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    Emerson Adéle McPrince

    Was it bad that a seventeen year old girl wanted love? She just wanted to say that she had someone for herself and that someone loved her. Maybe that was just too much to ask since the world already seemed to hate her enough. The last days she went on, resulted in the guy crying cause she called his baseball car collection stupid, and the date before that...ugh, let's just not be reminded of that travesty. Sighing to herself softly Emerson grabbed all her milk chocolate hair into a huge bunch and pulled it into a messy bun watching as some strands fell out. Late, she was already twenty minutes late to her date and it was all because dressing herself seemed to be the hardest thing ever.

    She had a cute little dress on, then she realized she had to shave her legs so when she did, shaving cream got all over her top and when she tried to fix it...she ended up making it worse so that outfit hadn't worked. And it's been forever since she decided to do laundry so nothing else clean was available so it was off to her mom's closet. Pulling out an old pair of her skinny jeans she just moved a tank top and a cardigan ver that then slipped on a pair of converse. Yeah she wasn't the prettiest and now it showed big time since her hair was a tangled and unbrushed mess and her outfit was okay, but the jeans had ripps and white paint splatters all over the place since these used to be her moms painting jeans.

    Great, now she was late and she looked like crap...could this day get any worse. Maybe that's why she couldn't keep a relationship...cause she couldn't even maintain clean laundry.

    Walking down the street to get to the cafe she was meeting Derek at Emerson smiled softly at the thought of him. He had been looking at her for a while now and in fact, her friends were the people who convinced her to go on this date in the first place. Looking up she waited for the waking man to appear and when he had showed his little white body she broke out into a sprint hoping that Derek hadn't left yet, but it was when her body came to a hault that she really looked at her surroundings, she was about to run clear smack face into a pole and as she was recovering from that almost embarrassment, Emerson found her eyes shifting over to the eyes of another girl who hard her arm wrapped around someone else, a female to be precise.

    Her hair was so short and she just screamed punk rock, but her eyes...her eyes were gorgeous. Emerson hadn't even caught herself staring as she slowly stopped all walking just to get a better look at her, she was just so--


    "Move outta the way will ya!" The sound of the car horn and A strong voice yelling at her slowly made her come back from La La Land. Emerson found herself blushing as she was back on her merry way to the cafe biting her lower lip as she began to think about how she was goin to handle this.

    Hopefully the guy hadn't cried this time.
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  2. Fayde had been in deep conversation about movies when a blur sped across the background of her conversation. She readjusted her gaze and watched as the girl stopped herself just in time to not walk into a pole. The idea of it made her laugh. And this made her, er, friend stop talking and turn to look. Fayde watched the girl in the cross walk as their eyes locked and gave her a wink, which was accompanied by a playful smirk.

    Fayde did not that that she would ever unsee that moment again. The wild, reckless style of dress was enough to make her drool, but the way the girl had looked at her was burned on to her mind. Fayde watched her leave, the smile never leaving her lips, and she wanted to go after the girl, but her friend was not going to have any of that. "Hey! Brat, I'm talking to you!" pulled Fayde from her day dream, and the sheepish smile that Fayde gave was met with a hard smack to her arm.

    "You hungry?" Fayde asked, moving their conversation on to something else. Her friend nodded and off they went, toward the cafe down the street.
  3. "Hello earth to Emerson" Derek had shoved a hand in her face and she jumped back sighing as she realized that it was just him. Okay two things one, this date was going amazingly and two...that girl was burned in her mind. That wink and that smirk, was that her girlfriend...wait what if she wasn't even gay. But she had to be that girl was looking at her as if the world revolved around her and so was she. "Okay you zoned out again, what happened?" He asked his voice a little deep with jealousy and she smiled shaking her head as she pushed a strand of hair out of her face. The cafe was beautiful especially when you say outside and took in the scenery, and it was as if Derek knew exactly where she spent her time or her friends told him to take her here.

    The little witches, they probably set up this whole thing and just let Derek attend the date. Because other than having her favorite spot with her favorite seat, he also had her favorite flowers, a combination of lilies.

    It was sweet but at the same time irritating, he couldn't think on his own to find out through trial and error what he favorite things were like a normal relationship but instead asked her friends and just followed what they said. "Oh no, I'm sorry I just had an eventful morning that led to me looking like crap" she said chuckling into her cup of coffee as her mind already shot back to the winky playful smirk girl. She was probably just messing with her anyways, her...whoever that was on her arm was to gorgeous so that would be a major downgrade.

