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    Welcome aboard the "Ancient Hope", the fastest hunk of junk in the known galaxy! She'll take you where you wanna go and further then you possibly could have imagined.

    In a galaxy where the 1% controls everything, there are those who will stand against the system. We, are those people. We come from all kinds of groups: ex-pilots, members of special organizations, and even rogues and bounty hunters who seek only the profit gained from our efforts. The people who stand against said system are separated into two groups: Those who are in it for personal gain, and those who are in it to assist others.

    Us? Well... We're a little bit of both.

    While aboard the Ancient Hope, you'll experience the thrills of a life spent just traveling the stars and living day-to-day. The jobs can range from an easy mission where all we need to do is transport goods and services from one planet to another, to difficult missions in which we have to infiltrate a crime-lord's fortress in order to gain access to one of their prized possessions. Whatever the case may be, you're in for a ride with the rest of the Ancient Hope's crew.

    But beware! We aren't the only vagabonds out there. There's a whole galaxy of crooks, cops, and even psychotic killers such as the Cerr species, who love nothing more then to devour the flesh of a still-living creature while it squirms and begs for mercy.

    Anyways, welcome aboard! Glad to have you on the crew! Take-off should begin soon, so toss your personals in a vacant room and get yourself prepped for launch. We've got a lot of jobs to do, so let's get going as soon as we can!


    Character Roster (open)
    We'll be accepting up to eight players. You may also have up to three active characters (if you can handle it, that is).

    We may be allowing more people to join later on, but 8 is our starting cut-off number.

    1.) "Captain" Maarcuu Roinoush - Sora1297

    2.) The Mechanic/Engineer -

    3.) The Infiltrator -

    4.) The Medic -

    5.) The Muscle -

    6.) The Pilot -

    7.) The "Ambassador" -



    Waiting List: For those who wish to join, but all spots are taken at the time.










    Major Organizations (open)
    The Galactic League of Interplanetary Protection (G.L.I.P)

    Acting as the highest ranking government authority in the Galaxy, the G.L.I.P was formed over 100 years ago in response to a threat of inter-planetary terrorism within the galaxy. A group of mercenaries from all over had gotten fed-up with the established government at the time and took it upon themselves to act as "Rebels" in the following war against peace. However, their view of things would have forced Anarchy to become the leading force amongst the unified planets, replacing and destroying democracy. Luckily, the Galactic League was formed as a special-ops unit and managed to take down the mercenaries, but it was far too late. Whatever remnants remained of the Interplanetary Republic had been swept away by the Rebels. With the help of the various planetary governments, the G.L.I.P reformed the Senate and created a new system of government to be controlled by all who participated within the system. The senate would provide even-ground for debates and issues within the galaxy, ultimately ending in a final decision on how the planets would act. The system worked incredibly due to the respect it gave each planet and star-system, but sometimes not every one agreed. That was just how politics worked, but nobody had decided to split away and take down the G.L.I.P yet, so that was a positive sign that the government was well received. That very same style was still being used today, as a matter of fact. The League had mostly made their home on the planet "Agerna" under the watch of its King and Queen, but the League , the Citadel Space Station, the official Headquarters of the league.

    "The Exchange"

    A major crime syndicate ran by a number of men and women spread out across the galaxy. Most of the planets outside the G.L.I.P (and a good number of planets within) are all controlled by the Exchange and its various members. One of the most famous groups within the Exchange is the "Black Jekk Family", which consists of six powerful crime-lords who control the majority of Exchange owned planets. The members of the Black Jekk Family (most commonly referred to as "The Jekk's") from most powerful to least powerful are: Rectja Tyrr, Ifja Nak, IG-731, Dared Saffron, Pelaia Ben, and Rnaa K'Jit. The G.L.I.P's attempts to put an end to the Exchange thus far have failed horrifically, resulting in more then a few innocent deaths on account of the crime lord's seeking "revenge". Nobody messes with the Exchange, or the Jekk's, and lives to tell the tale.


