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    Sitting in her room, looking herself over in the mirror . She had didn't think that she was bad looking. But no matter what she thought, she was not meant to ever marry. Once her brother died, her father made her take his place. No one even noticed when she was gone. Her father and his father, and his fathers' father has been the protector of the prince or princess. He wouldn't accept fate, and twisted it himself. She was taught and within months, took her brothers place in the training to become a knight.

    It didn't take Sayomi long before she moved through the ranks, and soon was the youngest person to ever guard the prince. It was a surprise to her, when she was finally sent to the castle to start the rest of her life, that the prince was actually close to her own age. She had thought that he was much younger. After so long, she shook her head out of thought. She stood up and made sure that she was bound tight enough that nothing showed. After a bit of adjusting, she nodded her head happy with how it looked. She put on her armor and helmet. She looked at her lips, and had to dab on purple lipstick on to make her lips less pink. They were a deep shade of pink, almost perfectly shapped, and full. She was always 'teased' by the other guards and knights because of her 'girly' featured. She would just laugh.

    She checked again, then grabbed her sword and ran down to the kitchen, grabbed some bread, and then went and stood outside of the princes' room, munching on the bread. The prince was either just getting up, or fully dressed. He seemed to vary on when he would get up.​
  2. The young man's life was dull and grey. He only really perked up when women came about. He grew up only within the walls until hunting season came about. Then he felt free. Within his responsibilities he felt trapped. He was a spoiled child and deep down grew bored of the treasures or gifts. It was mostly because he didn't actually want them. He'd cause trouble, run in the halls and when he was physically drained he would sit with his new books. That was the biggest expense of tax payer's money lately. He was in trouble with the people for spending. It didn't seem to matter on what, just spending and too much of it.

    But the young prince was growing, more women were flowing into the court. He slowly started to pull away from the books and followed the seducing sway of the hips covered in heavy skirts.

    "Please, don't! Your highness, this isn't what the Queen meant by keeping your hands busy." The newest lady started to blush as they hid in the darkness of an unused hallway.

    "Are you sure? Even the King, my father, told me to stay busy and find new hobbies." He played with the laces in her hair, pulling one loose so her locks spilled and curled around her face and chest. His eyes sparkled at how hot her skin got and how she lightly tried to paw at him to stop. "He also told me to find something that wouldn't turn into a big expense. And seeing as how you're not costing me a dime, you're my best option." He dragged on the sound of his second sentence to match how slowly he was pulling at another ribbon.

    "Please..." She smiled, trying to look like she was enjoying it now to ruin his fun, and it worked. How easily it worked shocked her but she didn't show it. She took the chance to scurry off to find the other maidens.

    "Those women are too smart." He grumbled and left himself. He went to join the guards in some sword fights. The poor new guard that was standing outside of his room wouldn't of known that he quietly got out so early. He didn't feel like being controlled today or even escorted. Like a over confident playboy would, he flipped his loose brown hair from his face with his fingers and pointed to one of the guards.

    "Entertain me," he demanded.
  3. After so long of her not hearing noise from the princes' room, she sighed and slowly opened the door. When she didn't see anything, she cursed loudly. "Not again!" She yelled in her normal voice. It was smooth, and seductive. with a hint of an accent. Before she had started to train to take her brothers place, the young girl was raised by her grandparents. She Grew up in a kingdom far away. She was taught in many languages, and was a pronounced scholar. Here, she as Sayomi was no one. No one remembered the little girl that ran the halls singing in Latin. When she was shipped to her grandparents house, Sayomi received a letter from her brother. No one seemed to remember her. She was just lost in the abyss of the peoples minds. The only one that seemed to remember was the King. And that was only because she used to sit at his feet, singing, and shinning his shoes. Or even a few times, he would allow her to sit in his lap, singing a lullaby as she brushed his beard and braided it in complicated knots.

