You are the hero of our own story.

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  1. Each of us are the main character of our lives, the hero of our tale and many of us have forged lasting friendships here on Iwaku. So tell me, as the hero, which Iwakians are in your party, and what role do they play?
  2. Ok, so I'm the hero?

    Well sticking with the five man band here so some of these may be a contest

    @Warmaster Death The Lancer

    @Grumpy NotaIrish The Smart Guy
    Why? aside from being the high necromancer of Iwaku he make higher education his bitch.

    @Seiji The Big Guy
    Why? dude's secretly a teddy bear

    @Lil' Fox The Chick
    Why? Tk is awesome, nuff said.

    [MENTION=69]Vay[/MENTION] The Sixth
    Why? Every team needs a mascot, why not a homicidal Kroot?
  3. Lets see if i can get this...

    As the "Hero" i would make a guess and say i am a cross between the
    Cool Big Sis
    and the
    Plucky Girl

    sorry to say XD

    As for the people in my "show" ... i haven't made many "lasting friendships" yet, but id like to include a few people who are close.

    Cerulean- Nice Guy Ofc mentor is nice
    Reiyd - Bro
    Amethyst - Papa Wolf
    Returner - Team mom She really is nice and helpful to everyone :D
    Effort - Only Sane Man This is Effy...
    Kala - Crazy
    Lupine - Big Guy
    Tenchi - Gentle Giant
    LStorm - Author Avatar
    I guess ill stop the list here? Doesn't mean i don't care for more people though.

    Anyways, did i get this right? I went randomly on different pages for these. XD
  4. Going with five man band setup + Extras. 8D

    I am, of course, always a Leader in my own life. >:]

    The Lancer -> Alarice. XD She has always been my opposite when it comes to being a mirror factor. >:]

    The Smart Guy -> Isabella! Surprise, surprise... my brother is smarter than he appears to be, and you would be amazed at what he knows...

    The Big Guy -> Jinx! Because he's a big hilarious dummyface, who is very good at pretending to be dumber than he actually is. >:]

    The CHick -> Ocha! Ocha is the chick because she brings balance, organization, and a pillar to my life! 8D And she is totally the damsel. >:3

    The Love Interest -> Mister Gibs, because he totally fell in to every damn love interest trope there is!

    The Sixth Ranger -> Vay! TOTALLY a former villain now here to help save the day while causing wickedness!
  5. Mentor - Asmodeus - dude taught me much of what i know, and probably more that ive since forgotten....
    Comrade - Grumpy - if i went into an rp fight, i want this bloke on my side!
    Comrade - Kariskan - Battle-motherfucking-brothers.
    Comrade - Vaybrah - Battle brothers
    Comrade - Kitti - again, if i'm rp fighting, i want her by my side....just so long as i'm not hearing "hey mickey your so fine..."
    Comrade - Ryker/Arsenal/Carl - because i remember the mad bastard fondly
    Comrade - TK - yet again, if i wanted an rp fighting crew, she'd be one of the people go to first
    Troll Artist - The one, the only, Darkness - Trolls like a true bastard
    The Whip - Diana - because fewe others can wrangle me into a diplomacy RP, and when i run out of steam, she's been there to crack the whip and get me going again!
    Perverse comedian - Myrnodyn - Dudes madly funny when he wants to be, and one of the few people here i'd crack dirty jokes with without feeling like a seedy bastard.
  6. Lets take a crack at this:

    As the Hero of the story, I think i'm the one growing up into his role and not quite ready yet but has much potential.

    On the crew of Captain Amehyst's party is:

    Lstorm- Ranged fighter And a trust worthy brother in arms. ranged fighter/HappyGestapo/anime/DOThack/haseo.jpg

    Selenite- The Healer Also a awesome fighter in her own right.

    Ms_Wrong- The Fighter and also one of my favorite people on the site.

    Mitten- The Rogue Not sure if she is quite a spy but cats are normally fast agile and can be sneaky so I would say it's not too bad a fit. spy/pointeshoes_4_me/anime look-alikes/animecatgirlspy.jpg

    Myrnodyn- The Mage being able to do the Impossible</SPAN></SPAN> daily.
    [ pervy mage/Zetblade/AnimeSorcerer.jpg

    Not sure how well I did but there you go.
  7. Well, they're not 100% accurate because REAL people are a lot more complex and capable of a varying personality than these archtypes but....

    The Leader - Me. Not to sound arrogant but I think Charismatic type fits me best.

    The Lancer - Shiny. She's definitely The Reliable One, though no less in popularity than I am and certainly not overlooked. And when it comes to roleplay, she's my go-to girl.