    Species List (open)

    *Note: this will be expended as a new species is introduced in the IC or the OoC. Most species we come across in the IC will have brief explanations (due to them being NPC's and allowing for us to expand the information), but a player-created species used for a certain character, will have a much longer explanation.*

    Human Beings


    Humans, taxonomically referred to as Homo sapiens, were the galaxy's most numerous and politically dominant sentient species with millions of major and minor colonies galaxywide. Believed to have originated on the galactic capital of Nexxonis, they could be found anywhere, engaged in many different pursuits: spacers, mercenaries, smugglers, merchants, soldiers, assassins, farmers, crime lords, laborers, slaves, slavers, and many others. Since Humans were the most common sentient species, they were often considered to be a standard or average to which the biology, psychology, and culture of other species were compared.



    Anamantian's, like human beings, have very humble roots in the galaxy. The first Anamantian's were originally born as a result of a mixed breeding program between Human beings and the animal-resembling "Tyuu". The Tyuu were on the verge of extinction and desperately sought out a method for rapid reproduction, leading them to participate in inter-species dating. Mostly, the Tyuu focused on procreating with human-beings (due to their similar reproductive systems) and after a few generations, the first Anamantian was born. The name, "Anamantian", is a compilation of the words "Animal", "Man", and "Combination". Needless to say, the species was named by a rather unintelligent Human scholar, but the name seemed to stick.



    Created by a multitude of species spread out throughout the Xenayar Galaxy, Droids (sometimes also 'droids, short for androids, or robots), were robots: mechanical beings, often possessing artificial intelligence. They were used in a variety of roles and environments, often those considered too menial or too dangerous for humans and other species. Droids were also used in fields that required extensive specialization and knowledge, such as medical droids and astromech droids.

    Depending on the model and its corresponding purpose, droids were totally obedient, rugged, expendable, capable of vast memory recall, and mathematically precise. These characteristics made them well suited for many jobs, though the lack of independent thought in the cheaper, less advanced models limited their capability. This lack of autonomy was simultaneously a vast asset and a glaring weakness—an asset in terms of obedience and control but a massive drawback in terms of effectiveness. Designers faced a fundamental paradox—make the droids overly intelligent, and they might rebel; yet make the droids not intelligent enough and they would be ineffectual.

    Customarily, droid names were an arrangement of numbers and letters. Some are given actual names, but for the most part, many droids are given "designation numbers".

    List of Droid Types (that would actually be useful in the RP as characters):

    • Assassin droids
    • Astromech droids
    • Battle droids
    • Interrogation/torture droid
    • Medical droids
    • Pilot droids
    • Protocol droids
    • Scout droids
    • Espionage droids
    • Human replica droids
    • Navigation droids
    • Tracker droids
    • Security droids
    • Service droids
    • Slicer droids
    • Training droids



    The Sha'Ni species is a peaceful race, much like the Yarrl. They are similar to the Yarrl in many respects, being that they both protect and have a love for the natural world. Unfortunately for the Sha'Ni females, they are considered one of the most attractive creatures in the galaxy, meaning they are more then often forced into slavery or jobs in which very little clothing is required. The Sha'Ni species developed and mutated in such a way as to provoke changes in their skin pigmentation, which resulted in many races and subraces. These races were all physically identical, except for their skin color. The wide and vivid variety of skin coloration included many variations of blue, red, yellow, orange, deep green, white, pale brown, pink, and lavender. Some Sha'Ni even exhibited varied phenotypes, including stripes, orange with red mottling, red with pink palms, and blue with pink lips.

    There was not an even distribution of skin colors across the Sha'Ni population. The Lethan Sha'ni, red in coloration, were a rare subgroup, perhaps even the most rare. In contrast, the Titian Sha'Ni, which exhibited a blue phenotype, were more common among the population.



    Yarrl are large, insect-like creatures who preserve and protect nature. They have very strong ties with the natural balance of things on Kreelog and are often associated with being "Guru's" or "Healers". They have evolved to harness the healing and regenerative abilities of nature, which in turn has forced them to be a rather peaceful species when compared to the monstrous (and carnivorous) creatures of their home planet, Kreelog.

