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  1. Ethan's Character~
    Name: David Peterson

    Appearance: [​IMG]David is tall and strong, his eyes are an almost black kind of blue and they turn red when he is thirsty. His hair is pitch black and his skin is pale
    Personality: He seems calm and collected at first sight, but if you get to know him better you know he has a short temper and the urge to just kill things if they annoy him. David can be cruel, but he is also reasonable. He does things because he enjoys them and he doesn't mind if one or two people get hurt in the process

    My Character~
    Name: Angel Love
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    angel is small, like 4'11" Her eyes are bright purple. Blond hair, reaches her sides.She is a little weak.
    Personality: She is very shy, but how she walks and talks she seems like she is confident/ not shy. She is also jumpy. She likes to help people, and doesn't like to hurt or kill things.
  2. Dave was just sitting in his enormous livingroom when two of his slaves walked in. "My lord" They said and bowed. "We found her." Dave was on both legs the moment the word 'her' came out of the slave's mouth. "Bring her to me right now!" He commanded and the slaves walked away quickly, only to return later with a small blonde girl. Her hands were tied behind her back and she had a gag in. They put her down on her knees and David walked around her with great interest. She was just perfect. He crouched down before her and lifted her chin up, forcing the girl to look at him. "Do you know why you're here? You know what I am gonna make it clear for you okay?" He smirked, she was probably perfectly aware of why she was here with him, he just wanted to rub it in a bit. "As you can see, I have a lot of money, something your parents didn't have. The borrowed some of mine, promising me I would get every penny back. But..." He shook his head and clicked his tongue. "They didn't did they? They couldn't pay me back. So, I needed to find out if they could in maybe, other ways." He looked at her purple eyes, that was an unusual colour. "You're my property now Angel. I can do everything I want with you"
  3. Angel blinked as she was bought in. She didn't want to go near that monster. She closed her eyes tightly as she looked down. She was so worried. She hoped her family was okay. She then gasped s she went onto her knees. She looked to the side, not wanting to even look at this guy. She was taken away from her family, of course she is mad. She looked to the side, but then her chin was grabbed. She had to glance at him. She looked at him and glared. She was so wanting to yell at him for so many reasons, but there was a gag that prevented it. SHe knew she had a rare eye color, she was told that she had the rarest blood and some genes, whatever that means. She heard the last part it made her heart race, there was no possible way for that to be true. She didn't want to become a slave... She gulped, trying to move her head out of his hands. She hated this. She wanted to try to run,again.
  4. He saw her struggle and chuckled at that. "I wouldn't try escaping. You're here to pay off your parents debt, you're their only hope. If you manage to ecsape, I will have to kill them." He said it like he was talking about the weather. He saw her fear in those pretty eyes and he knew what she was fearing for. She didn't want him to be able to do everything with her that he wanted, which was obvious. "Don't be afraid my dear, you'll function just as a maid around the house and if I grow a liking for you then I might by accident let some hands wonder places." He smirked and kept hold of her chin firmly. "I know that you hate me honey" David stood up and gestured the slaves to bring her away. They pulled her up the stairs and into a room. It was a pretty room, with the softest carpet mankind ever made and a big fourpost bed
  5. Angel didn't know what to do. She wanted to be free. Hearing his words she tensed. She shook her head ,why kill them? Angel gasped as she felt he standing up. Angel knew she hated him. She just hoped he wouldn't like her because she have never been touched like that before. She sighed and as soon as she was put into the bedroom. She frowned and tried to untie herself. She groaned and looked around. She just wanted to have this gag out of her mouth and her ropes off her hands. She almost screamed as she got rope burn. She hated this. She k new she was not going to enjoy this new life.
