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  1. To think of your ideal vacation!

    The first thing that comes into your mind is your next vacation spot.


    I wanna go to Thailand! My previous boss showed me pictures of her place and how there are floating markets and beautiful shrines! LET'S GO!
  2. Germany or France. Either or.
  3. Anywhere that my kids and husband aren't.
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  4. Crap.
    I thought China while trying not to think of China.
    Still a nice place though.

    Je prefere France. D:

    Oh and Bolivia. I want to go to Bolivia.
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  5. Thirty seconds? Damn, man.

    Took me 29 just to type this out.

  6. South African Safari
  7. I choose staying home and spending my vacation money on a better computer and internet connection instead.

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  8. Tokyo, Japan or Paris, France!
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  9. Finca Bellavista

    A treehouse village in the rainforests of Costa Rica. The treehouses have running water, (limited) self-generated electricity, and there is a central dining hall where they eat. It's super-connected to nature and totally off the grid.

    And they get around the treehouses via zipline.


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  10. .... Home!

    Yay, home!

    I have my cat, my computer, and .. Just about it. Haha

    Maybe Italy if I was given all access to anywhere I wanted for vacation. Not sure where. But Italy, if not home
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  11. France! I wouldn't want to go there right now though
  12. My first thought was the dishpit at work.

    I do love washing dishes. Why take a vacation?
  13. [​IMG]

    I always wanted to go to Bora Bora.

    Runner up is Costa Rica, I totally want to go to the sloth sanctuary because hell yes.
  14. Ottawa O.O

    I'd visit my boyfriend, and see Parliament, and visit my boyfriend, and see the war museum, and visit my boyfriend...
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  15. Cities: Las Vegas or New York City.
    States: Washington, Oregon, or New York.
    As from countries: Brazil, England, France, or Hungary.
  16. This all implies you'd leave him to poke around then return.


    Also, Ottawa's a beautiful city up around Parliament Hill. The war museum is also REALLY interesting.
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