    And more, coming soon!


    Character Sheet (open)



    Gender: (Male, Female, or "Neutral" if they are an android/their species doesn't have set genders)

    Appearance: (if they have multiple outfits, please include them in hiders, or just describe them if you only have one image. If you wear some kind of high tech armour, give a brief 2-3 sentence description of it).

    Species: (Include a description if its something a bit more specific or original. However, all species must be humanoid. So that means no four-legged animals unless your species is slightly anthro. You can also play Cybernetic creatures and Robots/Androids).

    Position in the Crew:

    Weapons: (Unless you are given permission by myself or a Co-GM, you are allowed a maximum of 2 weapons ranging from four categories: Semi-Ranged Weapons (ex. Assault Rifles), Short-Ranged Weapons (ex. Pistols or Shotguns), Long-Ranged Weapons (ex. Rifles), and Melee Weapons (ex. Energy Swords or Knives)

    Background: (just a paragraph or too, but feel free to go over the limit and explain stuff about your character's origins if you want)

    Other: (put any additional information here. Maybe your species has tentacles use for eyesight on the top of their head).


    My Sheet (open)


    Maarcuu Ronoush

    Age: 19





    Brief Explanation of Species: Anamantian's, like human beings, have very humble roots in the galaxy. The first Anamantian's were originally born as a result of a mixed breeding program between Human beings and the animal-resembling "Tyuu". The Tyuu were on the verge of extinction and desperately sought out a method for rapid reproduction, leading them to participate in inter-species dating. Mostly, the Tyuu focused on procreating with human-beings (due to their similar reproductive systems) and after a few generations, the first Anamantian was born. The name, "Anamantian", is a compilation of the words "Animal", "Man", and "Combination". Needless to say, the species was named by a rather unintelligent Human scholar, but the name seemed to stick.

    Position in the Crew:

    Captain and Primary Pilot when he's required to fly the ship.

    Preferred Weapon(s):

    A BlasTech Industries DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol


    and his retractable claws/sharp teeth. He also has a passion for energy blades (one of which he will acquire later on in the RP)


    He has the same strong sense of smell, hearing and eyesight that a cat would have. He also had a pair of razor sharp, retractable claws on his hands and feet. Maarcuu can climb most surfaces without much difficulty and is also quite agile, as well as speedy. His tail can be used to hold additional items like a third hand (or hang onto edges/cliffs).


    Background: Maarcuu was born and raised on Human Colony G-R2 in the middle of "Relenus Vesta", a wild and lush green planet in the southern spiral arm of the Xenayar Galaxy. Despite it being a human colony, Maarcuu and his Anamantian family, were treated like equals, despite the obvious genetic differences. There he lived in a small farmstead with his mother, two sisters, and his father. Due to the wonderful and ever-bountiful nature of the planet, his father set up a farm and began to harvest the local Barnar, Yoope and Veentair crops, along with many other sorts of vegetables and fruits. One year when Maarcuu was 6, a shipment from Torrenal came to the colony with all sorts of produce and animals, which flourished in the Relenus Vesta environment and allowed his father to expand his farming business to all sorts of things rather then just fruits and vegetables.

    While he was born a farmer, Maarcuu also excelled in piloting and mechanics. He loved to tinker with starships and speeders and he had extremely steady hands. Most of his friends called him "a literal grease monkey" because he was often found working on either droids or his personal Speeder (which he has driven countless times in races and won). He even rebuilt a heavily destroyed Hyperactive Knowledge Unit Droid ("HK" line) out of spare parts, adding in a few additional components he felt would be useful. Not long after he had been accepted into the Royal Agerna Academy for Pilot's, Maarcuu took a transport to the Birugal System and spent the next 2 years training. Finally, when he was 17, Maarcuu joined up with the Royal Star Pilot's who worked under the service of King Ridley-Scott II. To this day, Maarcuu is the youngest applicant to ever graduate from the Academy.

