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  1. Grantsworth: Home for the critically insane. That's where we live. We've all made mistakes, We've all seen or done things normal people wouldn't do- but the thing is, to us we are normal or to most of us. The voices tell me I'm normal everyday, but then again maybe the voices are what's wrong with me. Nobody here know's why everyone's so afraid, but the thing is- This is now our home. This is the place where people dump off the unwanted and to them- we're the unwanted. Nobody know's my story- nobody know's their story because nobody could understand. If you are insane, you'll understand the insane- that's our motto. Everyday more and more of us get transported in here- and soon, I'm afraid we'll get more then we can handle.

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  3. The day was winding down to my favorite time, darkness. It was the only time I ever felt like I could be myself. I roam the villages at night on a constant guard, feeling an erie breeze whistle through my cloak. I pull it down tighter and walk a bit faster... There was something about that night that had me on edge... More than usual... But what was it...

    "THE LYING, THE BLEEDING, ITS TEARING ME APARTTT!" Loud music bumping through the roads... I turn to see where exactly it was coming from... BAM...

    I wake up.. Walls are white.. My shoelaces are gone.. and the bed... the bed has no sheets... "Ohhh... where am I?"

    Head spinning, I pass out...

    What happened....?
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  4. Terra hung her head. Don't be are strong. She thought. She opened her eyes. She was still in the padded room. Her straight jacket fit around her snugly. Her bed in the corner, still made neat from the day She came here. She refused to sleep in that bed...or at all really. Her red hair was a tangled mess and her eyes had deep dark circles. She felt her self start to dose off...and then the door opened. She looked up to see one of the guards...also known as her father. "What are you doing in here?" She asked. "You're being transferred." Her father replied. "To where?" She asked again. "...Somewhere better."
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  5. She sit's in her room staring out the small slit they call a window she watched as the rain poured down on the pavement of the parking lot, she began to wonder what it felt like to feel the rain against her skin, to feel the cool air brush it, [BCOLOR=#000000]2200 days I've been locked in Grantsworth[/BCOLOR] she thought, she began to laugh, 2556 days since the incident. She turned her head as she heard the door gently creep open, "You can come out now, break time." She turns around and stares blankly towards the man, turning her attention to the name tag that read 'Logan' she smiled and stood up, "Thanks Logan, you new?" She walked towards him, her bare feet hitting the cold tiles with each step.

