You ever wonder why we're here?

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  1. Hello there. I'm just your friendly neighborhood cynic. Call me Rev or Revan, or whatever other nickname you come up with. I love hats and have a borderline unhealthy addiction to video games. I'm not a chatty person, but dropping the name of whatever game you're playing is usually an easy way to get me talking. That being said, feel free to inquire me about my Steam, 3DS/Wii U friendcode and all that jazz.

    I've been roleplaying for about... six or seven years now? I feel comfortable in calling myself experienced. I've been a part of many roleplaying communities that have had a lasting effect on me, and I hope to have found one here today. I can be picky about what I join, but I don't bite.

    I don't talk about myself much, but for the sake of this into thread I'll ramble on about myself a bit more. I am female, but tend to be mistaken as male due to my rather masculine name. Really though I don't care, you can use whatever pronouns you wish; he, she, they, it, doesn't matter. I like to draw and write. I have a DA and a folder on my computer holding a collection of stories I write when I'm in the mood. I am soon to be nineteen years old, and I love perfect grammar. My favorite Pokemon is Ampharos. I hate watching TV and reading books. I am a reserved person with a pretty hard outer shell. I don't make many friends, but I make them for life.

    So.. yes. Hello. I look forward to roleplaying.
  2. Hi there, Revan! :D Welcome to the community!

    Glad you've found the site. In a sea of rp communities, Iwaku really does stand alone. Hope to see you in some threads soon!

  4. One time I pondered why I was here. Then I remembered, to super glue tiny hats on the heads of all the mods. Welcome.