    He often found himself flying around the galaxy assisting in the transportation of goods and services, or even escorting the lovely Princess of Agerna and various diplomats to the surrounding systems for political reasons. He often noticed that some people acted oddly around him, but he always assumed that it was probably just his ears or tail. However, Maaarcuu is a totally respectable pilot and mechanic in King Ridley-Scott II's court.

    But, a few years back, Maarcuu suddenly ceased his service to King Ridley-Scott II and struck out on his own. Nobody quite knows why he left, but he is still considered a member of the G.L.I.P and Royal Agernian Pilots League.


    Maarcuu is very polite to everyone he meets, male or female. Most girls find it hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice. He doesn't like to do things by himself, preferring to have a group of trusted people back him up. He can still handle self-projects with ease, he just prefers to have close relations with people he can trust. Maarcuu can be odd at times, but there's a pretty good reason for that due to his upbringing and genetic background. Even though he smiles, he sometimes feels that nobody really gets him. However, he's a fun and outgoing guy who would stop at nothing to turn his friend's frown upside down. He is also very adventurous and loves the thrill of a good mission. He's well trained in combat as well. He has an exceptional skill with eye to hand co-ordination and he is very good at thinking on his feet. Since he is not human, he doesn't fully understand a lot of what people do or reasons behind human behaviour.


    • Maarcuu owns two Droids: a personally customized Astronomical Android (or "Droid") known as HK-55 which he repaired after finding the little robot broken and disabled in a junk pile. Maarcuu spent a good deal of time locating all the required pieces to fix up the droid, but its been extremely loyal to him ever since. The other, is a reconfigured Enimorg unit known as "Alpha-B12". Maarcuu found it heavily damaged during a battle on Prydnaa, but it was different from the other Enimorg models. This one was out of the Overbrain's control and actually was able to think and act on its own. Thankful that Maarcuu rescued it from certain destruction, Alpha-B12 decided to join the Anamantian captain in his travels.

    HK-55 (open)

    Alpha-B12 (open)

    • Maarcuu is a skilled pilot in both peaceful and combat situations. Sometimes, especially when he doesn't mean for it to happen, his animal side comes out and he acts rather odd (ex. Licking himself as a "bath", sleeping in the fetal position, going nuts when somebody offers him food from aquatic/aviated animals, ect)

    • He's the captain of the Ancient Hope (just don't call him "Captain Fuzzy-Boots", he takes it as a negative comment about both his position and his species). Much like his two droids, Maarcuu found and patched up a majority of the ship after getting it for a major bargain of only 50,000 Credits. The name "Ancient Hope" was actually given to the ship after Maarcuu discovered it was built long before the G.L.I.P came into existence and was actually owned by one of the most famous captains the League has ever produced: Captain Reynolds Malcolm. In the final battles of the Xert Bïłœ Campaign (a famous war started after a species of parasitic creatures called the Xert Bïłœ tried to take over the galaxy), the Ancient Hope actually led the assault against the Xert Bïłœ's birth planet of Tuabaa-IV. If it hadn't been for the surprise attack planned by Captain Reynolds Malcolm, the Xert Bïłœ Campaign may have continued for another four years before finally the monstrous species had completely invaded the galaxy. The ship, as a result, was called "Shimmering Hope", but Maarcuu renamed it after learning of its history, thinking that "Ancient Hope" would be a more suitable name given its age.

    • Strangely enough, Maarcuu has developed a habit of speaking in the third person. Very rarely has he used the words "he" "she", "I" or "me". He just prefers calling people by their names and titles rather then anything else (ex. "Oh, hello Tyrun. Maarcuu is quite pleased to see Tyrun again!")

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  2. Stylus has arrived! I am working on my mechanic' images now. I will be getting the profile done as soon as possible.
  3. Placeholder, sucka. Will start working on a sheet soon. Probably.

    Still gotta get someone to upload an image for me.
  4. Reserving the medic position for two characters
  5. Sorry, but @Kairia had claimed the medic position in the interest check. In the character roster I believe it states that character slots are currently full, but we have a waiting list in case someone drops out or we allow in more characters.
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  6. Oh, then place me in the waiting list I guess
  7. I am working in collaboration with @KageKaioh since our characters will be friends. When we figure out the small details, I'll post it.

