You Deserve a Drink!

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  1. treating people to virtual beverages!

    Shoutout someone for whom you would like to buy/make a drink by typing @username (the username must be typed exactly as it is in their name, including weird characters.

    Oh! And within this thread, there's no nasty health conditions which would prevent the consumption of alcomahol! But the minors will be drinking virgins. Probably :P

    Right now I would buy @jared555 a drink because his unfortunate superpower is to always catch me as I'm just about to become unavailable or leave my phone! I wanna yap with you buddy, our timing just sucks! So sip on this and I'll bbl :P :beer:

    Oh! I'll put the drink emojis here for your copypasta convenience!

    :beer: :rootbeer: :champagne: :coffee: :tea: :cherrysoda: :cola: :lemonlimesoda: :orangesoda: :margarita: :milk: :lemonade: :milkcarton: :paintcan: :whitewine::redwine:
  2. @Red Velvet deserves a drink for putting up with all sorts of nonsense to get a roleplay (Valar Morghulis) up and running in a reasonable manner despite not really having the time to do it. :redwine:
  3. :beer: :rootbeer: :champagne: :coffee: :tea: :cherrysoda: :cola: :lemonlimesoda: :orangesoda: :margarita: :milk: :lemonade: :milkcarton: :paintcan: :whitewine::redwine: @Red Velvet gets all these drinkypoos for putting up with my shit when trying to GM Valar Morghulis. All women must drink, M'lady! :D
  4. @Elendra deserves coffee because ALCOHOL IS BAD FOR YOU, MMKAY, for putting up with me not doing the Pathfinder sheet she wants me to do already.
  5. coffee is gross and you are too
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  6. [​IMG]

    thanks for the drink
  7. I would buy someone else on this site a drink, but that would mean less alcohol money for me...

    Joking, for realsies, both @Azathoth and @Lost deserve drinks.

    Aza for all the past great RPs, and Lost for the current one.
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  8. Is giving ourselves drinks allowed? I'm kinda narcissistic that way.

    Also I'm just in need of a drink... or 16.

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