    Team Pet - Toria. She's cute and alot like the Robot Buddy. But this is strictly on Iwaku. In real life, she is my Lancer, the Blue Oni to my Red Oni.

    Tagalong Kid - Magentara. She may not actually be the youngest but she certainly acts the part and most of the time her characters end up as the Designated Victim of the episode. I'm pretty sure she enjoys it, too... ^^'

    Mentor - Tribs. 'Nough said.
  8. I'm most likely the lancer of my own story, taking a double role as a leader.

    On my party I have ms. Wrong, duchess Bastet, Xenos, Iliana and PokeyPillow, however I'm not quite sure what roles they play (haha puns I think. I just woke up....)
  9. Okay, so if I would be the traditional hero of my own adventure, I think this would be my roster:

    Ms_Wrong - Cute Bruiser slash Badass Adorable. Because she is always fun to be around, funny, charming, but she can pull her weight in a fight.

    amethysteye - Highly Visible Ninja and Bash Brother. He seems to enjoy playing shady characters, but because you can always see him in chat, he can never quite disappear. That does not really diminish his skills as an assassin, though, he can be deadly if it is needed.

    The Returner - Actual Pacifist slash The Medic. She is usually not involved in conflicts, but she is very nice, so she gets the role of the healer in the party.

    Malkuthe Highwind - The Smart Guy and Bash Brother. He can do some really mean riddles, cryptographs, knows a lot and enjoys world-building just as much as I do.

    Celestialis - Mama Bear slash Team Mom. She is supremely nice, and a fun person to be around who looks out for you, but if you get on her bad side, god help you.

    If I left somebody out, I apologise, but this is as many roles as I could think of right now.
  10. Well...this is going to be a challange for me as I take all of my friends the same but I try my best to give each of you a special role.

    I am the hero and here is my cast:

    Ms_Wrong - Female idol - she is wild and free and relaxed. W has the qualities that I wish I had without the urge to blush or distant myself.

    Lstorm - Mr. Smart cookie - he knows everything. There hasn't bee a question so far that he couldn't answer. He is also very helpful, friendly and sweet.

    Amethysteye - Ladies man - he is charming but sometimes takes things too seriously. However, he has the ability to win girls though I bet he is no philanderer.

    MohawkMan - Male idol - if it would happen in my story that I would suddenly change into man, I would want to be like Hawk. He has similar qualities to W but also has that kind of air about's hard to describe.

    Malkhute Highwind - Cheerful companion - he always makes me smile and what's more important he smiles himself a lot.

    Shera - Mysterious lady - she is elusive, not so easily reached but once you get hold of her she is a pleasure to be around.

    Redblood - Bully - yep, she is but she is like that to everyone. It's the adorable part about Red because you can be sure that half of the stuff she says or does is meant as a joke or a tease.

    Myrnodyn - Kindred spirits - for some reason I feel that in some aspect Myrn and I are similar. I have no clue whether he thinks the same but I surely enjoy his presence.
  11. Aaaw, I am the bully :D I love you too ^^ btw, whose joking? I mean everything I say :D hihihi

    My turn :D
    [MENTION=1280]A Nighten Dove[/MENTION] - Partner
    We torture *cough* I mean save people together, side by side. Always knows what the other is thinking, almost like sisters. We are the perfect team mates ^^

    [MENTION=1147]The Returner[/MENTION] - Victim
    Always there when I have to went my anger on someone, my perfect little punching bag if no enemies are close by ;) I couldn't make it without her :D

    [MENTION=1332]Hirohashi[/MENTION] - Son (Also shield)
    I must have my son with me all the time, shields are expensive after all.

    [MENTION=808]Tenchi-Roku[/MENTION] - Servant
    We cut down the enemies side by side but as fast as we are home I will force him to get me a cup of tea while he wears a maid outfit.

    [MENTION=1130]Angelic_Devil[/MENTION] & [MENTION=1065]Chrona[/MENTION] - wife's
    I need someone to cuddle with when I don't fight anyone ^^ So of course I will have my two wonderful wife's with me on my adventures :D Both Tenchi and I will make sure that they aren't hurt of course ^^
  12. ._.
    I tried making a list and failed a few times.
    Guess I just can't be the leader/hero of a story. * ^*
    -lurks instead.- <3
  13. No low selfesteem in ths thread! Not allowed. You are the hero of the story, now make a list, it doesn't have to be complete!
  14. ​UUUUGH FINE. I'll edit this later. >:C