You better not be using any offensive words!

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  1. My (second) biggest WTF was that over any gender-specific word seems to be offensive. Don't use 'he' or 'she', use 'they' or 'it'? Saying "It likes red shirts" is less offensive than "She likes red shirts?" And you can't say the gender of your child by using 'son'/'daughter'?

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  2. Welcome to pc hell.
  3. It feels like some are simply grasping at straws at this point >.<
  4. I am tempted to start calling farmers diggers and see how long it takes for that word to become offensive..

    "Stupid diggers can't plow a field right.."
  5. Meanwhile in the staff office, we're calling guys girls and girls guys cause their avatars are confusing us. We're so offensive behind the curtains :D
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  6. You're Welcome!

    Anyway, on topic, I should start screwing around with this. It would be fun.
  7. Obligatory.

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  8. You should hear the inside jokes we have in Diana house! (not sure what she calls our home dwelling) I won't show you our special offensive secret handshake as i'd rather not have a Mermaid with a lazy eye after me..
  9. Entire app is excellent b8 m8 i r8 it 8 outta 8.
  10. I am offended that someone felt a program like this needed to exist in the first place.
  11. "boogeyman may be insensitive, use boogey instead" :rotfl:
    Welcome to the wonderful world of microaggressions, where there aren't enough big things to be offended at anymore so we comb through everything looking for scraps of material that some hypothetical person might possibly for some reason be offended by, no matter how nonsensical!
  12. Oh progressive stack, you will never hit an absolute low, will you? Down and down and down we go, where we stop, nobody knows.

    Until then, I'm a ferret otherkin transblack meatship sharing its body with the spirit of a Nebula and Captain Kirk's many ex-waifus. You may refer to me as Xer, you normal cis gendered shitlords. Also I'm sure I'm part Cherokee somewhere. If you refer to me by a gendered noun, you're obviously a patriarchal patriarch. Also, if any of you try to out-snowflake me, I'll upgrade to full on schizophrenia and invite as many voices into my head as possible. #killallwhitemen. #et cetera.
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  13. I identify as an A-10 Thunderbolt and Alex is offensive as it does not take into account my preferred pronouns.
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  14. So far the only truly offensive thing here is Brovo's avatar.. that moves so fast it makes me nauseous while trying to read.. Same for another member who has a rapid moving flash avatar and siggy..

    I can fix it though! I just have to eat everyone that moves to fast!
  15. Isabella Hime, Devourer of Worlds! XD
  16. I wish I'd still think of this as funny, but now it just kind of saddens me.

    I'd tell these snowflakes they're insane but that's probably what they want to hear.

    The victim-complex is real.
  17. It seems like satire to me.

    Although, it could be a case of satire being near indiscernible from something meant seriously.

    If you are oversensitive to such things, I think you should really take a time out to breath and relax before consuming anymore media.
  18. I wonder how these sensitive folks watch stuff like South Park..
  19. In full on offended rage mode in order to complain online about how racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. the latest episode was.

    That or they avoid such things because they know they're full of shit they aren't into. :P
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