    Growling, she ran down the halls. "Oh, your highness!" She said loudly. She knew that the prince thought of himself as a lady's man, and who could resit a females voice calling out to him. She slowly walked the halls, other servants coming out as she called. When ever someone else looked her way, her face always looked stern and collected. As She walked around a corner, and finally found him, as he ordered another guard to 'entertain' him.

    "Keep your post." She said sternly to the guard. Her voice was deeper, but still sounded a bit high for a male. But it was full of confidence and was unwavering. She turned and looked at the prince, her deep green eyes looking at him. "You are a grown man. You can figure out how to entertain yourself. There men are here to protect you. Not be our person bitches." She looked at him sternly. She didn't care what he had to say. She knew that she couldn't be fired. Because of her background here. And because she is the best of the best here.

    "And stop terrorizing the maids. Just because you think that you are so irresistible, doesn't mean that you actually are. So have some dignity for once. It will help you later on." She said to him sternly again. Doing the same thing that her father did to his father.

    "Micah! The King wishes to speak with you." Said one of the queens maids. She squinted at the prince and then at then looked at the guard. "You watch him. And you!" She said pointing at the prince. "Do something with your time that is productive." She turned on her heel, and walked to the King. There was no way that she was already in trouble with the King for what she had said to the Prince. So she wondered what this was about.

    "Your majesty." She said as she entered bowing. "You wished to see me?"
  4. He turned, hearing the lovely voice he enjoyed taunting as a child. She may have felt that she slipped from everyone's mind, but not his. He remembers the singing wench he would bump heads with. He'd be whipping up and down and she would be calmly skipping. Then right at the last moment, he'd cause her to tumble and hurt herself. His father always scolded him and invited the young girl sit in his lap until she was happier.

    He curled back his hair between his fingers for her, and shot her a sly smile from across the hall. He hummed with a small laugh growing in his lungs.

    "You are awfully right, I AM a grown man now." He winked at her and reached for her wrist. "And you are a grown woman. A wise woman." He complimented her. "Very wise to see these men have better things to do than entertain me. They aren't my bitch, you are." He found it a little difficult to twirl her in. He was a little off guard to see how strong she had grown.

    "It's too bad we've grown up together, or I may find you a little attractive. Then I'd spoil you with all the charms and gifts you deserve." He laughed again, letting her go. He knew better than keeping his father waiting by holding up the certain attention the King called for.

    "I would but you're walking away." He whistled after her and eyed the queen's maid up and down. "Woman, be gone you're too ripe for me." He taunted before continuing back to his room. He missed his books and felt rejected. At least there his imagination wouldn't reject his greatest adventures. He was looking forward to hunting season again.
  5. "Men! Leave me!" He commanded the other guards and knights. Bowing, they all left the pale girl alone with the king. " Remove your helmet, Sayomi." Slowly she took a deep breath, and her long shinny black hair fell out of thd helmet and cascaded down her back.

    "Yes my king?" She asked, getting down on one knee. And bowing her head. "Raise child. No nees for that. You are far greater then any knight this kingdom has seen in many many years. And i require your assisstance, but in an odd way."

    "Whatever is needed I will do. Just tell me what to do." She said as she stood up looking the king in his eyes. Her abnormally green eyes stern yet soft. She had an odd feeling of what was about to happen.

    " As you know, we are have a large party tonight. But as a condition, we promised another kingdom that we would not have security in the ball room. But I will not let my only son and heir go without an escort. " he looked her, trying to see if she was following. She looked at him confused.

    "I'm afraid that I do not follow you.." she said to him. Sayomi didnt see where he could be going with all of this..

    "No one knows who you are, or that you are a knight for me. So i want you to dress up for the party and show up to escort the prince as his date. This way there is someone to protect him." When he said that, Sayomi's jaw drop.