    Also I'm still confused where this RP is starting off since @Sora1297 already has the ship and is flying it around space. Are we all already on the ship? Is he gonna stop at some mediocre planet? Where do we begin?

    Also I guess this is a more appropriate spot to post it, so I'm gonna set this here since this is the new OoC thread.


    Okay, quick question. What is the Infiltrator job supposed to be? And what is the ambassador's job if it's not Firefly's version of whoring. Also #8 is blank, any idea of what to fill that with?
    Also the chaotic banter of who's picking what job is a bit confusing, but I'm okay with being the cook or medic.

    Also @Sora1297, did you take Luke Skywalker's entire character? I don't mind inspiration taken from other fictional characters but this seems like a blatant copy. I would also like to point out that your character is 19 and already piloting his own ship. His father was a farmer and Maarcuu only had a job among other pilots for two years. Where did the money for the ship come from and how does Maarcuu gain followers at such a young age? How does he gain the respect of King Ridley-Scott II when he is an unknown farmer boy? It just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

    Also Ridley Scott is a real life person. If we're gonna make someone king, can we make Robert Downey Jr. the king? He's very kingly, in my opinion.

    Also you are the captain. Your character is not captain material.
    "He doesn't like to do things by himself and would rather have someone give him orders to follow."

    If you had any ambitious crew members on your ship, there would be a rebellion before Maarcuu even knew what was happening.

    "Since he is not human, he doesn't fully understand a lot of what people do or reasons behind human behaviour."
    Maarcuu's bio states that he grew up on a human populated planet and lived among them as farmers for most of his life before leaving to go to the academy but yet your character still doesn't understand humans. Maarcuu grew up with them. Why can't he understand them suddenly?

    Please take this as constructive criticism.
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  8. The Numedan Triumvirate
    The Numedan Triumvirate is a trio of empires whose homeworld is the planet Straza. The three empires all consist of a species named Rathaki though each empire consist more heavily of a certain race of the Rathaki.

    The Rathaki originate on the planet of Straza which has heavier gravity than that of Earth, 1.3 Gs to be exact and with cycles about 6 months longer than that of earth. The typical Rathaki is stronger than a typical human though they average about the same height when the males are involved. The female Rathaki tends to be taller than the male but leaner and not as strong. Their arms and fingers are a little proportionally longer than that of a human's and possessing an added thumb where the last digit should be on a human. The average Rathaki is naturally ambidextrous and sure of grip. They have broader feet and strong legs. Proportionally their heads are more elongated than a human's and the top a little flatter. Their noses are flatter as well, closer to the face and their jaws longer and generally pointier. Their ears are rather long and pointy, curving up and then down. The muscles around the ears allow the Rathaki to move them in certain directions. On their faces they posses ridges that start between the eyes and go up to the base of their hairline. The number of ridges is inconsistent between races.
    The Rathaki people tend to have 34 teeth while humans have 32, having two more canines than humans and keep their wisdom teeth unlike the average human.
    Rathaki come in certain skin colors but usually in shades of red and brown. They have wide variety of hair colors but in that regard they share a common coloration as humans with the exception that some have natural raven black blue coloration. Their hair leads from their head and down to between their shoulder-blades. Similar to humans, females are not prone to facial hair.
    Every Rathaki possess a second pair of arms. They are smaller and much leaner than their other pair with hands possessing 3 fingers and a thumb. The secondary arms are just under the primary and more on the chest. They aren't as strong but are used for manipulating objects such as pealing away fruits while they used their primary arms for climbing.
    An average lifespan of a Rathaki is 90 Straza Cycles or 135 earth cycles.

