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So, what shall ye have?

  1. Steampunk

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  2. Kaiju

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  3. Ecchi

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  4. Medieval

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  1. Just to mix things up a bit in the good ole Interest Checking forums, I decided to have four vastly-different RP concepts for us to get excited about. If you, good reader, has found any of them to your liking, feel free to vote for which concept you would like to RP next! Even better, you are more than welcome to offer up any ideas of your own.

    Steampunk (open)
    Suggestion #1:
    Title: "Rising Sun and Falling Empires"
    Setting: (Taisho) Imperial Japan - 1917
    Genre: Historical, Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Faction
    Story: Imagine if world history as you knew it changed in the blink of an eye. Imagine if the battlegrounds of the First World War were not in Europe, but in the far east of Asia. Trench warfare, zeppelin airships, biplanes, gas attacks, and submarines as far as the eye can see. What if the German Empire had taken Southeast Asia and Indonesia from England and France, what would happen? Japan has become an island fortress as the Axis Powers continuously push the Allies to the brink of despair. The United States focuses its efforts in defending the Philippines, and the armies of Russia are stretched to their limits on the European front. Can the Empire of Japan live to see its sun rise again?

    Kaiju (open)
    Suggestion #2

    Title: "Desolate Earth: Reign of Kaiju"
    Setting: Post-Apocalyptic United States - 2044
    Genre: Fandom, Giant-Monster & Mecha, Futuristic, Sci-Fi
    Story: Humanity has fallen into dark times. The surface world has become inhospitable as a result of the Kaiju, giant creatures that bring as much destruction as nuclear weapons wherever they go. The governments of the Earth have collapsed, leading to total anarchy where few settlements remain above ground. Most of mankind continues to live far below the surface, and in the remnants of the US, the Earth Defense Force (previously known as the United Nations) and the New American Federation battle for supremacy. Both sides are armed with the most advanced weaponry imaginable: Mecha units. These colossal machines are the only known device capable of defeating a Kaiju. Will humanity unite and reclaim the surface world, or face extinction as the war escalates?

    Ecchi (open)
    Suggestion #3
    Title: "Monster Musume: Debauchery in London"
    Setting: London, United Kingdom - 2015
    Genre: Ecchi, Harem, Comedy, Romance, Liberteen (possibly), Slice-of-Life
    Story: It was a bit odd when, all of a sudden, every single monster once thought to be imaginary were living and working as regular people do. Lamias, harpies, centaurs, mermaids, and more were integrated into society per the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act. Again, not the most usual thing to wake up to in the morning. London, almost overnight, has turned into a mixing pot of various species and their respective cultures. The thing is, most of these unique individuals tend to be more promiscuous than one would expect. What kind of shenanigans will ensue?

    Medieval (open)
    Suggestion #4
    Title: "Scourge of Serpents"
    Setting: Holy Roman Empire - 1433
    Genre: Fantasy, medieval, magic, historical
    Story: For years, the kingdoms of Europe have been struggling to defeat a foe unlike any other. Dragons have risen from the depths of Sheol and are now wreaking havoc across the countryside. These beasts are a greater nuisance than any plague or army, and thus, the Holy Roman Emperor has taken matters into his own hands. The Order of the Dragon, as it is known, leads the battle against the seemingly-unstoppable abominations. They wield the resources of an empire, with only the bravest of knights and the most skilled of wizards being capable of defeating a dragon. Will The Order be able to achieve their ultimate goal, or face tragedy as the winged scourge befalls all of Europe?

  2. I'm down for either of the first two.
  3. Same with me.
  4. I want the Monmusu RP. I really do. I mean if you think about it the scenario is more likely to appear in London than in Japan.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. And Suu is best girl, but that's unrelated.
  6. I agreeeeeeeeeeeeee~!
    monsters&London Best 10/10
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  8. For the Monmusu RP, will oddly non-humanlikes be allowed? I mean, orcs and fishmen were further from humans than most Monsters. However, I'm talking about non-humanoids such as Gryphons.
  9. Let me think about that.
  10. I'd love to do the Kaiju one.
  11. All of them seem interesting in my opinion.
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