  6. David walked upstairs and heard the sounds of her struggling. He took the key out and unlocked the door, walking in. "They forgot to untie you, how rude of them" He stood tall behind her and took of her robes along with her gag. He did keep hold of her hand, preventing her from going anywhere. "You smell amazing" He whispered into her ear. "Makes me want to suck you dry, but that would be a giant shame"
  7. Angel just looked up as she heard sounds from the door. She realized it was him. She gulped and then she watched as she looked and saw that he was untying her. She gasped and rubbed her mouth. She was so thirsty." Thank you " she whispered. But then gasped as she heard him. She moved her hair to cover her neck. She didn't want to die. She shook her head and said " Please don't kill me " She was so hoping she wasn't gonna die. But he can drink from her but not a lot. She just didn't want know how it feels.
  8. "I am not going to kill you" He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. "I wouldn't dare damage the beautiful flower that is you" He whispered again and smiled. "Why don't you get some sleep, the bed is very comfortable" David let go of her again, leaving her standing there terrified. "I will see you soon enough" And with that he closed and locked the door, locking her in her comfortable cell.
  9. Angel was so scared. She tilted her head and frowned. She was scared. She felt him pull her closer. She gasped. She was slowly her breathing. Angel was so hoping not to get hurt. She gulped and tensed as she hear him. She didn't know howbsick he was. She closed her eyes tightly and soon she was left alone. She headed to the bed. She yawned and closed her eyes. Soon she fell she was sleeping she was shaking because she was scared
  10. David went to his office to fix some things and checked if everything was still going smoothly with his business. The people of this town knew he was a vampire so they all tried there hardest to have nothing to do with him, but afcourse some failed. The parents of Angel were an amazing example. But he rather have such a pretty girl by his side then have all the money back. It was just a win win situation for him.
  11. Angel was just sleeping. She was having a nightmare of what might happen. She closed her eyes and frowned. She started moving while she slept but soon enough she sat up and fixed her bed. She looked into a mirror andfixed her hair
  12. David walked around the house, ordering his slaves what to do. He then went upstairs to check on his new toy. He opened the door and walked in without a warning. "Morning Angel, ready to start your first day in your new life? Because I am" He stood uncomfortably close to her and held her hand. "Do you want to have some fun first?" He asked seductively
  13. Angel gulped as she saw him. He didn't know what to do. She felt her heart pounding. She soon gasped and blushed as she heard him. She went to move as far away as she can. She smiled looking up she shook her head and said " no please " she blinked. " I would like to keep my virtue "
  14. "that's a shame, get dressed" he ordered her and sat in a chair. "Don't be shy, I am just watching nothing else' he smirked and crossed his legs. He watched her fascinated
  15. Angel blinked seeing he stopped. She rolled her eyes. She then blushed and hearing him " excuse me?" She asked. She shook her head " I don't see what to get dressed in to and I don't want to change in front of you " she shook her head and sighed. She sat on the bed. And her hand glided onto the bed frame. Bhr suddent ice started to form around it. She gasped and stood up. What was that? Did the vampire do any tricks? She glared at him and said " stop messing with me "
  16. "there is an uniform in your closet" he said simply and frowned when she formed ice, because he didn't do anything. He bolted up and grabbed her collar. "how did you do that" he hissed
  17. Angel was shocked. She honestly didn't know. She shrugged and gasped as her collar was grabbed. She didntvknow " I don't know honestly " she gulped she she looked up. She tried to struggle free.
  18. He let her go. "fine, I'll find out. Now get fucking dressed or I will do it for you!" he sat back down in his seat, looking absolutely pissed. It was terifying and that was what he was going for. "and you don't want me doing that I swear"
  19. Angel gasped for air as she was sy down. She nodded and gulped. She was freaked out to. She didn't know what she did and how she did it. She went to the closet and sighed. She grabbed the clothing. She sighed looking at him. She didn't want to dress in front of him. She turned around and closed her eyes. She then went to get changed. Trying to hide herself at the same time
  20. "I told you not to be so shy" he hissed angrily. He wanted her to get over herself, he would see her naked eventually so she had to stop acting asif it mattered. "yyou're not going to die from showing some skin"
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