    The Numedan Triumvirate, as previously stated, is comprised of three different Rathaki empires that were have been around for thousands of years, almost constantly at odds with few moments of peace until they pushed into the Frontiers, space faring. The Triumvirate was created on a certain plain in Straza known as Numedan which has become the official capitol of the Triumvirate. Although no longer at war, the empires still share a streak of competition, trying often to one up each other which has become the reason of their accelerated technological evolution.
    The three empires are the Vigod Dynasty, Ecchani Alliance and Maunardan Empire. Each are more populated with a certain race of the Rathaki yet the biggest difference between them is a certain skin color and height.
    People under the Vigod Dynasty tend to be on average shorter than the others, 160cm for the males and 180 females, with red being a dominant skin color and light hair colors such as blonde. The culture is very traditional as they keep the strongest hold of ancient customs and the higher class and royalty can be easily offended with lack of courtesy and knowledge of their customs. The current head of the Vigod Dynasty is the young Empress Lui'na Vigod. Her dynasty has been the longest living dynasty in all of Rathaki history, ruling for over 6000 earth cycles with surprisingly lack of mingling with lower houses. The Vigod has the highest number of Rathaki populace with limited number of outsiders. The colors of the Vigod's military primary Green, Secondary gold and third white.
    The Ecchani Alliance is the youngest of all the empires as it was originally formed from a rebel movement against the Maunardan Empire. They are arguably the most "progressive" empire of them all as they boast the largest number of non-rathaki populace as they happily welcome outsiders into their empire though in the past they have been rather violent about it, taking over alien civilizations and indoctrinate them into the Ecchani way of thought over time and completely taking over their government. They are far more diplomatic by now and are less iron fisted towards colonization. An ecchani Rathaki as they are known as have shades of light brown skin with patches of darker brown usually around the main forearms and shins while other patches varies on the individual. The average Ecchani rathaki male tends to be about 185cm in height while the female is 200cm. They also tend to have more slanted eyes and tighter mouthes. A very common eye color is garnet pink. The Ecchani military colors are Primary black, secondary red. The current emperor of the Ecchani is Naugua Dri'ka who is considered one of the younger emperors of the Ecchani.
    The Maunardan Empire is probably the oldest empire in the triumvirate while the Vigod Dynasty is probably just a couple of centuries younger. Maunardan Rathaki are often the darkest of the three Rathaki races with lots of shades of dark red and reddish brown with smaller patches of lighter shades on the chest and stomach. Other patches varies on the individual and parentage. The average height of the male is 180cm and the female is 210cm and often doesn't deviate. The Maunardan Empire was the most powerful empire on Straza with origins of sea faring raiders turned traders. Often considered with barbaric origins by the other two empires, the Maunardan consider them selves pioneer explorers, boasting the first official Rathaki off world colony. The Maunardan Empire has more Rathaki members than outsiders but is not known for discrimination such as the Vigod possess. The Maunardan military's colors are Red with White and Blue. The current emperor of the Maunardan Empire is Dar'nu Tzar'dan who is over 30 cycles older than the Vigod Empress and former general of the Maunardan military.

    The Rathaki people in general are not against the possession of cybernetic limbs or the such though they are against excessive use of them that are not military. Cybernetics are not considered a fashion choice as the natural conditioning of their bodies is highly respected and most of Rathaki competitions are done by limited modded athletes. Cheating in such competition is severely punished and the competitor is scorned.
    As a united military force the Rathaki are to be highly respected and even feared. Their war procedures take the form of official contracts of restraint. Signing such a contract will make the Rathaki military powers restrain their powers and ignore certain targets and the use of certain weapons. Ignoring such a contract will cause the Rathaki people to be absolutely brutal in their approach, ignoring civilian life and what is ethically right.
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  9. @Kairia, we agreed to have everybody on-board the ship I thought. Anyone who wanted to be picked up specifically at the start would have been found at the beginning of this RP.

    Also, I did not just rip-off Luke Skywalker. He may have been inspired by Luke, but I tried to make him as original as I could. I've used him in other RP's here and no one else has pointed this out, so perhaps its just you? Not saying that as an insult, I'm just saying maybe it was an over-analyzation (but I see what you mean).

