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  1. Name: Autumn Rhodes
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Slim
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    Personality: Friendly, caring, loyal, shy at first, outgoing, intelligent. More to be revealed as the story progresses.

    22 year old Autumn Rhodes had just finished her freshman year in college and was returning for her second year. So far she was content with her life but decided that this year, she was going to be much more sociable. She did not want to be a shy Freshman anymore. Autumn had friends, but she was not one to make very many new friends. She was not tied down with a boyfriend anymore and she was ready to explore who she really was. She had the same roommate as last year and although they were almost completely opposite, they got along quite well. The first few months together were a little tough, but they grew on each other and were becoming good friends.

    Autumn lit a an incense-something her roommate did not like burning while she was around, but enjoyed the smell after- and started to meditate. In the middle of her meditation, she had a crazy thought. She wasn't supposed to be thinking but she could not keep her mind clear. She changed into a sports bra and yoga pants, grabbed her mat and headed out to a plaza nearby. She entered the yoga studio and shyly approached the front desk. It was the same woman that greeted her the first time she inquired about classes. The receptionist got her situated and explained again that she could pay as she went or sign up for a membership for discounted prices. Autumn went with a pay-as-you-go option for now.

    She was a tad early for the class. She entered nervously, and stared at the instructors backside. He must have heard her shuffling around in the back of the room because he turned around and smiled at her. She blushed and looked away as if eye contact was too difficult for her to make.
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  2. Name: Justin Kulp
    Age: 30
    Appearance: Slim...almost too slim
    Personality: Friendly, outgoing, loyal, but sad on the inside and more on details later on.

    Justin stretched his arms and legs out as the time went on, and he sighed with un-happiness. He was being told by his wife again when he had to be home, so this was going to be a pain to do. His schedule was so tight these days it made no sense, for he was always having it start with a few items, then end with maybe ten items all scrunched up. He needed to get a better handle on his schedule, or she would, and he couldn't afford to have her dictate anything else in his life; she already controlled too much. His long brow hair briefly covered his green eyes.

    Taking his ball he had to use, he watched the students file in and smiled. Once the clock hit the time he cleared his throat, "Alright everyone, welcome to Beginner Yoga, I'm the instructor, Justin. There are some long and boring things I'm supposed to go over, or we could just skip straight to it. What do you all say?"
  3. Autumn shuffled to the middle of the room, center with the instructor and laid out her mat. She had stuffed the rest of her belongings in a locker that was provided for the students. It didn't take long for time to pass and the students to start piling in. It looked like a lively group.

    Autumn smiled shyly at some people and got a smile in return. She surprised herself when she responded to Justin's question, "I think you should go over it. You know.. In case." She added a polite smile.
  4. Justin raised his eyebrow, "alright, if you want me to." He went on for ten minutes on the exits and the procedures, as well as recommended gear and things of that nature. When he was done, he sighed and leaned against the wall, " now that I've wasted about forty percent of our class, let's move on, shall we?"
  5. "Thank you." Autumn continued to smile shyly. She looked around the class of beginners and thought it would be a good idea. She was no instructor and was already familiar with the basics.

    They began with Sun Salutation and moved on to some basic asanas. Autumn hadn't practiced over her break, which is why she thought the beginner class was going to be good for her. She wasn't too confident about her skill level just yet.
  6. "Just relax, it sounds like a mystical phrase, but let energy flow into you. Stretch..." he guided them into the fourth poise, then they had to balance on on one foot, "now, relax..." He gave them all a reassuring smile, "it sounds weird, but let it all flow into you."
  7. Autumn was surprised at how relaxed she felt. She thought she would be out of her comfort zone with all of the other people around her, but she wasn't. She smiled through her movements and caught a glimpse of a smile on her instructors face. The energy of the room was more relaxed now that he wasn't so tense. She noticed his tension in the beginning of the class and wondered briefly what was weighing heavy on his mind. She must have been thinking of it too much-like she does with most other things- and lost her balance slightly.
  8. Leaving them to repeat the cycle, he walked over to her, watching her, "move you balance to the foot on the ground." He sighed and touched her waist gently, "relax your hips." He smiled, "it helps, I promise." He walked away from her and kept on with the demonstration.
  9. Autumn caught herself before she completely lost we balance Justin came up to her and placed a hand gently on her waist. The contact of his hand upon her bare skin gave her the goosebumps. She nodded at him and moved her balance to her foot as he instructed. It helped, just as he assured her it would.

