You Get A Cookie should be a Positive rating

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Make Cookies a positive rating!

  1. Of cookie-course! ^o^

  2. No! I hate cookies! D:<

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  3. We got more important priorities to attend to, you problem child. >:(

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  1. Obvious title is obvious. Don't you think so? :)

    I mean, it's quite logical, isn't it? You give someone a cookie for something favorable they do in your opinion.
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  2. No. Giving cookies can sometimes be patronizing, such telling someone "wow, congrats, you displayed basic human decency, do you want a cookie or something?" It sits in the same non-positive rating category as things like you need a hug and wtf did I just read because it is not, in fact, a purely and inherently positive statement.

    In other words, you leave my sarcastic cookies alone, problem child. >:[
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  3. Your logic applies to ALL the rating buttons! D:<
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  4. I disagree. Like, love, thank, useful, and perhaps even bucket of rainbows are so unambiguously positive that you'd have to make a major stretch and/or post to clarify it if you want it to be taken in a sarcastic or negative way. Most of the others could go either way very easily depending on the context of their use without need of extra comment to clarify, with cat like typing being the only one that's hard to push as anything but a negative comment on someone's typing.
  5. The thing is... Everything we said will be opinions in the end. I do have reactions to yours, like how cat-like can be taken literally as someone typing out lots of meows... but I'm not feeling like debating.
  6. I don't wanna. >:[
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  7. It's a sad day for all cookie monsters...

  8. Why all ratings should be Positive.

    Go Home You're Drunk: Being Drunk can be fun! Crazy stuff happens, fun stuff happens, memories happen! More fun for everyone! <3

    Cat Like Typing Detected: You're kidding right? YOU'RE BEING COMPARED TO A CAT! IT'S SO CUTE AND ADORABLE!!! <3

    WTF Did I Just Read: This is... The most amazing thing I ever read! WTF!? How did I not see this sooner! <3

    You Get A Cookie: Cookies! :3 NOM! <3

    You Need A Hug: Hugs are nice, warm and soft. They let us love everybody! <3

    So... Now that's out of way.
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  9. Exactly! :D Make it happen! Mwahahahahaha!
  10. I don't wanna. >:[
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  11. What if there was a tray of freshly baked cookies in it? :3
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  12. Diana is Grumpy from snow white right now because of all the updates :D
  13. She's stealing @Grumpy 's spirit animal? D:
  14. Yes, for the time being. Once the forum is somewhat non-chaotic she will be snow white again :D
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  15. And then! This will be an actual thing!
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  16. probably not :D
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Yeah I don't see the cookie as either a negative or a positive rating. Its all about a matter of perspective. Most the people that I associate with on this website use the cookie rating for positive affirmations rather than negative ones. Some people use it to be patronizing or in a way that can be seen as belittlement. Frankly I think the ratings all together should either be removed, or not constitute to anything as in none are considered positive or negative. The only ratings that are of really any importance is thanks and usefulness. I also don't see why "you need a hug" has been demeaned to being negative as most people use as a way to express comfort between members, yet the face hugger as its icon implies something much more sinsister.

    In short, the ratings are fucked up. Period end of discussion.
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  19. I disagree. on most things you said, but each to their own. :)
  20. Which part?
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