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  1. Hey there! Im gothic and Im currently looking for some roleplays. I am new to this site, so bare with me in figuring some things out on how to do this. I am a 24 year old female, and I am up for ANY kind of roleplay, well except Yuri.. I just don't get it...

    anyways, I do have three roleplays set up right now, though some are currently taken, I don't mind making a second or third opening for any of these plots. I also have a new roleplay about forbidden love. The most recent is of a demon and angel.

    Peace Offering:
    In this jump in roleplay, my character was once a prince that was sent to another prince to prevent a war from tearing his home apart. After 11 years of being a slave, he was gifted to yet another prince. Will Talios be abused once again or will something bloom out of his new situation?

    You got it wrong:
    This is a roleplay based off of the lyrics of a song. My character was living on the streets as a boy but was taken in by an older gentleman. As years go by the boy comes to realize that he wasn't saved but imprisoned by the man who wanted someone that would love and obey him no matter what he did. Now Lauri wants to get his freedom, but is afraid of what will happen when he does. This is a romance style roleplay, so eventually my character will realize after he does leave that he does love the man, he just didn't know at first.

    Forced Fates:
    This is an arranged marriage roleplay. My character is a commoner from a foreign kingdom and was selected to be the bride of a prince, thanks to the high king wanting to prevent a war from tearing the entire world apart. Alexis doesn't know who her fiancé is and she isn't so sure he will accept her thanks to her low birth and how she worked to keep her father and herself off the streets.

    Also, If you are here and would like to roleplay with me but don't like what is listed, make a suggestion! Like I said above, I am open to anything and am willing to plot with you to come up with something grand!
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  2. Two roleplays are currently full, forced fates and a peace offering.

    I am still looking for a partner for my You got it wrong roleplay. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or post here.

    I am also interested in your ideas so if anyone would like to roleplay with me but doesn't like the ideas I have, leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am on daily so you wont have to wait long for an answer.
  3. I am still looking for a roleplay partner for this roleplay. If your interested post here or send me a pm
  4. I'm sure you don't care what I have to say (ack), but the You Got it Wrong sounds like typical raped uke and then suddenly in love! These are interesting ideas, I just noticed it screamed horrible rape culture. :|
  5. I suppose it seems like that. I just based it off of a song though.... >.<

    its by the rasmus a finish band that I like and I though it would make a good rp at the time. I suppose it is similar to the anime where a guy buys his savior from a slave market and takes him home. He rapes the guy the first night then demands the other pay back the 2 million he spent on him by sleeping with him. The 'slave' is straight, or so he thinks but when he gets in trouble he realizes that he actually does love the other. THe man forced himself on the slave because he loved the guy. yea its an odd anime...

    on a side note, the character that is the 'uke' is actually a seke so a dominant and submissive character.
  6. Oh! Oh okay, I was like "Oh no another aaaa!" haha! Haven't heard of that anime! :3
    Ohhh an in betweener! Neat!
  7. yea it is rather interesting. I think it was a shota so the boy that was bought was 17 or something and the businessman that bought him is in his late 20s early 30s

    the boy was kind to the adult a year or two before and offered his umbrella to the man while it was raining and the business man thought he had lost everything and no one noticed him. When the boy ended up in the slave auction thanks to his cousin being in debt and needing quick cash, the guy buys the teen who doesn't actually remember him. In a rage he forced himself on the teen only to realize what he did and regret it. He cant say that though so he decides the boy can repay him by sleeping with him. I think its several thousand dollars a night. but he doesn't say that he adds interest each night to the debt. >.< He actually loves the teen and doesn't want to lose him.
    When the teen is kidnapped and about to be used in a blackmail sex tape, being drugged of course so he wont fight back, the guy comes in and nearly gets killed saving him. He realizes that the businessman actually does care about him and that he cares about the guy as well. He just didn't realize it at first. Its a pretty good series but I don't remember what it is called and its pissing me off
  8. Wow really that actually sounds really good! *o* I wish you could remember it! For your sake (and mine huehuehue)
  9. I was looking up images since I remember the art... and I FOUND IT

    Okane ga Nai

    Yukiya Ayase is a university student. His cousin Tetsuo Ishii betrays and sells him in an auction to settle his heavy debts. Ayase is bought by Somuku Kanou for 120 million yen.
    Kanou does this because he remembers Ayase from 4 years ago, when Ayase, a stranger, helped him. Now Kanou wants to keep Ayase close to himself, and uses the debt of 120 million yen to force Ayase to live with him. As Ayase is still a student and does not have a job, he is forced to sell his body to Kanou for 500,000 yen each time they have sex.[1]
  10. O.M.F.G.F. yusssss now I have new reading to do hahaha
  11. I believe you can read it and other yaoi for free on
  12. Neattttt

    i'm crying so much right now it's not even funny Aya is too cute and innocent! I don't like Kanou either he's too mean to Aya!!!
  14. lol don't worry Kanou will come and save him yeps. And they end up becoming a couple I think... I didn't read it all but yea. Isnt it a good series?

    I want to stop reading it because Kanou is so mean, but it's so good it's keeping me hooked!
  16. hehe I believe that he gets nicer to Aya but I don't remember. I wanted to do a roleplay of the series, but I cant play seme and no one really wanted to be Kanou but my friend and they grew bored after awhile.
  17. I hope he does! & aaaaaw, sorry to hear!
  18. yea oh well. so you see, my roleplay you got it wrong is similar to the series >.< I guess I had it in the back of my mind when I wrote it lol
  19. Yes I see now! :O
  20. hehe >.< now just to find an rp partner for it -sigh- I had one but they might not come back to the site
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