    "Cough cough! I said no, you look beautiful...even when you don't even try you look beautiful" he grabbed her hand kissing her knuckles softly and she saw it, it was that girl kissing her hand not him. Blinking her eyes rapidly she breathed out sliently when she saw that it was just Derek looking up at her with a schoolboy grin. "Thanks always know how to make a girl feel special" she said her voice soft as she tried to recall what just happened. Maybe it was just the heat getting to her.
  4. Fayde walked her friend into the cafe, making sure to open the door for her. They walked in and ordered food, then went to sit out on the patio. When she opened the door back up, Fayde watched as Pole-girl was talking with a handsome young man that looked like he was the on the football team at the local high school. Fayde searched a moment longer, trying to catch the girls eye, but didn't hold the moment long, as her friend was pulling her toward another table, it wasn't too far from Pole-girl, but Fayde had her back to them. The woman leaned on her elbows, and placed her chin in her hands, looking at the girl in front of her. "You know, you could be less demanding," Fayde prodded with a teasing voice. Her thick Australian accent evident in that moment, and she spoke loud enough for Pole-girl to hear her.

    With the way the girl had looked at her before, and the feeling it left in Fayde, there was no way that they didn't have a connection. And Fayde was one hell of a tease.
  5. It was perfect, he was perfect, and winky playful smirk-girl was out of her head as she laughed and joked around with Derek loving the way the sun just seemed reflect off his smile. He might be it, he actually might be the guy he got to call hers. Yeah it was pretty early but she had always had a crush on him and he was always looking her way so it could be, maybe their love story could be a love at first sight one. Smiling softly she picked up her coffee again taking another sip until she heard a loud australian accent not to far away from her.

    "You know you could be less demanding" Emerson bit her lip and felt herself turning around with curiosity and found herself in a trance once more. It was the back of her head and yet she still felt a knot in her stomach. Maybe it was her presence that made her feel this way, as soon as she seemed to get the attention of her lady friend Emerson quickly made her way back to her own table as Derek looked up from his phone curious. "What's wrong see a ghost" her smile, it was her smile sitting in front of her blinking hard all she saw was a Derek raising one eyebrow at her as he questioned her sudden weirdness.

    "I'm sorry I thought I saw someone, you know I read somewhere that when you wink at someone on your first meeting its destined to make them think about you" She said loud enough for winky-girl to hear her as she pulled that fact from no where just trying to get her attention. "Oh really that's cool, maybe I should start winking at you more" she chuckled and leaned back in her chair as she pulled her hair out of his bun and replaced it with a new one her mind already falling back into the patterns of thinking about the girl that was juat a couple of feet away from her.
  6. Fayde dropped her head, hiding the laughter in her eyes. She was trying as hard as she could not to act up. It was in her nature, though, and soon it was going to happen. At this rate, soon was coming up fast. Her conversation with the "Lady Friend" consisted of glares and snide comments disguised as one thing or another. This was their third date, and it seemed that things just weren't going to work out. Which, as it happened, was fine with Fayde.

    When their food came out, the Lady Friend asked for hers in a doggy bag and then got up and left. Fayde was left at the table, a large grin on her face. Fayde listened to the conversation that Pole-girl was having, and was dying of laughter at the awkward, flirty comments the boy friend was trying to make sound cool. She whispered to herself "I'll have to wink at you more often," and had to grip her table to keep from falling out of her chair.

    She ate her food quietly, enjoying the sandwich she had ordered. It felt almost like Dinner theater, only there was no acting, just odd highschoolers.
  7. God, this girl was getting under her skin....her laugh was just, perfect. Smiling at her infectious laughter Emerson felt a few chuckles passing through her own lips as she held her hand over her mouth trying to hide it. "Um Emerson, what are you laughing at, is there something on my face" he started wiping at his mouth and she rolled her eyes recalling the voice of the girl that had been seen with winky face. "Childish and annoying, looking at every girl but me" she heard the soft mumbles and felt her glare as she passed by them. Honestly, was it bad that she felt a bit of happiness that the girl had finally left.

    Geez Em, get it together you're on a date with a great guy...with a flirtatious and beautiful eyed girl behind you.

