You are teleported into the last game you played

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  1. [​IMG]

    Can you survive?

    My last game was Minecraft so I'm feeling good about it :P
  2. Chibi-Robo Park patrol! Sweet! I can have a Chii-bo of my own!! *may or may not only be saying this because Mini posted the thread* >.> <.<
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  3. Final Fantasy XIV :D
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  4. Batman Arkham Knight.
  5. Fallout: New Vegas.

    Could I survive? Yes. Would I be the avatar of death that my character is? No.

    Seeing that the last place my character is is the Brotherhood Of Steel bunker, I have a good feeling they would teach me how to use power armor if I gave them my iPhone.
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  6. Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

    I could probably get by in Flux-state Berlin, yes. The game only takes place in 2054, which means I have intimate knowledge of the events of the next two decades. After verifying that my fortune telling was correct, a team of shadowrunners could definitely have use for the information. I could sit in a safehouse all day getting paid to warn them in advance about important events, drinking soycaf and learning to hack. Not a bad way to get by.
  7. Dark Souls 2.

    Sure, I'd just hang around Majula and never leave.
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  8. Garry's Mod

    Well... This is interesting
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  9. Mortal Kombat 9

    Bye guys nice knowing y'all.
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  10. Westerado: Double Barreled.

    Well, people did survive the Wild West. I can't speak for how likely it would be...
  11. dragon age: inquisition

    psh yeah. i'd just hang back and let all my companions do the fighting.
  12. Prison Architect. t______t I DUN WANNA BE IN PRISON
  13. WoW.... survival could go either way depending on whether or not I'd be happy just hanging out in town.
  14. Dishonored.

    Unless I am really lucky I don't think I will be getting out of this one alive.
  15. Professor Layton and the Diabolical box.

    :333 solving puzzles all day? Sounds like my kind of world~
  16. Path of Progress. Sure, aslong as It in one of the cities I managed competently. Ifi ts my first. the entire city is doooomed
  17. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

    Hm, I could survive depending on what world I was living in. XD Some of them fell to darkness, but not all of them did. ^^
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  18. Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Not only would I be by far the most intelligent person in Liberty City (seriously, drive and walk around for half an hour, and you'll see some shit), but nobody looks twice at you for carrying a gun. Death, unless it is plot mandated, is a temporary inconvenience since the ambulance apparently carries trained necromancers capable of resurrecting men who have been burnt to death beyond recognition by molotov cocktails and RPGs back to their pre-injury condition without even needing to take the victim to the hospital, if you commit any crime (see walking down the street, above), escaping the cops and never getting a criminal record is as simple as just getting on the highway, driving at irresponsibly fast speeds (which is okay if you crash, see necromancer ambulance crew above) until the police grow too lazy to keep up the chase because they're probably on a budget or some shit, and if they do catch/ kill you, they just charge you a couple hundred dollars to get back on your feet again like nothing ever happened, as if that 9mm hollow point that ended your monster truck rampage was more of an asshole tax than a means of stopping a dangerous lunatic. Also, you can sustain yourself off of meals that literally only cost one dollar.

    To sum up, you are effectively immortal, the police are ineffective, you are more intelligent than anyone else in the city, there's virtually no repercussions to acting out your most twisted desires, and you can get yourself a nice tasty burger that was dropped on the floor a few times for a single dollar. I'm doing goooood.
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  19. The last game I played? Well uh... let's just say I'd be one lucky dude.
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  20. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn.

    And I play a White Mage and Astrologan. HEALS ONLY FOR ME.
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