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  1. I seriously love Book Antiqua. Such a nice fon- oh, damn, I'm on air now? Okay. Coulda' given me the heads up - it takes time to put on the meat suit, y'know? Hey, someone's giving me the dead-eye. Y'told them it's synthetic yet? We kinda' don't have the modal to pull off something Lady G did, yo.

    Okay. Where was I? Right. Spotlight's on me, for 5 minutes anyway. Alright, introduction.

    Hi, I'm a piece of meat. I signed up a few hours ago, but didn't immediately post here because Rules first, Random Encounter later. That's how games go anyway. You don't just spontaneously jump into a fight until they break the fourth wall and explain to you the game controls- I'm going tangential? Ah, crap.

    Can I just use flashcards? They work more efficiently anyway. Yes, anyway, and not "anyways" - jeez, I'm so anal with English I scare myself. But I'm not like that with others (at least not so badly). Alright, thanks for the flashcards, guy-who's-always-on-standby-behind-the-curtains. You're underrated, I swear. No, no sentimental tears. I don't do that much fluff. Someone get a bucket!

    • I speak casually. You'll also notice that two-thirds of my characters speak like I do, unless they're canonical (in which I can avoid my own "accent"). Unless the theme of the roleplay is sombre, I'll also inject safe doses of humour with the way I describe things.

    • I talk a lot, but I don't do ten-page essays. When roleplaying, my posts range from 100 words (in quick-paced scenes) to 400 words. This is on a regular, uninspired day. When you have my great interest - which is uncommon but not shiny pokemon rare - then I can smoothly glide past that cap and hit up to a thousand words.

    • Punctuation, spelling and grammar make me a contented girl. You may introduce thesaurus to words I use as well, or demonstrate alternative ways for my descriptions through PM. Helping me improve makes me a happy, happy writer.

    • I will utilise media whenever possible (intro-banners, BGM and SFX clips). Unless my internet's being a jerk, which is 67% of the times, really. But that will soon change after September. I'm getting a job soon, yay. Which will affect my schedule. .. Speaking of that ..

    • Unless I'm super excited for the roleplay, I probably won't post more than, say, 2 times a day for it. But I won't lag behind more than a week, that's for sure. If I do stop responding, chances are, I've been mugged by a desperate hobo in a dark alleyway and left for dead.

    • Lastly, I like to talk to my roleplay buddies/partners outside the story. But if you don't like, I totes understand! Just, communication would be nice. Makes us both more comfortable with sharing opinions and giving comments if anything rubs either of us the wrong way. Again, though, I affirm, I understand if you don't wanna' run your mouth (so to speak). Just, remember that I'm always up for constructive criticism, and we can always discuss the plot as we go along. Always.
    Did you seriously read all that? Goodness, you're sweet. You should just PM me for a chat, a small RP project, or whatever. Don't be creepy; I've watched re-runs of Jackie Chan's old films. I can open a can of whoop-ass if I gotta'! (Translate: I'm a weenie.)
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  2. Well hello there again. >:3 Allow me to make a more formal HI AND WELCOME to the site!
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  4. I think I like you!
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  5. Your signature floors me. (ಥ⌣ಥ) It's really pretty! And that colour's awesome. Mm. You're awesome.
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