You can run, But you can't hide...

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    This is a werewolf rp where people who are werewolves must stay hidden or else be killed by the Hunters that search for them. They have hierarchy system like all wolf packs do. However, with this rp, one can play multiple characters so there's no set couple that's prearranged to fall in love. So it will be a surprise for you and I both and who our characters choose to end up to be with. The characters can be human, werewolf, or one of the hunters. To add a bit more flavor, we could always add one more supernatural creature to this as well if you wanted.

    - if you decide to quit, please let me know so I'm not waiting for a response that'll never come.
    - have decent grammer and be able to write more than just a few short sentences. No one-liners.
    - have fun!^^
    - also, there can be both mxf or mxm pairings
    - be able to play multiple characters
  2. ((I'm able to do all of this, and I like the idea! If you'll allow me, of course))
    ((I'm new to the 'first response' thread system, so excuse me if I was supposed to post anything else))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.