quickly headed to the kitchen when it was pointed out to him, turning on the sink and putting the cigarette under it. That quickly put it out, then he tossed the end in the trash because it was no longer lit. Michael leaned against the counter, simply staring at his younger brother. He raised a hand and curled his finger in a 'come here' motion. "Let's talk for a minute." His tone was light but that clearly didn't match the cruelty of his eyes. Michael wasn't happy in the least about being stuck here, and the brat was going to be the receiving end of his currently simmering wrath. "What exactly would you be willing to do for your clothes? Your bed? Food?"
  6. Tyler just nodded his head as he showed him to the kitchen. Tyler watched Michael put the ciggerette out but he he didn't move closer. When He asked what he would do for his, clothes, bed and food he looked at him in confusion. "Why is that even a question? You can't take what I paid for away from me. I bought all my clothes with money I earned from working. I bought my bed and I buy my food," he said to him, looking at him like he was crazy. He had no idea how angry the man was at their parents. He took a step back was going to head out of the room, since he didn't like where this was going.
  7. "Wanna bet?" Michael tried again, his tone hard. He was more and likely stronger than Tyler and could easily overpower him. Taking things away would hardly be any kind of issue. He moved to block the doorway before his brother had a chance to run out. He took a few steps forward towards Tyler once again, trying to get him closed in against a countertop if he'd step back. Now that he was standing in front of the other, he stared down at him menacingly and grasped his chin roughly so he would look up and meet his gaze. "Answer my question. What would you do for those things?"
  8. Tyler tried to move around him but Michael just moved to block his way. "Move, this is rude," he said after a while, it was starting to bug him and he wouldn't give in so easily. When Michael got him pinned to the counter top and had grabbed his chin. He asked that question once more. Tyler was scarred but he wouldn't show it. "Let go. Your not taking my things you jerk!" he protested, pulling away from his grasp and slipping out and running. He was terrified, knowing what Michael wanted him to say. He wouldn't do that... He wouldn't and Michael couldn't force him.
  9. "Like hell I can't!" Growling Michael quickly sprinted after the little brat. Tyler figured out things fast which was actually pretty lucky for Michael. The moment he caught up to the younger of the two, he grabbed him around the waist and carried him down the hall despite any protests, kicks, or screams. After opening a few doors he finally located a closet, then pried it open and tossed Tyler inside. Within a second he had the door slammed shut and was leaning up against it so Tyler couldn't just run out without a fight. "Things are going to change around here, Tyler. You have to work for your right to sleep, eat, clothes, have your bed...anything and everything. Now, are you ready to come out and get started?" It went unsaid that he wouldn't let him out until he did agreed to cooperate.
  10. "Let go of me!" he yelled, hitting Michael in the chest with his feet. He was in the boxing club at school so he was strong, but not strong enough to get out of Michael's grasp. He yelped when he was thrown into the closet. He tried to get up to get out but the door was closed in his face. His face paled, he had claustrophobia and he was starting to freak out. He felt tears well up in his eyes and he began banging on the door, begging to be let out, real fear in his voice. He even began to hyperventilate and he backed up into the corner and kept trying to gasp in some air, but he couldn't. The room was pitch black and he was terrified. He pushed at the walls as he felt the walls closing in and he began crying harder, calling for his mom. "Mommy!!" he cried, but it sounded chocked and after a while he just fainted, making a loud thump as he fell to the floor, his head hitting the wall hard.
  11. Michael rolled his shoulders on the other side of the door. Damn kid was stronger than he thought, might even leaves couple bruises. The begging and pounding was to be expected, so he pretty much ignored that part. But the loud thump caught his attention.
    Opening the door slowly he peered inside to find Tyler passed out, then headed inside to toss the kid back over his shoulder. Wouldn't do him any good if he was unconscious. Michael headed into one of the bedrooms, dropped his body on the bed and found a belt in the closet. A minute or so later Tyler's wrist was bound tightly to the bed post. Michael sat down on the window pane and opened it as he waited for him to wake up, smoking a cigarette but blowing the smoke outward so it wouldn't trigger the kid's asthma.
