You can't take the sky from me (Firefly inspired Sci-Fi RP)

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Shall we be Respectable Mercenaries or Mercenary-Criminals

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  1. Alright, so if the catchy title doesn't immediately appeal to fans of this great series, then just pretend I said "There's no place I would be since I found Serenity" instead :3

    For those of you who haven't experienced this series, don't worry, we're only borrowing the core concept from it which, covering it very basically:

    The plot of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" involves a group of mercenaries who travel the galaxy searching for work, with the side plot of carrying two wanted fugitives aboard their ship, both of which the reigning galactic government are constantly searching for.

    That's the most basic rudimentary explanation I can give without spoiling anything in the series or the film adaptation (which appropriately ended the show after its cancellation due to a multitude of reasons).

    I want to create a similar kind of idea, where our characters take on the role of a starships crew and basically go on adventures through a completely original galaxy. We can involve aliens, popular science fiction themes in the form of references/creative interpretations, or even combine fiction with reality to add components like various galaxies (one of which could be the Milky Way Galaxy, containing Earth).

    Anyways, I'm just gonna keep it simple here seeing as how this is an interest check, but let me know if you're up for joining the crew. We can discuss details later, but for now lets just get some players.

    I will most likely take the role of the ship's captain or pilot, but we can also pick and choose roles later on. We need about 3-4 people (including myself) to start up the RP, so post below if you're interested in joining.

    Ps. I really only use Firefly as an example for the basis of this RP because I love the format of its episodes and think it could easily be applied into an RP format. You don't need to know anything about Firefly or "Serenity" (the tie-in movie that ended the series), its just used for reference. That being said, we can still borrow elements from the show for this.
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  2. I absolutely adore Firefly/Serenity. What kinds of limits on technology are you considering, though? I typically only like low-to mid-tech science fiction, hence why I love the series and movie.

    Also, how far in or out of fantasy would this be going? Would things like Alchemy be acceptable? If so, I have a quirky alchemist/engineer in mind that would fit well into a space merc/pirate theme.
  3. I'd say mid-tech, similar to that of the show. However, there would also be Sci-Fi elements like robots and maybe an AI thrown in there.

    I want to say "no" for fantasy elements, but my inner Star Wars fan is demanding to include mysterious elements. I'd say alchemy could be allowed, maybe because a certain species has practiced it for x-amount of years, it became a kind of hobby of sorts.
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  4. Mysterious elements that people cannot explain yet does not mean magic, so you could include such things without calling it fantasy. Personally, I'm happy just with Alchemy. I only asked because for some reason people consider it to be a magical rather than scientific art. If I were to bring it into a character it will be completely science-based, with some futuristic weirdness thrown in to make it work.
  5. I just say that because of the Force, but I get that as well.

    Sure, as long as it doesn't really undermine the technological aspects of the science fiction we're playing with, I'm cool about having alchemy in this.
  6. Sign me up, cap'n. You got some goon what needs a nose broke, I'm your guy (Or gal, if I can't find a decent male character picture. The female to male ratio of well-drawn scifi/fantasy art is redonk.)

    Edit: I now realize that line made me sound more like I should be in a mafia movie rather than a futuristic setting. Maybe space mafia. Is our starship going to have pasta dispensers? What about a robot that makes canoles and counts drug money?

    Oh, oh. Now that I think about, would we just be playing as humans, or could player characters be alien races as well? I'll probably go human either way, but I am curious.
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  7. I was thinking it would mostly be used for physical enhancements (the new tattoo/piercing craze maybe?) , medicines/elixirs, and perhaps alternative energy sources. Of course for those who dabble in, all kinds of nasty concoctions like poisons and drugs could be made too.

    Also, I second LVL's question. It could be fun to create our own races, perhaps even half-breeds thereof.
  8. If yes aliens, there has to be a person made of several smaller people.
  9. I'm interested but I've never tried a sci-fi RP before. I feel like I'm a little under-educated in that department. And I freaking LOVED Firefly.
  10. Wow that was fast xD

    Yeah, other races are allowed. I'm using a species I created myself for my character, so you guys feel free to go with humans or aliens.
  11. Also: ship designs! I'm thinking this would be our trusty vessel, but I'm open to suggestions. Also, feel free to pitch a name for her:

  12. I like it- basic, rustic and perfect for a small crew flying under the radar. As for names, I think we should work out more of the plot and characters first, so we have a better idea of what might fit.
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  13. Pretty bucket! Looks kinda familiar, but I can't place it.. But yeah, I agree with Kage. It might be easier to name our vessel once we have a better idea of who is going to occupying it.
  14. If there's room I'm in. :D
  15. Yep! There's plenty of room

    And I know, seems like that is a very familiar ship, but I can't say what. Maybe we should name it after nature's nightlight: crickets :3

    Sounds good with the name stuff. Let's get some crew ideas generated, shall we? I'm thinking of playing the pilot and potentially the Captain (but I'm willing to let somebody else be Cappy. I just wanna fly the ship :3)
  16. I agree, it is very familiar- I just cannot place where from. Nature's nightlight? Wouldn't that be a firefly? Crickets are more like nature's symphony.

    As I already said, I would like to play the engineer, and I am open to taking up a second character if there is a role to be filled.
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  17. A Firefly? Don't be silly! That's like saying my Warthog looks like some kind of big cat. A puma, perhaps?

    Alright cool, anyone else wanna throw their character ideas out there? Also, any robots amongst us or will Maarcuu's two 'droids (androids) be all that comes aboard?
  18. Er, you lost me there. I assume you are joking, but my English comprehension is not quite good enough to follow along.
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  19. Oh, its a reference to Red vs Blue. Its a Halo machinema. When they get a Warthog (a jeep with what appears to be tusks on the front), they argue over why it's called that. The one guy thinks it looks more like a Puma then it does a Warthog, so I was referencing that.

    It was a joke, no worries.
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  20. Ah, I see. I have heard of Red vs Blue, but never watched it.
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