"You are what you eat" and other weird sayings!

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  1. Jacqueline

    "Holmes as much as I would love his assistance we need to make sure he is comfortable, okay? I don't want to force the poor boy to do anything he doesn't want to do." I approach Sakamoto and I press my hand to his cheek, giving out a breath of air as I tried to give him a small boost of energy as to make him feel better. I let him go then lazily drag my hand over my eyes as I sway slightly "We would really appreciate if you do help us. It'll be beneficial for the Reid's House, I promise."

    I turn towards Alexander "Also, Sherlock, be patient with the boy alright. I'm sure if we are nice to him he will help us out."


    I blush immensely as there is silence between us. I wish I wasn't so awkward. Shamefully I continue reading, my eyes doing what I wish they wouldn't have. They trace back towards Rinas face. She really was pretty. There was no getting past that. I am ashamed of myself now for not noticing it. I am also quite ashamed that I can't stop staring. I sigh softly and turn away from her her again


    "Maybe..." I chuckle to her as I stop twirling her around. Instead I kiss her forehead. "But I won't, because I'm not that much of a mean person." I chuckle softly "You seem really happy." I comment to her as I stroke her hair gently. "That's good. I like seeing you like this."
  2. Don't/never look a gift horse in the mouth. <_<
  3. Okay so just going over all the charries bios, it looks as if like err'body has met up already and thusly we should already know one another right? Sooooo... like i guess we need to figure out:

    ~how long have we been together?
    ~mutual/ongoing enemies?
    ~common goals vs. personal ones (like sub-plots^^)
    ~over-arching world plot and our group (like just mention it cuz no matter what we gunna get involved right? :33~)

    Also like I don't think these need to be full on writeups? Just like a sentence or two that we can flesh out IC'ly? IDK maybe just use answers as baseline and like tweak/adjust where we need?

    What ya thinks O,o??
  4. "Wow, you really screwed the pooch" "Rub some Windex on it" "You make baby jesus cry" "You make as much sense as a Atheist Priest." "A friend will bail you out of jail, a best friend will be sitting next to you, bitching about how great THIS is."

    Oh, and if anyone says this to me in real life, I usually go BERSERK.

    "It's in God's plan."
  5. That saying stemmed from the fact that whenever you buy a new horse, you always want to check the state of its health first. One of the indicators of a healthy horse is its teeth. However, you wouldn't want to check a FREE horse's health because a.) it's rude and b.) it's a FREE HORSE, don't question it.

    *goes back into the hole she's made for herself in insanity*
  6. Quinn | Reid Mansion Lobby

    Interactions: Tegan & Itzlie @Alex

    I can't think much further on the idea of telling Tegan the truth. I just nod; although I promise to tell her everything, the hesitation continues to pull at my gut. No, Quinn. You're not going to flake out and be a coward. No more running from your damn problems.

    Not again.

    When Itzlie comes up and admits that she doesn't know what's going on with Carrie, I shift a little in place. Should I tell her? I mean, I'm 99.9% sure that Carrie had transferred my injury to her, so she's basically sporting a fractured rib or two. And...didn't she leave just now? On foot?

    Guilt seizes me.

    She's literally suffering for me and I'm just standing here, crying over my own troubles. God...have I always been this selfish? Yeah, I have. Why am I even asking that? It's freaking obvious. For as long as I've been on my own, I've only ever had myself to care about. Everyone else's well-being and feelings used to be a liability. A burden. An obstacle. But now? I...crippity crap my freaking luck, man. I actually have people I care about. I've gotta start doing better--starting now.

    I look at Iztlie and Tegan apologetically. "My apologies. I'm aware you're responsible for monitoring our presence, Itzlie but..." I look towards the front entrance. The same one that Tegan and I foolishly destroyed, directly putting everyone in danger...

    I turn towards the exit, prepping to high-tail out of there in hyper-speed. I know how freaking reckless I'm being right now. My mind is a mess and it's likely that I'll switch over at any second. But screw it--Carrie doesn't deserve to suffer alone. That woman is the closest thing I've come to see as a mother figure.

