You are stuck on an island with two other people. Who are they?

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  1. Isabellas are stuck on an island with Lady Gaga


    Is cute and dances for Isabellas while Isabellas glow and snuggle her.

    And Vladimir Putin who is just watching Isabellas and Gagas.
    He is very annoyed with the whole situation.

  2. I'm concerned because this is how you actually think.

    Because he's a single dad that knows how to take care of business! 8D And they have an awesome island. With satellite internet.
  4. I'd want to be on a island with Kat Williams so I could laugh at the situation, and the guy from man vs. wild so he can get me the hell out of there.
  5. I'd want to be with Kevin Hart, everything he complains about will keep me laughing XD

    The other would be Megan Fox. If she gets feral enough she'll rape you, and yet I'm ok with that >__>
  6. Hm..... David Boreanz. and............Joss Whedon!
  7. Emily Deschanel and... Batman.
  8. McGyver.. he'd be USEFUL on and island making anything out of anything.

    And my ladylove.
  9. Mila Kunis for breeding purposes and Adrian Smith to teach me with his awesome guitar skills.