    After class, Autumn waited for most of the student to disperse and she approached him at the front of the class. "I want to apologize for earlier. I did not mean to step on your toes."
  10. The man turned to her, "there is no need to apologize," then he sighed and looked at his e-mail, "great...She did it again." He looked away and uttered a tiny curse, forgetting that she was there, "I'm sick of this." He closed up his bag and pulled on a shirt over his vest, "so is there something you need?" He asked.
  11. "Excuse me?" Autumn was confused for a moment, and then she realized that he wasn't talking to her. Autumn was naturally a nurturing person, so without thinking about it she asked if he was ok.

    Once she realized what she had asked, she shook her head, "I-I'm sorry. It's none of my business. I-I've to go." She hurried out of class, grabbed her stuff and scurried back to her dorm room.
  12. ((Play his wife))

    When he returned home, he knew she was angry. He was four minutes late, and might have been almost four hours. Seeing her angry made him cower, "I'm sorry babe...I was working and a friend was need of help and..."
  13. (I was about to update my post and then replied haha)

    Angela was infuriated with her husband. He was doing it again! "Why do you keep avoiding me Justin?! I email you, text you, and call and you don't answer me right away, you keep coming home later and later. Is there something going in that I should know about?"

    Justin cowered, and apologized for being late. "Yeah, ok. Sure." She was done with the conversation. "You're food is in the microwave. It was getting cold. But it's not like you appreciate my efforts, so why I care about you having a warm meal is beyond me." She scoffed and stomped into their room.

    Justin was annoying her lately. She knew he was busy but she used it as an excuse to fight with him. He was useless. He didn't even have a real job. He worked as a yoga instructor. What kind of man was a yoga instructor?
  14. Justin nodded and moaned gently, nodding, "I know, I know I'm useless." He covered his face, "I promise to be better...if I can. But what do you want me to do?" He looked at her, "please tell me!"
  15. Angela heard him from down the hall. She marched down and was standing about 5 feet away from him. "If you don't even know what you're sorry for or how to fix it, I can't help you. You're giving me a headache. I'm going to lay down. Don't bother coming in there while I'm relaxing." With that, she turned on her heel and went back into their room. "I should have married Allen Turner like my father wanted me to." She muttered user her breathe.
  16. After eating quickly, Justin retreated to their room. His wife treated him badly, but by now he had started to think of himself as bad. His only passion was his yoga, and soon he may have to give that up. He looked to her and kissed her gently, "honey..?" He asked, quietly.
  17. Angela felt a gently kiss upon her lips. She pushed her eye mask up onto her forehead and stared at him blankly. She thought she had asked him not to disturb her? "Yes, dear?" She asked callously.

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  18. "I'm sorry to disturb you," he sighed, "bit I just needed you to hear that I love you!" He hugged her tightly. He ran his hands through her silky hair, "I'm so lucky to even have anything like you. Please don't be mad, I will do anything to prevent that!" He kissed her.
  19. Angela sighed and rolled her eyes as he held her tightly. He always said the same things. It was getting old. But she felt a hand run through her hair and she realized how sexually frustrated she was. She hadn't wanted to touch him for weeks. She supposed she could let it slide for tonight. She kissed him back and embraced him with equal force, rolling on top of him. "It's ok Baby... I love you," she cooed into his ear before kissing him.
  20. Justin smiled at her and hugged her tightly, "I will do anything for you, I just feel I don't know what you want me to do!" He giggled and moaned gently for her, letting himself be enveloped by her, "I'm all yours for tonight me what you love about me tonight."
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