    ((...sentimental Quinn))

  7. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

    I like this one. It's like: Don't be greedy and be happy with what you got at the same time....sorta. idk, thats how I look at it anyway.
  8. ....I hate that saying so much. D:< It annoys the crap of me, makes me want to beat someone up. My step mom says that a lot. I HATE IT. D< I could say a lot more about this, but I'm not... That'll be a long post... >>;
  9. Well, lemme think of some. Probably not very weird ones, though... -_-

    "A rose stuck in cow dung." - Some ugly smug trying to get lucky with hot chick.

    "Pot calling a kettle black." - The guilty labeling another as so.

    "Ugly words put in the front." - A way of saying, "Let me make it clear first."

    "Hanging up one's appetite." - Make one's mouth watery, or leaving one in suspense.

    "From afar, she's a beauty. In close-up, she's a banshee." - I think it's clear enough what this means... lol

    And the rest have obvious meanings.

    "A bad word whispered will echo a hundred miles", "A bad worker quarrels with his tools," "A bad workman blames his tools," "A fall into a ditch makes you wiser," "A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind,"

    and get this one:

    "A country where flowers are priced so as to make them a luxury has yet to learn the first principles of civilization."
  10. One that has always irritated me just a bit it "You can't have your cake and eat it too".
    What else was I going to do with my cake? >(
    I know where it comes from, which makes more sense, a phrase where the verbs are reveresed - "Would you eat your cake and have it too?" essentially, but in its current state it just bugs me.
    [/end rant]
  11. OOOOH I do hate that one too!


    "Blind leading the blind"
  12. “Not really interested.”
  13. Anya pull him closer to her.
  14. Winnifred

    “Of course I trust you...” I blush brighter “I mean you are pretty much my best friend...” hesitantly I take his hand in mine and I squeeze it gently “Saka I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me. I don’t. Just think of this as if we are still just that. Best friends. It’s just that...we give each other little kisses. We hold each other’s hand from time to time. But we can still snuggle without worry. We can tease each other mercilessly.” I smile at him gently “Just...er...don’t ever feel like that I am uncomfortable around you when you try to show affection. I’m not.” I give his hand yet another little squeeze “We are just best friends who like to be a little more lovey dovey.”


    “I’ll get writing later. I’m too lazy as of right now.” I inform him with a droopy smile as I exaggerate a yawn. “Marketing isn’t too hard Holmes...” I mutter through another exaggerated yawn, which makes my eyes water and a smile on my face grow present.

    “Jack swore that little Goliath was going to stay little forever. We went over not too long ago and boy did he get big. Nice pit bull mix, so surely enough the dog was ripped. Still a cuddler though, barely let Jack walk him”


    Jackie I swear to God if you dare say a word! Don’t you DARE!

    I chuckle softly at his thoughts. Oh poor Jackie. “Nothing. He thought you would be a reliable person, that’s all. He could see how trustworthy you looked.” I didn’t want to say anything else because it would embarrass the both of us.


    (I’ve got my eye on you...wait I blinked. Crap crap let me start over..)

    I smirk at her. I knew that would work. I rest the book between us and I open to the last page we were on “Maybe I could just...read to you?” I suggest slowly “I mean...you could get cozy and I could read out loud for the both of us. That way we don’t have to worry about getting too crowded or losing out spot.”


    I scoff “I didn’t even realize I had a cuddly and bright side.” I smile sweetly at her. She really would be the only person I would ever act this way around. I don’t know if she’s totally aware of this or not. “Oh...I’m glad I could do that for you.” I kiss her head gently. I am sort of starting to worry that there may be an underlying factor to her I don’t know about. I know i make her happy but I am concerned that she may not have been before I was here. That makes me wonder if something was going on with her family. She mentioned something earlier but cut herself off
  15. Oh and one I seem to use too often "Getting one's ducks in a row."
  16. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

    Why would you lead the horse through a forest or whatever to give it water when you have a perfectly fine water system at your HOUSE?!
  17. Well there are a few that I love like: "Paint the town red" and "Read between the lines". They are just awesome.
  18. "Bite the bullet."

    "Not listening to old man's tales would bring regret before your eyes."

    "Eating filthily, grow up filthily."

    "Time waits for no one."

    "Playing harp to a bull."

    "When a man is full, his family is, too."
  19. "(Person or group) were on that like a fat kid on a cupcake"