    The portions of infiltrator and "ambassador" I was leaving up to whoever took said job. I didn't want to set limitations that they may not have wanted, so I was going to give them a bit of creative liberty there. Also, infiltrator (from what I've discussed with the person playing it), is like a rogue who distracts the Big-guy while we steal all his stuff. She can also kill anyone we need her to.

    King Ridley Scott II is a reference used for comedic purposes, I'm not going to change that because its a real person. As well, Maarcuu can be recognized very easily by showing skill and knowledge in both his applications and actual flight-skills (if he escorted the Princess around for a time, she would have explained to her father who he was and how good of a job he did).

    As I said before, the ship was a major-fixed upper. His pay as a Royal Agernian Pilot (the equivalent to the military's Air Force) would have gained him quite a bit of pocket cash to spend however he liked. He just decided he wanted to buy a ship with said money.

    You're worried about him being 19 and having his own ship? I think a lot of people would be impressed that somebody so young has been able to receive such a reputation amongst the League, as well as move from Private to Captain. Its all a demonstration of skill in the system and hard-work. Plus, he was probably helped out by the Royals (who, again, thought of him highly because they had seen him in action)

    That "orders" trait was a leftover from my last RP he was in. I'll edit that.

    If a dog grows up with humans and watches them from a far, that doesn't mean he understands a humans behaviour. Much like how the humans wouldn't understand the dogs behaviour ("rolling on the floor makes you happy?"). Maarcuu is such an exception. You don't have to be close to humanity to understand it (and it could be certain phrases they say, certain actions they do, racism/sexism, and a multitude of other things that would perplex somebody who can't really understand human concepts because they themselves aren't human).

    I do take it as constructive criticism, I'm just explaining some areas that I feel you didn't quite understand.
  10. I would like to add that the proper name of a crew taking over a ship is Mutiny.
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  11. @Sora1297
    I was reading your character sheet aloud while my boyfriend was playing Skyrim. He did not know anything about this RP except that it was Firefly inspired. As I was reading he told me "Stop." and set down his controller and said "Do you know what he's doing?" When I said no he said "He literally just described Luke Skywalker." And explained to me the Star Wars references because sadly, I have not seen all of the movies. Also the robots are the exact equivalent of R2-D2 and C3PO. The energy blade is a light saber. Must I make an entire list?
    I swear I'm not trying to cause problems but your character is extremely unoriginal.

    You said Maarcuu grew up among humans who treated him and his family well. There was no mention of segregation between the humans and his family. Why would he find them so mysterious when the only culture he's ever known was human traditions? He was born and raised with humans. If anything, he is a human more than he is Animantian (mentally and culturally). Also, dog behaviours are well documented. Science has taken us a long way in understanding their actions.

    As for the 19 year old captain having his own ship. A lot of people would not be impressed someone so young could get so far up in the ranks. Most would assume the child bought his way up through the ranks or by political means (knowing the right people) and even if said person had real skills, he would be doubted immediately just based on his age. That is the natural reaction of most people, let alone hardened air force troops. They would be envious and jealous and probably cause a lot of problems. Also no one would give an escort mission regarding royalty to a fresh soldier. And realistically, will a veteran soldier look up to a teenager? No. He'd call him Butter Bar.
    If the League is anything like the Air Force then no matter how good your skills are, you have to be in the ranks for a minimal set amount of time before you can take a test to acquire the next rank.

    TLDR; no matter how good your character is at piloting, it is IMPOSSIBLE to become a Captain under the "normal" age for that rank. So no, at 19, he cannot be a captain, at least not in the League. If he rebelled from his station I could buy it but not the way your story is being told.
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  12. Fine, I will revise it. I get that you're trying to assist the character development and creation, sorry if I seem a little stubborn. I wasn't trying to copy Luke, and I completely forgot about the sword thing. Again, that was from a previous RP I had him in that I guess I forgot to take out. I wanted to keep his reason for leaving the League a secret and have it explained over the course of the RP as opposed to flat-out saying the reason (which I can do, but again, I'd prefer to stick with the revelation idea).
  13. You don't have to spell everything out in the bio. I hate giving away secrets in mine. I keep them fairly simple but still deep enough my character isn't as flimsy as a piece of paper. It's just Maarcuu had a lot things in his character sheet that would be contradicted later if you kept reading. I really am trying to help and I'm sorry if I'm blunt. My people skills are not the greatest.
  14. Its fine, its just a personal pet-peeve of mine to go back and tweak so much of a character, but its causing an issue in the RP so I'll do it. I'll revise it later, I have stuff to take care of right now..
  15. Wow the OOC came up and stuff happened and here's me blissfully unaware! Anyway I believe I claimed the infiltrator/ambassador position with my character concept which I mentioned with Sora in Pm and the interest check. I'll throw up a character for people to have a gander at.