    Breathing in deeply a her thought she knew she was acting weird, so she just needed some time in the 'powder room' standing up from her table she gave Derek a small smile. "I gotta use the little girls room, just box my food up so we can head to the movies" she said and he smiled brightly at her once more saying something that she didn't quite register, once she saw he was looking back down at his phone Emerson smirked and walked by Winky face to reach the bathroom but not without a few words. "You know it's not polite to laugh at my date" she said as she kept walking but quickly turned giving her a wink and her own playful smirk as s
  8. Fayde almost chocked on the bread in her mouth. She chewed and swallowed, downed her drink and threw a fifty on the table. She got up and walked briskly into the building and bee lined for the bathroom. God, if this girl was hers, she wouldn't have got away that easy. Pushing into the bathroom, Fayde surveyed the room once before moving in. She placed herself behind Pole-girl and looked at her through the mirror. She didn't say anything, not yet. The taller woman waited a few heartbeats, wanting to see how Pole-girl was going to react before she stepped forward and leaned over her, resting her palms squarely on the counter, her head on Pole-girls shoulder.

    Once she had her trapped, Fayde turned her head and pressed her nose into the girls hair, taking in the scent of her shampoo and natural musk. She had a scent that lulled Fayde to do more, but Fayde wasn't a molester. In this moment, Pole-girl would have been able to smell the thick Axe body spray that she wore, which did little to cover her natural irony scent.

    In another moment, Fayde had moved away, she turned to walk out the door with a simple, "Call me." Which might have sounded odd, if not for the tan business card that was resting on the counter. One side just had the words Fayde Ought etched into the card in a fancy script. On the other side was her information, and her professional title, she was a professional cleaner.
  9. Okay she needed to calm down, that girl is nothing special...she's just a person that you'll probably never see again. Biting her lip she looked at herself in the mirror and before she knew it winky face was right behind her looking at her through the mirror. Her throat went dry as she tried to make some sarcastically hilarious comment but found that no words were coming from her mouth. No, she shouldn't have this effect, they just met why did she feel so attracted to her.

    Emerson SHES A GIRL! You're a girl, like your mom would ever let that happen, let alone your dad.

    "Look you gotta g-" finally when she was able to form words it was the exact opposite of what she was thinking but before she could even think to push the girl away she was caught between her and the counter and felt her breath in her neck. Then she felt her nose in her hair and smelled here scent. God did she smell intoxicating, biting her lower lip a bit harder Emerson tried to find her way out of this predicament but before anything could happen winky face pulled away with two simple words that caused her heart to skip three or four beats. "Call me" it was confusing to he at first but when she looked back down she saw a business card and a smile came to her face as she ran out of the bathroom before the girl could disappear and walked past her briskly turning to give her a small smile.

    "Nice meeting you winky face--sorry I meant to say Fayde" she loved the way her name felt in her tongue. Letting her teeth latch in her lower lip once more she quickly turned away from her and before had a chance to pull any more of her tricks she was out the door and pulling Derek towards the movie theater dropping the money on the table.
  10. Now, Pole-girl was looking for trouble. Fayde strolled to the door and out on to the sidewalk. She watched them leave and took out her phone. She snapped a picture of Pole-girl when she wasn't paying attention and casually began to walk after them. She kept her distance, so that she didn't raise alarm, and played with her phone.

    Fayde sent the picture to a friend of hers and asked him to find out who the girl was. With luck, Fayde wouldn't need anymore than a name. With luck, she would get a call by the end of the night. But, Fayde wasn't one to just go home and wait by the phone, no, she was much more excited to go watch a movie and fantasize about sitting in Boy Friend's place.

    Fayde wandered here and there as she walked, she looked into store windows, and even popped into one to buy a new pair of sunglasses, keeping herself as "face in the crowd" as she could. If Pole-girl looked back, she didn't want to be seen immediately.
  11. Emerso was just day dreaming about her, God her name and everything about her was just--she wanted more, she needed more from that girl. It's hilarious when you think about everything that could happen in roughly twenty minutes. Cause in her last twenty minutes she found someone attractive, someone she was attracted to and that someone definitely wasn't a guy. "Hey Em, you're doing that thing where you ignore me again" he held her hand in his hand and intertwined their fingers and she looked up at him with a small chuckle as she shook her head. "I'm sorry, I know I've been horrible, it's just my mind has been asking why you of all people decided to spend the day with boring ol' me"