    "But your majesty!" She attempted to argue. "No! Sayomi this is what you must do." She sighed and got up and nodded. She put the helmet back on, and proceeded back to her room to get ready.
  6. For ours his mind flowed between the words that molested his eyes. His mind taking off and under the control of the text. The educational black magic was swelling within his imagination and allowed him the satisfaction he was looking for. He came to the conclusion of many books that would tell him that he would always get the girl. He put down the book and rested his back up against his high mass of goose feather filled mattress.

    He turned to carve a name at the heel of his bed frame. It was re-carved and traced over so many times it became fuzzy and so deep it was hard to read now. Long ago it would have been someone's name, some female he knew but now his constant habit had forced him to keep the secret. He jumped to his feet and bolted out the door again. He wasn't going to wait to go hunting tonight.

    "Come with me mutt." He ordered his favorite dog and instantly one of the guards followed him. "If you're going to follow me," he snapped. "The very least you can do is lighten the load on your shoulders. I'm hunting."

    "But sir, hunting on your father's land out of season is illegal even for the prince!"

    "So be it." He sighed. "I'll go alone then if you're so scared," he taunted with a smile. "I supposed this is what you get for not amusing me earlier."

    The mind games he played weren't very fair to the young guard and he got flustered, not knowing how to protest. "Sir, please..."

    "Quiet or I'll cut out your tongue for calling me sir." Kon finally growled low and rushed to his horse. The hound followed after him with a few barks.
  7. Sayomi entered the room. She went and sat down in front of the mirror. Slowly she removed her helmet, and let her long hair drap down her shoulders and back. She looked herself in the mirror. This was the first time in more then two years that she would see herself has Sayomi, and not Micah. She was nervous about how she would look. If she would be pretty, if anyone would think that she was pretty. Loosing herself in thought as she thought about all the people that would be there. All the important people that would there, looking at her. Judging her.

    Then her eyes widened as she thought about what the prince would think. She started to think of all the things that he would probably say about her. She stood up ready to go and march in saying that she wasn't going to do it. Then she sat down, and sighed. It was her duty to protect the prince. If this was how the king wanted it done, this was how it would be. She was shaken from her thoughts as she heard a soft knock at the door. "Miss chi... I'm here to get you ready for tonight." she jumped up and looked down at herself.

    "oh, umm... Just a minute please." She said out in her normal sultry voice. Quickly she took her armor off, and hid it.nshe figured that they thought that they were Michahs sister coming to visit. Quickly she started to unwrap herself. Her figure slowy coming back. As she took the wraps off. She looked down. It was weird seeing everything there, and not just cotton wraps. She let her hands run over the full breasts, and down her smooth, pale skin, and around her hour glass figure. She never really had time to look and admire her own beauty. It was so long since she had seen it. She was not abnormally skinny, but wasn't chunky either. ( size 9 or 10)

    She quickly went to her dresser and grabbed a night gown, sliding the light pink silk over her body. She sat back down, ankles crossed and back striaght. She may have been trained as a scholar, but when they were to be sent castle to castle, they needed to know how to act like the top most lady. She grabbed a brush, and brushed her hair for a moment. "you may enter." she said, as she continued to brush her long silky hair.

    She heard the door open, and close quietly. She didn't make contact at all. " Sayomi?!" the girl said loudly. She looked up, and smiled ear to ear. " Mellisa!" she jumped up and hugged the girl. Te two of them grew up together. They used to sit in the kitchen peeling potatoes and talking. She giggled as she thought about what they used to talk about. It was mostly the prince. Mellisa used to have a huge thing for him. She used to imagine about getting with the prince, riding into the su set. Sayomi, on the other hand, knew the statistics of that. " the prince is going to be so excited to see you! He whined so much when you left!" she was told as she was squeezed.

    "I really doubt that." she said as she looked at the girl. " My My Sayomi. You have a brilliant body. There is no way he won't drool a little. The king let me pick out your dress for you. I know what you always talked about wearing to your first ball. So I got it for you. So let's get you ready!" mellisa said sitting her down, and taking the brush from her.