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      “No people to rule, but puppets to entertain the madness.”

      The line had arrived months ago, encoded and embedded within an image found at the click of an innocuous link. When it first arrived on the forum no one knew what to make of it. The image was vague enough, a mess of shade nebulously suggestive but otherwise unrecognisable as anything more. It was only a single line, but the data indicated something remained hidden within. A pattern, similar to the first but as of yet wholly undecipherable. After a few weeks most everyone had given up, some admitting to finding the picture oddly unsettling.
      The nightmares began one of two ways, though after they proceeded the same. A black shape at the door, its appearance indistinguishable beyond form. One was humanoid, tall but the amorphous jellied implication, movements spreading from it in sinuous feelers throughout a room draped in night. A third mere pillar of darkness, twin lights seeming to serve for eyes. Startled wakefulness followed, the interchangeable figures a retreating spot of void quickly fading from the mind. But where others would have been lost to mist, the memory remained along with the image. Something about it couldn’t be ignored, something that went beyond the idea of cryptic messages and half-perceived meanings within colour and form. When it appeared it was like a revelation had stepped into the room and in an upraised palm there lay more answers than its emptiness might convey.

      Everyone knew about the city of course, though few ever had seen it. When our forefathers thought to reclaim the planet it didn’t take long before they ran into the tin men and heard their stories of the sullied gem they had called home. But, in their hubris they wasted what glory they had built and were left wandering, transient nomads of the wastes. Unlike them, our Federation is strong. Already plans are in place to pierce the Murk that looms over all that the tin men had built. Even with the odd incursion by the metal beasts that lurk within the mists we will conquer it as our fathers conquered the skies above even while the planet burned below.

      Blood and strength will serve to pierce the veil and claim the knowledge those tin men left behind.

      Or so they like to say.

      Yet the talk has spread just as that mysterious image and the single line that spurred so much speculation. Already, scores of bodies have left their rural lives in the colonial settlements across the continent, every single one moving toward that brooding presence all had feared before now.

      Maybe its a fool’s errand.

      Or maybe they will find their dreams when they delve into the depths.
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  1. OOC thread?
    OOC thread.
  2. I'll get a CS up sometime this week when I finish reading the ridiculous quantity of information.
  3. Ah...I'm not sure I know enough to make a decent character. You said you'd put up something that we could get into without doing a ton of reading homework, so I haven't looked at the resources yet, but I'm confused...Is this a fantasy setting, or a more realistic one? Past, present, future? Is there a specific bit of the resources I should look at, maybe? (And you might want to include the info you put in the interest check for the sake of people who haven't seen it, or at least link there -- this thread doesn't say anything about the lovely setting you told us about. If I didn't know better I'd think this wasn't even the same roleplay. o_0)
  4. That's true. Without the interest check I would have assumed that this was a completely different RP. Actually, I'd probably have skipped over it completely due to lack of information.
  5. I've not quite finished rewriting the interest check stuff, it's not entirely accurate any more.
    Just wanted to try out the new thread creation dongle while I was more or less lucid enough to understand it.
    This is a future Earth setting, about five hundred years from right now, pseudo-medieval with the odd technological device.
    Think Phantasy Star.
  6. Ah, that's K then. Looking forward to it.
  7. Oh, okay. Should I wait until you've posted an updated version, then? I want to make sure my character fits the setting as closely as possible before I start meaningful work on it.
  8. I'll be done here in maybe a half hour or so.
    Sorry about all that, the update, brief bout of illness and the canon's constant evolution really throw a handful of wrenches into things.
  9. There, done.
    Time for some hot tea.