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  1. It was an average town, not small, but not extremely large. Within it's depths there were the fair share of criminals and cons, but there were also good people willing to help anyone that they met. There were also, as is in every civilization, people whose story has never been told. Today was no exception.

    A girl with bright red natural hair and pale skin stepped out of a black car at the dance studio in the town. She was petite, but had curves that suited her beautifully. She also had a line of freckles over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing dark sunglasses and a pair of black leggings with a denim skirt over it. For a top she was wearing a regular t-shirt.

    An older man, appearing to be her father, led her inside holding her arm. He was the owner of this studio. That didn't mean she got any special treatment though. Not at all. He bore grey hair, and steely blue eyes. He spoke to her as they moved. "Come on Kieara, easy." He seemed to be a big cooperate man. He wore a suit, and he had another job, away from the studio with erratic hours.

    A younger man than her father, named Marcus, was inside. He was the dance instructor. He smiled seeing them coming. He announced that practice was over for the day and they all smiled and thanked him before leaving. Leaving the studio empty all but Kieara, her father, James, and Marcus. He had jet hair, darkened skin, and brown eyes.

    "You can take your glasses off now Kieara." Marcus spoke with a smile. She was released and moved to a changing room. Marcus and her father chatted while the 23 year old was changing, then she returned. She'd gone and changed into a black leotard, which looked something like a bathing suit, to dance in and she was also wearing a pair of white tights. She removed her glasses and revealed solid white eyes. The girl was blind. However, she knew the studio well enough to manuver without a cane. She refused to use one claiming they were degrading.

    Her father spoke. "Well, I have business of other matters. Good luck you two." He then took his leave.
  2. Roderick Browning (Roddy or Rod, to his friends), was nothing short of a bored adult, and was displaying this in how he had nonchalantly agreed to assisting his father's friend. Apparently, there was going to be a show on soon, and plenty of heavy lifting needed doing. While his job did not entail much physical exertion, he was still fairly fit, and had a decent amount of natural upper-body strength. Thus, a few boxes and some wooden decorations were nothing particular troublesome, for him. However, he had not been told where to put his current load, and was hefting the box (containing assorted costumes and whatnot) to Marcus.

    He was not especially tall, but not especially short - he was a few centimetres into the upper end of the height spectrum, no more. Sandy-brown hair was cut short to his head, though slightly thicker on top, a style in which he needn't have worried about trivial things, such as styling or combing. His eyes, though bearing a bored expression, were an azure blue - strangely enough. And when he was happy, truly happy, they twinkled brighter than any star one could imagine. He had a snugly-fit black polo shirt covering his torso, which left his legs to be covered by a pair of navy jeans, the entire outfit rounded off by a pair of brown leather lace-ups. There was one outstanding feature on his face, however - and that was the scar. The one he had been left with, and the one that so many people tried to avoid looking at.