    Of course that was made up on the spot but whatever, she was thinking that when she got ready. As they neared the movie theater he smiled and pulled her to him and planted a soft kiss on her lips before he pulled away leaving her flushed. "You aren't boring, you're extraordinary" he said softly as he pulled her to by the tickets and pulled her into the movie theater to watch some dumb horror movie about old people and such. As they got their snacks and sat down in the third to last row Emerson felt her cheeks go pink once more as his lips connected with her neck before the movie even started. "I'm sorry you're perfume just smells so...intoxicating"

    And no surprises guess where mind went, and guess who she wished was doing this to her instead of Derek. "Okay stop lover boy...let's watch the movie, I mean you already got me here"
  12. Her friend got back to her with a name and a phone number for Pole-girl. Fayde smiled and copied it into a contact as she bought a ticket and walking to the theater, getting a bag of popcorn along the way. She walked in as the words "Lover Boy, you already got me in here" were said. She grinned and sat a few rows ahead of them, snuggling into her seat and putting her feet up. She had a mad thought and pulled out her phone. Ads were still rolling on the screen, so she had a moment. Fayde's fingers skittered over the screen of her phone, typing out the message "Scary movies were invented for makeouts - you didn't know?" And pop, off it went to Pole-girl, who would have got it just a few seconds later.

    Fayde took a handful of popcorn and began to eat it as the opening credits rolled for the movie.
  13. Derek eventually found his hand into the popcorn as she got a text message that quietly vibrated on her leg. She had told everyone that she was going to be out so it must have been pretty important if they been texting her now. Looking at her phone she dimmed the brightness and unlocked her phone so that she could get a clear view of the text. "Scary Movies weren't inverted for make outs- you didn't know" and it was as if she recognized the number immediately since she had started at the card that was given to her and memorized that number, as if she needed to it to live...and at this point she had.

    But quick question, how the hell did she even get the number to her phone. Looking down at the text once more she tried to find out where she was and quickly let her fingers glide across the screen as she typed a reply a small smile still resting on her face. "Yeah and cell phones weren't invented to stalk people, how did you even know I was at a scary movie, or better question, how did you get my number" why was she still smilin, this was scary...someone got her number,, and she hadn't even given it out.

    "I hope I'm the reason you're smiling so hard" he whispered into her ear and she remembered that she was on a date. Why was she on a date? Silently whining at the thought Emerson looked over at him and rolled her eyes playfully putting her finger over her lip as she mocked a librarian telling loud children to quiet down.
  14. Fayde checked her phone and chuckled. She had a few things she could say, but the movie was playing and it was actually interesting, so the message went unanswered. Fayde watched and ate her popcorn, relaxing more into her seat. In no time, the woman had actually fallen asleep in her, rather, odd position. Fayde had always had an uncanny ability to find the strangest place to sleep, get comfy, and then nap there until she was told her scram. Her popcorn was only about half gone, and she was snoring softly. There weren't a whole lot of people in the theater, so no one tried to wake her up.
  15. The movie was still stupid to her, and they didn't accomplish anything unless you count making her afraid of old people an accomplishment. Sighing her eyes traveled down to her phone as she waited and waited for a text to come, never came. Did she do that on purpose? Great why was she even thinking about her she was on a date. Trying to get herself back into the swing of things Emerson turned off her phone completely and laid her head on Derek's shoulder and tried to erase the image of her winky face acquaintance that was just sitting there in her mind.
    "How could you hate it! It was the perfect amount of scary and amazing" Derek explained to her as he stood up and she followed right after him holding there popcorn in her hand. "It was just stupid, and I hate scary movies...sometimes the plot is broken and you always get stupid characters" she explained to him and watched everyone file out except on figure that just seemed to be laying there. "Hey Derek I'm gonna go and wake that person up, since that looks like the most uncomfortable position ever." He nodded his head and she walked over to what seemed to be the sleeping figure and halfway there her stomach began to knot up and as she arrived to the sleeping figure a smile ended up on her face.

    Why are you smiling?! This is weird!

    Shutting her mind off she reached into winky face's popcorn and grabbed a handful and with a smile bent down and whispered in her ear. "Fayde wake up...the movie is over" being this close to her caused her heart to start beating rapidly as breathed in and was instantly filled with the memories of the bathroom and the intoxicating smell of whatever she was wearing. "Come on winky face, get up before you have neck problems" her voice was soft as she placed her hand on the girls head combing through her soft hair. Okay yeah, this was the best way to forget about her Emerson.
  16. Mmm, there was that voice again. A soft lull that sounded like a lute being played. It was kind and careful and something that Fayde definitely wasn't dreaming about. The taller woman shifted a little bit, lifting her hand to catch the one that was in her hair. She pulled that small wrist to her lips and laid upon it, a light nip. It wasn't painful, but it should elicit a blush. "Hmm, wake me up like that form now on, will ya?" Asked the sleepy creature. She pulled her feet down from the other chair with a thud and stood up, only then did she remember she was still holding on to the girl.

