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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gwazi Magnum, May 4, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    All my opponents have fled before me! America will be mine!
    It will just be a matter of time!

    So in preparation for my world domination I bring back a new and refined list for Iwaku for when I take over this site as well!

    1. Using a small million dollar loan to make America a new Reality Show! I shall call it "The American!" and everyone shall make RP's of it!
    2. A firewall to not only keep out the Mexicans, but to keep people from going to Canada!
    2a. Mexico will pay for both of the walls!
    3. Fire all the previous staff! And then drop out the second I'm in charge (and implement the list) so no one can manage the chaos!
    4. Everyone's a Racist, Sexist and making fun of Mental Illness!
    5. Still being mad at George Takei!
    6. No more donations! I can't be bribed! But you can donate through Jeb Bush's page!
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  2. Sigh.

    This stopped being funny 4 months ago. This joke is more recycled than a Jeff Dunham sketch.
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  3. So was me running for President!

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  4. His first order of business will be to kick out all the immigrants. Unless they're a hot immigrant. Those he will have fight to the death for the honor (Curse) of being wife number...5? 6? I've lost track of how many wives he's had.

    I'm sorry, but if you can't even make a marriage work, how the hell are you going to run a country?
  5. Yeahhh. I'd argue it wasn't even funny four months ago. Now it's just annoying.
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  6. The same way you always make it work! Go at it for 4 years, argue, maybe keep going.
    But after 8 you divorce! Every time!

    You're outta here!
  7. The signature GIF goes great with the post and avatar.

    Really immersive.
  8. I never contradict myself!
  9. *puts two pieces of bread on each side of Trump's head*

  10. *Gordan Ramsey throws it out and shuts you down for serving a mouldy, unhealthy and likely lethal sandwich*
  11. Mr. Trump sire. Mr. Trump sire. I am not originally from America actually I was born in Liverpool, England. Can you kick me out and put me behind your fancy wall because technically I am a foreigner?
  13. I managed to block this man's face from all of my social media, avoid the news, topics, and everything else. I don't want to have to look at it on Iwaku too. D:<
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  14. I see you're an illegal immigrant.
    Have you ever considered the Nicolas Cage Ap?

    Hi. :] I have family just outside Liverpool =D

    Also, dump the Trump and hire Boris Johnson instead. XD
  16. Please not this, Gwazi. Anything but this. Don't think there are many jokes more overused.
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  17. You da man, Trump, you da man.
  18. Finally! A true American!
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  19. Sorry, I'm Canadian, but you still the man
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