    "Marcus," he called out stumbling to the entrance of the room, "You never told me where to put the costumes. Was I supposed to-"
    Stopping in mid-sentence, while peeking over the box, he looked towards Kieara. From his distance, he could not tell she was blind, but he felt n odd air about her. He reasoned it was just the awkwardness of the moment, and backed up a little. "Oh, sorry, am I interrupting something?"
  3. Kieara jumped hearing him. She was not very good with new people. She was cautious. They made fun, and not being able to see made her an easy target. She stayed perfectly still for fear of bumping into him and stared straight ahead, and it looked like she was looking right past him. "W-who's there, who are you?" She spoke to him. Marcus had left the room for a moment to fetch some water for him, Kieara, and Rod. He'd left out though that she'd have company. "Where are you?" She asked him. Another odd question. Who asked where are you? Why didn't she just look around?
  4. Surprised by Marcus' absence, Kieara's shocked reaction, and what she had asked him, he stumbled further back, almost tripping over himself. Almost, but not quite. He did, however, manage to gather himself, and prevent his precious cargo from falling. He did wonder, though - why was she asking where he was, seeming to ask that more desperately than enquiring as to who he was. So as not to maintain an awkward silence, he spoke, and replied as she had wanted of him.
    "I-I'm just Roderick, I'm just volunteering here! I'm at the door... I think... Just outside the door. I just needed to ask Marcus where to put these costumes, I swear!"
    Through his frantic answering, though, he could make out something. he could see the colour - or rather, lack of it - in Kieara's eyes. He realised she was blind, but this meant little to him - people treated him differently because of the scar running over his right eye, and he didn't like it. At all. He reasoned that treating this stranger differently would not be a plausible option, and simply chose to go on as if he had never realised.
  5. "O-oh, I am sorry...." She spoke. "So Marcus invited you?" She said staying still. She spoke. "He's gone to get water right now, just set those on the table in here for now, he can tell you where to put them when he returns." She said. She spoke. "My name is Kieara." she offered a soft smile to him. She didn't seem to be treating him much different now that she had figured out MArcus knew he was here. She was actually a little excited about new social interaction, but she had to be careful lest she fall to more teasing.
  6. "Right you are, I'll just put them over there."
    He had been told where to put the items, and there seemed to be little reason for him to doubt her judgement. That aside, he wondered what could possibly happen if all he did was just set them on the table. He did so, and upon Kieara introducing herself, he held out his hand, and spoke his own name. "Roderick. Just call me Rod, it's far more convenient."
    It then reached the awkward point where he realised she probably didn't know he was extending his hand out as a friendly gesture, and shook her hand as a measure he thought proactive. It was a firm, friendly handshake, one that was a standard way of greeting someone politely - to him - and let go after an adequate time period. "i assume you're a dancer here?"
  7. Kieara stiffened at him taking her hand. She wasn't used to a lot of contact other than from Marcus showing her through motions. She recognized the gesture as a handshake though. She'd had them before, but it had been awhile. She returned the grip briefly before he let go. She then smiled. "Rod. I like that." she said to him. It was then that Marcus came back in. "Ah, There you are Rod." He tossed him a bottle of water and placed Kieara's in her hand. "I assume you two have met now?" He spoke with a slight smile.
  8. "More or less. I stumbled in, she got frightened, I panicked a little. We shook hands and made up. Does that count?"
    Roderick raised an eyebrow at Marcus, his tone equal measures of sarcasm and mock questioning. It was, quite obviously, a joke - it would take an idiot not to realise it was one. "So, anyway, down to business - where do I put the costumes? I tried down the corridor and to the right, but it's locked."
    the lid was opened, and the water was drunk - he'd been working quite a while, but had no real reason to stop. This was likely just a short break for him, with a conversational partner he thought he would likely never meet again.
  9. Marcus chuckled at his words and Kieara's smile widened. He spoke. "Well, as for the costumes, Just put those over there in the dressing room and I will hang them up shortly so that they don't get wrinkled." He said and moved to a chair. "you've worked hard, take a break." He said motioning to the chair beside him. Kieara sat her water down on a bench and moved to the center of the room. "Track 5?" He asked her. "Yes please." she'd been working on a solo as of late that she'd basically poured her heart into. He put on the music to watch her and as it began to play she began to dance. She was a natural, she danced beautifully, and was very graceful.....and flexible.
  10. Roderick, not one to dispute the wishes of the person who had had the courtesy to let him in, did just that. By the time he had finished putting each item of clothing in its respective place, he was able to discern some sort of music playing, not a tune he recognised, however. Somewhat interested, he wandered out, and leaned against the door frame of the dressing room, observing Kieara with ever-growing interest. There was something about how she moved so gracefully - the beauty and elegance of her moves, and how she was able to contort herself into some positions quite effortlessly. He remained silent, wanting only to watch her dance, his interest peaking.
  11. Kieara wore a simple smile as she danced. It showed her enjoyment for what she did,. She soon finished up her dance and the music stopped. Marcus spoke. "Good Kieara, you've got it down pat." He spoke with a grin. She stood straight and smiled as well. "thank you."
  12. "I'm no expert, but I must say, you danced wonderfully there."
    The comment was genuine, though his voice was somewhat serious, as opposed to wondrous. nevertheless, he did still think of the dance performed s spectacular, and something quite amazing to behold. Expressing himself in such a manner was never his strong point, which essentially made his compliments hard to recognise as compliments, when it wasn't blatantly obvious. Yet, still he paced forwards, a slight smile on his face -he had enjoyed watching, as much as she had enjoyed practising.
  13. Kieara smiled blushing softly. "Thank you Rod." she spoke to him. She wasn't used to recieving compliments from anyone but MArcus. She liked it. She turned to where she'd heard his voice. She spoke. "Would you mind coming a little closer?" Marcus had had this done when he met her, but he wanted to see how Roderick would react.
  14. Nodding in - clueless - agreement, Roderick stepped forwards, until he reached Kieara. Inquisitively, he looked at her - he was standing near her, enough for her to accurately detect his location, and enough for her to be able to just reach out and poke him. However, despite the many random thoughts infecting his mind, Roderick sought to comply with Kieara's request, not thinking he had anything better to do.
  15. Kieara reached out in front of her. She touched his chest lightly. "You're tall." She said and moved her head accordingly so that the illusion of her looking at him was present. She found this made most people a little more comfortable. She then moved her hands over his shoulder. Then she moved her hands up to his cheek. She stopped there not knowing if he wanted her to continue, but this was how she saw, and this was how she was trying to get how he looked like.
  16. ((I KNEW this was coming. The blind girl in Katawa Shoujo did the same thing.))

    Though he was surprised, at first - in no small measure - Roderick stood, stoic and enduring. He didn't not mind her attempting to perceive how he looked, as this was just something she had to do. That aside, he couldn't argue with a pretty girl in a leotard touching his face. In a reserved tone, he spoke again to her.
    "It's all right, go on if you like. I won;t stop you."
  17. ((lol that's because that's how they legitly see someone lol))

    Kieara smiled. "Thanks for being a good sport, if you're uncomfortable tell me and I will stop." She said moving her hands on up and taking in his features before lightly touching his hair. She got a general idea of what he looked like then took a step back with a smile. From what she could tell he was quite handsome.
  18. ((I kinda guessed that.))

    Roderick smiled slightly, his expression light and somewhat carefree, though it was still largely reserved. Part of him was glad that she had - most likely - not managed to detect his scar. Most people would wince or look away upon noticing it, but not Kieara. It was either that she was too polite to mention it, or that she genuinely didn't know he had one. Irrespective of this, his mood was more chipper than it had been previously, having met someone who seemed pleasant enough.
    "No, it's fine. I'm on a break until Marcus tells me otherwise, you take as long as you need."
  19. She'd noticed the scar, but she saw no use in mentioning it. She'd detected scars before, but she couldn't see them so she didn't see how they were anything significant. She blushed a little bit and spoke. "You seem handsome to me." She told him shyly, but it was honest.
  20. Roderick chuckled a little at the comment, taken aback slightly - he didn't take well to comments, he usually just brushed it off as people trying to make it seem as if he was normal. However, now that she had expressed her opinion of how he looked/felt, he felt obliged to do the same. With slightly less of a reserved demeanour, however.
    "And you look just as beautiful as your dancing."