  12. Tyler was knocked out for a while. He groaned as he began to wake up. His head hurt like crazy and when he tried to rub his eyes, his hands were bound. He felt his eyes widen. He began pulling at the belt around his wrist and pulling at it from the bed post. He tried pulling as hard as he could, the wood in the head board bending and cracking but his arms began to tremble and his arms gave out. He panted and looked over at Michael, glaring at his step brother. "Untie me," he said, his voice lined with anger. He may have been weaker then Michael, but he wouldn't give in, not with out a fight.
  13. Michael looked up and over at the boy as he finally began to wake up. "No, why should I?" He got up and sauntered over to the bed, sitting on the edge and reaching a hand out. He grasped the other's throat, not hard enough to choke him or leave a mark, and pushed his head against the head board. Tyler's anger was kind of amusing, especially because he couldn't do anything about it but struggle. "You can either agree to cooperate, or I can make you. I think you know which'll be worse on you." He had no problem being a little forceful, but seeing Tyler give in to him would be all the better.
  14. Tyler struggled and wriggled a enough for him to get his legs underneath Michael and kicked him off. He used enough force to knock Michael up and off of the bed and off of him. He still glared at Michael and pulled hard once more, feeling the wood crack even more so. It still wasn't enough but Tyler wriggled until he was on his knees. He pulled his hands up once more and began biting and pulling at the straps. He was able to get them loose enough for him to slip one hand through the loosened loop.
  15. At first the struggling was amusing, but now it was just beginning to piss him off. Especially with the fact that he was kicked of and the kid managed to free one hand. He rebounded, yanking Tyler's hands free and pushing him flat down on his stomach in the same moment. Without wasting any time, he straddled the boy's waist, grabbing one of the belts and fastening it around Tyler's wrists so they were bound behind his back. "I can see we're going to have to do this the hard way," he growled, tugging Tyler's head back roughly by his hair. "I didn't expect you to have so much fight, Tyler. Maybe I should put you back in the closet."
  16. Tyler continued to fight until Michael said putting him back in the closet. He stopped struggling but he began wheezing and sounded like he would have an asthma attack/panic attack. He couldn't breathe and with the fear filling his body and Michael sitting on top of him it was just making it worse. "Can't... breathe....." he was able to gasp out his body trembling. He was terrified of being back in the closet. It would drive him insane with fear.
  17. Michael cocked his head to the side but slid off the boy's body. "Breathe, dude." Didn't need him passing out again. He stared down at the younger one, a slight smirk on his lips. "So that's your weak point, is it? I think we can come to an agreement, do what I say when I say it and I'll reward you, or I can toss you in the closet. How does that sound?" His temper really went off the deep end with this and so he'd take it out on his step-brother.
  18. Tyler was gasping in air and looked up at Michael, tears lining his eyes. He looked like he'd rather punch Michael in the face, but he couldn't help the fear of being trapped in that room again. He looked defeated and just nodded his head. He wouldn't say that he agreed but he just nodded his head to agree with the terms. He was terrified of what Michael would do to him. He had an idea but he couldn't be sure.
  19. He brought a hand up to Tyler's face and lightly stroke his cheek, noticing the tears. "Don't go crying." He wasn't particularly good with the water works. Micheal's head cocked to the side once more, a look of curiousity in his eyes as he looked down at him. "Tyler, what exactly do you think I want you to do? Don't by shy, say what's on your mind." Michael was wondering what Tyler was thinking his intentions were.
  20. Tyler couldn't help it... Michael had frightened him and he wanted to cry, the tears threatening to spill over onto his cheeks. He looked up at Michael, his eyes glassy with the tears. He looked back at the bed and shook his head. "I don't know what you'll do to me... Probably beat me..." he said hiding his face away from Michael. He didn't want Michael to touch his face again. He didn't want Michael to touch him at all.