You can call me Sol.

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  1. So yeah. I guess I'll just get the basic things down first so I don't get lost here..

    I'm Solstice, you can call me Sol if you want or Stice or something. Its pretty much up to you guys.

    Taking a step back from the computer, my names Ignatius. I'ma pretty chilled dude, kinda in the anti-social in my school mainly because my english accent gives me a ton of attention here in the Philippines. I'd rather stay under radar so I end up on the quieter side of school. Writing my stories and talking about games to my two best friends who are actually cool guys. People say I'm mature from my age but I dunno. I always thought I was too immature. lol.

    I've done roleplaying before actually so I think I have the gist of it, but I'll still play safe for a little while.

    And now since I've nothing to say and I don't want to end this awkwardly, here's a photo of a kitten. Later!

  2. Hehe, well that's not awkward as a way to end a post, but I don't think you would've been too awkward anyway. You seem pretty neat to me, Sol! I'm sure we'll get along fine. me, I can relate on the 'too mature' yet feeling 'too immature' concept. I'm often told I act older than I am (or was), but ironically, my emotional stability is usually below my age in terms of how you'd think it. So...I dunno, it's hard to say. But anyway, trying to relate is failing here, so I'm gonna get back on track and just say...Welcome!
  3. Haha. Thanks for the encouragement June, I really appreciate it.

    Talking about being mature and whatnot, whenever my classmates usually answer out loud in class they joke about the question and when the teacher gets annoyed she picks me and I answer the question usually correctly my idiot classmates are all like "Bruh, take a chill pill. No need to be so uptight your like fourteen" and I look at them like wut. Because I honest to God think I'm childish. My two friends and I are like the only people who climb trees (something done very often by younger kids in the Phil.) while everyone is on their PSPs and stuff. lol.
  4. Hehe, I agree you're mature in the fact that you'd answer without making a joke, but I can see your general reasoning here, really. I think everyone is a bit mature and immature in their own ways though. Well, almost everyone. All I know is this quote may make you interested...I quote my teacher from when I was in high school:

    "The best thing about being an adult, is that you've generally gotten really good at being a kid."
  5. That actually makes a whole lot of sense to me.

    By the way, I don't sound too old right? I'm not even sixteen and I don't want to already start sounding like some old geezer or something like that. xD Hopefully my maturity shows to the point where I seem respectable but not technically sounding like a serious older man about twice my age. Haha.
  6. Hehe, you seem fine to me, but...I'm bad with ages. Seriously, I once mistook my therapist for being closer to my dad's age...But found out later she was the grandmother of someone I was in the same class as when I was younger! Then again...My older cousin who is nearing her forties now...Looks younger than I do, and I'm twenty. (she's seriously tiny. She's shorter than me, and I'm fairly short for a girl. Family trait from dad's side. Which of course skipped him.)

    But I'd say...Rather than worrying about how old/young you seem, just worry about being yourself, okay? That's more important!
  7. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

    Thanks again for the helpful/friendly advice. It's been quite nice to meet you. ^^
  8. The pleasure's been mine, Sol! I really do hope you'll enjoy your stay :)
  9. Well welcome to Iwaku, dear. We love all the mature and most of the immature folks in these parts so don't feel uncomfortable about it. :) You're already making a friend with another new comer so I'm pretty sure you wont have any issues making more! Please take time and ask questions if you need help, we're always willing to offer advice and so encouragement to fellow writers.

    Also, games are a plus. <_< Justsaying.