You are what you read

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  1. Saw this article today and thought it had some pretty interesting points. I know that I've had this happen to me before, but it wasn't so much of my personality changing but the way my inner monologue changed. YEAH I TALK TO MYSELF IN MY HEAD DURING THE DAY SHUT UP. Or either it's had an effect on my posting style.

    I know that I've seen people (and maybe you have too), where when they find something they can identify with or find something/someone they like, they pick up their mannerisms and behaviors and become more like their new fixation than like themselves.

    So what do you think? Does reading effect who you are and how you think? Has it happened to you before or have you seen it happen to someone else?
  2. Wait, so I'm a history book?

  3. So anyone who reads group-RPs gets personality disorders?...

    hm...this explains a lot.
  4. That is why I want to be like Sherlock Holmes then e_e It explains...
  5. When I am reading a book (or sometimes with RPs) I tend to think 'What would that character do?' throughout the day. It's kinda weird thinking about what a fictional character would do then applying it to real life situations, but whatever : )
  6. Don't worry, Darkness. You'll learn to read someday.
  7. Hm. I'm not very sure about myself being similar to the people in the stories I read but I always find myself registering with the same sort of characters; cynical, down-on-his-luck and basically wants to stay out of everything but always gets dragged in. Has a dark side, but also an overpowering conscience that drives him to do things he regrets later on.
  8. Actually, it happens to me quite often.

    The way the story is written kind of implants itself into my head, tone, writing style and all, and so for a while I'm stuck in "story mode" until it just wears off and other things snap to my attention.
  9. I am not a damsel! (love you, Diana.)

  10. So, I'm a romantic prince.

    Wearing shining armor and defending off a dragon.

    Once defeating the dragon, I take my maiden's hand in marriage.

    Then, we ride off into the sunset on my beautiful white horse! =D
  11. That does apply to me in some extent, as I tend to pick up bits from the narrative style of the book I am reading at the time, and have to fight to maintain consistency as I switch between books. I also observed the characters affecting me when I was very young, but now that I have a more critical mind, I tend to indentify them as less and they do not influence me that greatly. Nowadays I am more defined by my own created characters.
  12. You tell me:

    Count of Monte Cristo
    Sci-Fi hall of fame volume A/B
    Altered Carbon
    Harry Potter
    Jane Eyre
    Great Expectations
    Philip K Dick's stuff