    "Yeah, I am." he says with a small smile, She nods and stops as she stands in front of him, "Good luck when Code hits." She gives a crooked smile before walking into the hallway, she passes the many doors that were open, the rooms empty. She also passed ones with screaming kids that were banging against them- they were in the code room. They used to scare her, the forever long screaming followed by the hysterical crying, the banging against the doors and the screams of pain as they 'disciplined' them, it all used to terrify her, but now the sick thing is it comforted her. She turned her head forward again as she entered the break room, admiring all the same people staring at the same old things, she walks over to the desk she usually sat at and sit down, gliding her fingers across the desk as if she was playing piano, she closed her eyes imagining herself actually playing one and how it would sound, how it would feel, or how she imagined it, ever since the day she was entered in here she never got the chance to play again, she never got to go outside or make any friends besides the other kids who were put in here as well- she never got to actually live, and that's what really drove her crazy.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Be nice to any new comers," Logan calls before leaving the door way in silence, New comers? It's been a while since anybody new was here... [/BCOLOR]
  6. Terra rode in the back of the van. Her father had let her change into normal clothes and she felt much better. Her hair was brushed and she had taken a nap on the way up. She was still afraid. This was the first time she'd been away from her dad and she wasn't sure about it. The van stopped and her father took her by the upper arm and he grabbed her bag. I feel like a criminal, she thought. The driver opened the back door and pulled her out. Her dad followed. She looked up at the sign. It read: Grantsworth: Home for the critically insane. She squeaked and reached for her dad's hand but he pulled it away. Terra was hurt by his gesture. He grabbed her upper arm again and pulled her to the door. "Ow!" She exclaimed. "That hurts." Her dad gave her a look. "Shut up Willards." He said. Terra glared at him. "You don't have to be so mean, dad." She whispered. He ignored her and brought her inside. He walked up to the front desk. "Terra Willard's." The lady at the desk flipped through a few pages. "Ok here she is." The woman said in way to perky voice. Her dad walked back over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Good luck here kiddo. Make some friends." He leaves the building. The lady from behind the desk gets up and walks over to Terra. "Follow me Miss Willards." She guides Terra to a door that says "Break Room." "Everyone's in here. Have fun. I'll guide you to your room later." The woman walks away and Terra enters the room.
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  7. Mikan turns and stares at the girl in the doorway, Normal clothes huh? She must be the new kid. She quickly wipes her cheek before turning back and begins to trace her name on the desk, I wonder what her story is, what her past is like... She looks over at everyone and notice them staring, Knowing how it felt she sighed and slammed her fist against the desk, everyone swung their heads towards her after jumping slightly, she raised her eyebrows at them before shaking her head, "No staring guys, she's just like us, They just haven't coded her yet." They all nodded and looked away quickly- they were all afraid of her and knew she was in here for 6 years, and let's face it- only the really bad cases last 6 years. She turned her attention to the girl and looked her up and down before turning back around. She began to slide her fingers like she was playing the piano once more, this time keeping her eyes open. She imagined her playing beautiful music this time rather then sad, She didn't like the sound of sad anymore- it made her even worse.
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  8. Terra hugged her bag. She was thankful to that girl for making the others stop staring at her. Everyone was wearing the same uniform. Just like my old asylum. She thought. She walked over to an empty chair that sat by an occupied desk. Terra looked up at the girl sitting at the desk. It was the same one who had stood up for her a second ago. Terra looked back down at the bag in her lap. Ok, she thought. Fresh start...not fresh meat.
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  9. "Why you here?" She asked, noticing the girl sitting next to her, she wasn't the best at talking because she wasn't used to it, she was only used to sitting, staring and silence. So the whole speaking thing was rather new besides speaking to the guards or even a few patients, she stopped 'playing' and turned to the girl studying her closely, she didn't look insane but then again usually she herself didn't either, "I'm Mikan but around here people call me Momo or that insane girl, I'd prefer the first one though. What do they call you?" She holds her hand out, eyeing it carefully, as she thought, she was rusty as hell. "Sorry for my bluntness, I'm not used to new kids."
  10. The kindness in this girls voice set me back... After being thrown in here, it was nice to feel a sort of comfort. "I... uhh... They call me Terra but... I mainly get called Terror... Others are so afraid of me, always have been.." I mumbled.
    "Well you can't be that bad! And if you are, that's okay! We're going to get along veeerrry well!"
    I couldn't help but smile.. There was something so lovely about her.. Maybe it was her eyes or the calming tone of her voice.. Or hell, maybe it was solely because she was the only one brave enough to talk to me.

    *Mikan... oh how lovely...*
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  12. Rose looked up and smiled awkwardly...this isn't right...this isn't school. What is going on, a guy "Get Away!" she screamed at the top of her lungs in the break room as a man was walking by her. There was no acknowledgement to her although to her being that close meant he wanted to hurt her. Rose ran away towards a desk a girl was sitting there and she sat by the desk and cried. "I don't want you, get away, i don't like boys they have cooties!!" Rose said before mumbling that over and over again as she rocked herself on the floor. The room spinning memories flowing back, smells, the fear, the ruthless killing. Rose just cried out and continued to rock, which she did for the past two years she had been there. Ever since they found her...she was to far gone for her parents to control and they sent her here. Now her day consists of constant break downs and crying if there is a guy nearby.
  13. Terra looked over to the girl sitting on the floor. She was afraid, she thought. But who wouldn't be in a place like this. She carefully got up and walked over to the girl on the floor. She kneeled down to her height. "It's OK." She said in a calm voice. "He won't hurt you...not as long as I'm here."
  14. Rose looked over to her the tears still flowing but she stopped her muttering, she smiled and laughed she moved her hair to the other side of her face making it messy. "The blood it's did you do that" Rose said as she stared at the other girl, eyes wide open trying to find something. "The smell it doesn't smell anymore either and the visions how did you get it all to go away!" Rose said as she fell into the girl and cried.
  15. Terra held the girls as she landed on her. "I just gave you someone to believe in and trust...everyone needs someone like that." She hugged her and stroked her hair while whispering, "It's all OK now...everything is OK."
  16. "This is the new place you will be staying at now," Someone who was escorting her to the asylum spoke. He was leading the way, making sure she wasn't one of the crazy kids who would try and make a futile escape. When he was told to escort her, he did realize that she seemed to be perfectly normal. He couldn't seem to find anything out of place from her, besides the fact that she was at an age where she shouldn't be carrying a plush around with her.

    Setsuna had followed behind the man who was bringing her to her new 'home', and took a look around her surroundings. It seemed to look better than her previous: bigger, cleaner, etc., but she couldn't yet judge what it was like by appearance just yet.