    Letting go in a lazy manner, she tucked her hands in the pockets of her jacket. "Wanna walk out together? I mean, you did just molest my head while I was sleepin'." Fayde grinned and lifted one hand to rud sleep out of her eye, she tilted her head a little, and tried to look as adorable as a woman littered in tattoos could.
  17. Her hand, God she needed her hand back before anything happened, and before she knew it she felt a small nip on her wrist and a small blush on her face arise. Thank god the theater was still a bit dim so that it couldn't be seen. "Wake me up like that from now on, will ya" Emerson bit her lip chuckling softly as she watched the girl stand up and let her hand go. She felt a small emptiness but ignored it as she looked up at Derek who was looking back at her waiting for her to hurry. "Well I don't think I could wake you up like that since we don't live in the same house, and I might have to rain check you on that know since I'm still on a date"

    She wanted to, God she wanted to so bad as she pulled her arms back by her side so Fayde hadn't gotten any more ideas to cause her cheeks to heat up. Emerson looked up at Derek who looked down at her with a confused face and she knew he was about to come down until she stopped him. "I would love to though don't get me wrong I just....can't"
  18. Fayde looked up at the kid she was with, for the first time getting a really good look at him. "Awh, alright then, get outta here," She said, and waited for Emerson to move so she could get out into the main isle. Fayde waved them off as they walked out of the theater and then walked out herself. In her head, she was kicking herself.

    "C'mon, how much could this girl actually be into you? Damn, Fayde, get your head out of your ass, and call Sam back, she might be up for something," The woman thought as she moped out of the movies and toward the bus stop. She needed to go home, take a cold shower, and get ready for work. This was all stupid. She needed to leave the kid alone and focus on something else. And that would be easy to do, if she hadn't pulled her phone out to check the time and saw that text message there, still waiting to be replied to.

    Fayde right mind seemed to leave her all over again, and she gave the message a swift reply, "I have ways." and off the reply went. Fayde got on to the bus with a large, sly grin on her face.
  19. Feeling a buzz in her pocket she smilied pulling out her phone and quickly sent a reply. "Well maybe I'll find to find out one of those ways" her smile was huge on her face as she looked up at Derek who was looking down on her upset. "Em, you've been ignoring me this whole time, is there someone else or are you just--" her smile fell as she bit her lip looking at him fully. "No that's no it at all...I'm sorry I'm just so nervous, it's just been an honor spending this time with you..." Lies, she was just lying to him so simply but what she was supposed to say?!

    I met a girl and she's made me feel something that happens over a period of years in one whole day.

    "Em look at me..." They were right in front of her door and her head was down as he placed his finger under her chin forcing her to look up at him. "You're perfect and I really like you, a lot...I just felt like it was my fault and you were just...not really yourself today" no she wasn't herself, she was happier than her normal self.

    But before she knew it his lips were on hers and he was kissing her like she was fragile. She wanted it to be her, so she could someone be so horrible. Emerson imagined her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and let him kiss her with a bit more roughness. Pullin away she blinked herself out of her fantasy and pulled away scared.

    "B-bye Derek" she mumbled softly and ran back into her house, why me?
  20. Fayde was in the shower when she heard her phone ring with the message alert. She turned off the water and stepped out, letting herself air dry as she read the text. "Maybe. Did Boy Friend leave yet?" she asked then set down her phone. She grabbed a towel for her hair and began to dry it out as she looked in the mirror, looking hard at herself. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes sparkling. This was something that hadn't happened to her since her first kiss back in middle school. And then it was puppy love, but this was something better.

    Fayde scrubbed at her hair, making sure it was dry before she tossed to towel back on the rack and wandered into her bedroom. She dressed for work, keeping it simple in a grey button down and black leggings. The outfit made her look invisible in the dim lit room, which was what she was looking for. Fayde donned her boots, grabbed her jacket and walked back out of the house, it was dusk now, and her whole street looked dead.
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