    @Sora One other little nagging issue I had with your CS was it said he graduated at 17, and that he spent some time flying around doing jobs and earning his name/respect in the business. Then 'a few years back' he left the service of the King. At his current age of 19 that means that he worked maybe a month or two as an official pilot at most before deciding to leave, if that. Which leaves me curious how long he actually was working for the King and how he got such a good reputation in a matter of months?

    Also I shall be PMing the details of her genetic modification to you in a little bit.
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  16. Name: Whatever you need her to be called. She answers to Sky most of the time.

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female.


    It should be noted what she wears will be a 'on the day' kind of thing so there is little point in listing lots and lots of pictures for her. Her hair colour, jewelry, piercings, tattoos, eye colour and even some basic facial structure is also prone to change as is part of her job as the infiltrator. This will be how she appears at the beginning of the rp and in this outfit.

    Species: Genetically Altered Human.
    Info: G.A Humans are predominately just human both physically and reproductively. Originally the altered DNA sequence was used to help those who were selected to terrraform planets survive on the planet until such a time as it was habitable by humans. Minimal adjustments were done so that these GA humans could still function and live on the newly terraformed planets afterwards. However it became a fad, almost like back street cosmetic surgery and the altered genome process was made available. Several hundred years down the line it is nothing new but usually kept as a quiet family secret like that back tattoo that says ‘I love JD forever’ These ‘bred’ GA humans exhibit the pro’s of genetic modification and few of the drawbacks associated with them. They can range from gills on a person, a tail stub, larger ears, slit eyes or various other mutations.

    Position in the Crew: Infiltrator/ Back up Ambassador.

    Weapons: Half a dozen throwing knives and a whip.

    Background: Sky doesn’t talk much about her life prior her ill-gotten ‘fame’ and as such it’s left shrouded in mystery.

    What is known is that she is considered a name in her own right, while not infamous and certainly there are planet where her name has not reached (yet) she is known well enough by the right circles to make her seem famous. She is considered a ‘Spider’, which is a polite way of saying thief, rogue, infiltrator and all round sneaky woman. Rumours surrounding her are plentiful from the simple to the complex. How many are true and which ones are urban myths are any ones guess, she won’t tell.

    Spider is also a name of an underground network of spies, thieves and assassins, which she is reported to be connected to, every operative has a black spider web on the heel of their left foot which is given to them upon initiation.

    No one is quite sure what her genetically mutation is aside the Spiders higher ups.
    When asked what she looks like accounts vary vividly but that’s just expected of someone whose supposed to be an ‘Ace’ infiltrator. Right?

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  17. @MotherOfCthulhu, that was mostly a lazy editing issue I had setting up the thread last night. Basically, that CS was complete from another RP (hence the mistakes in continuity and issues with certain things as I've pointed out earlier), but I only threw in the Captain portion to get the thread started.

    Sorry, that was more or less me being lazy.
  18. Never really got answered in the old thread if this was still accepting or not.


    Still open?
  19. It is still open yes Windsong, however there is a possibility you will be put on the 'waiting list' for this rp to be rotated in when someone drops out or their character dies. :) Cetainly no harm in making up a character.
  20. Ah, I see. Guess the OP hasn't updated the list or anything.

    Edit: Anyone else notice Captain Reynolds Malcom being a big hero in this? Gave me a chuckle. Points for trying to be original, but do have to agree with @Kairia , your source material is glaringly obvious.
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