    'This place looks nice', A voice spoke as she stayed silent and played with the wire connected to her headphones. By now, Setsuna had learned not to respond to the voices when others were around. She would listen to what they had to say, but she wouldn't reply to them. Especially not in public. When the man had brought her into the asylum, her ears were filled with screaming and shouting, making her cringe from the noise that overlapped with the voices.

    "Thanks," Setsuna said with a smile to the man who nodded at her and walked away to do whatever job he had to do next. Setsuna then continued to walk around as she came across a group of people and watched as she tilted her head.

    'You... You don't belong here...'
    'But you can hear us... Could it be?'

    'You were framed of being insane,' Several different, unfamiliar voices spoke while others just laughed hysterically and mocked her.

    "You're the people that died her at the asylum..." Setsuna said simply, not bothered as some voices spoke into her ear while others were from the distance, making it difficult for her to tell where they were coming from and whether it was someone alive or dead that was speaking to her.

    'Why don't you guys scram, since she's here, she's here. Quit bothering her why don't you' A voice coming from Setsuna's plush said in a threatening and low voice, making the others laugh in response and stop for the time being.

    "You didn't have to do that... Hazuki," Setsuna stated with a smile, as some people that passed by her, didn't acknowledge her and just shouted as they did what they always do in the asylum.

    'Yeah, well. Don't misunderstand. They were annoying me.' Setsuna only nodded as she looked around, while carrying her 480 page, half filled sketchbook in her right arm, while carrying her talking plush in the other.

    "I should get started soon, seeing the images in my head in their view... Is giving me a headache," Setsuna spoke as she rubbed the side of her head with a sigh.

    'Sometimes... your thought process freaks me out,' Hazuki spoke as she shrugged. 'You're a living person too you know. Just to remind you in cause youv'e forgotten.'

    "We already went over this in case you don't remember," Setsuna stated as she began to ignore his commentary and looked around the asylum with amusement.
  17. Mikan stops what she was doing and turns towards the door, "You guys might want to stand up, they're coming." she turns back around and closes her eyes, The doors burst open along with four men coming in, "Everybody back in their rooms please," Logan yells, everybody else left the room without another word while She stood still and stared at the desk, she began to do it again as she heard herself playing the song her mom used to whenever she got scared, "I won't repeat myself again Mikan, Move it!" He screamed in her ear, she looks over and stares him in the eyes, she spit in his face and smiled lightly, "I'm insane not deaf, yell in my ear again and I might just buy myself another 6 years," He wiped his face and smirked at Mikan, Gripping his hands around her hair she was yanked up and pulled towards the room, "I asked you nicely! Have fun in code room nasty bitch!" As she was thrown into the room she smiled at the other kids in here, "Momo?" She turned her head and smiled at the little girl in front of her, "Hey Kiki..."

    "W-why are you in here again?" She asked, furrowing her eyebrows, "I couldn't let you stay in here alone!" Mikan smiles and ruffles her hair, sitting down admiring the newly scraped knee's she began to chuckle, "Logan's a natural, I really took him as a better person then one of them too!" she smiles at Kiki as she sat down next to her, her expression still giving away her feelings, "Kiki, I'm fine relax! I'm just worried about the new kids! If someone starts shit, I won't be able to sop them!"
  18. Terra sat in her room.She was worried about that Mikan girl. From what she could figure out, the code room was an awful punishment room. she looked down at herself. The woman from earlier had given her new clothes to change into. She now wore olive green sweatpants, a black sweat shirt, and white orthopedic shoes with no laces. Still beats the straight jacket. She thought. She sighed and went through her bag. She found a book she had taken from her past asylum. It was her favorite thing in that whole place. However, it wasn't a book for reading. It was a sketchbook. An old patient had left it behind. It was filled with special drawings and such. She smiled and looked through it. "Thank God he let me keep you." she said aloud.
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  19. Setsuna had heard a commotion and watched as a girl had been forcefully taken to what they called a 'code room.' "Hm... The policy is quite different from the previous place," Setsuna mumbled to herself, remembering how her previous asylum had no order and let them wreak havoc as they pleased. Which was why she wasn't surprised as to how they closed down. When she saw a girl take out a sketchbook, she remembered what she had to do. I wonder if she draws too, Setsuna thought to herself as she walked over to an empty space in the room to sit down. She then took out a pencil and opened her sketchbook to draw instantly of someone committing suicide inside an isolated room, and smiled to herself as she began to hum to herself.
  20. Terra looked up. She saw a girl drawing in a sketchpad. She smiled at the girl. "Hi." She said. Just like daddy said...make some friends.