You are SO Annoying

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  1. What is your MOST annoying trait?

    Usually these threads are about things you like or your good qualities, but I want to pick you all apart today.

    So be honest and tell us what the most annoying thing about yourself is.

    Don't worry no one will judge you and I'll still love you no matter how annoying you are.
  2. I'm a condescending prat, a perfectionist who never gets it right, I'm frustrated and angered easily, I am (to an extent) a drama queen.
    I can bee too serious or not make enough sense, I treat my friends like they're idiots (they are, but still), I have an acid tongue, and my social skills are comparable to a peanut.
    I tend to listen to music to block people out far too much.
  3. 1) A can be a total whiny baby at times >.<
    2) I am stubborn as a mother %$%^# xD
    3) When I am energetic...I go all out, people think I am drunk O_O
    4) Attitude,oh yeah, I am Spanish and I show it D:
  4. I have a tendency to complain a lot to my friends. I really really try not to bug anyone with my personal problems anymore because I feel like I just annoy people. But sometimes I don't even realizing I'm bitching until I'm already half way through my ranting. It's a trait I'm really trying to work myself out of.
    At least I've been able to be indifferent about things recently. It used to be that I got jealous when I would see couples or get really annoyed when my friends talked about significant others. Now I just don't care, and I'm not sure that's completely a good thing but oh well.
  5. I don't see the obvious.
    I hate repetition.
    I space out when important things are being told.
  6. I'm a grammar nazi (T^T)

    And I have a major obsession with several things (Mainly T.O.P, oh how I love him)
  7. My darm adhd.
    My habit to tease my friends.
    My slackerism.
    ... thats about it...

    Also, my overwhelming modesty.

    And how I almost never reply to threads seriously. :<
  9. I have high expectations for me and for a lot of people around me.
    I get impatient rather easily. Very easy to anger as well.
    I also can lose interest in something rather quickly, but just as easily get interested in something else.
    I can be condescending.
  10. Oh, let's see here...

    I have a tendency to refuse to ask others for help, despite being happy and eager to give help. I'm so stubborn that sometimes, I take on more than I can handle and wear myself down while refusing to say a word about it lest someone think me incompetent for needing the help.

    I can be a bit of a hypocrite, if not on purpose. I try so hard to encourage everyone to see their good points and not judge harshly the things that make them unique. I insist on pointing out to girls how unattractive rail thin girls are, how that isn't what they should strive for, that they should be confident with themselves.... but I'm not, really.

    I adore so many people, not even necessarily romantically. Just... a strong affinity for people. And not only is it often not even returned, there's the fact of the matter being that it sometimes gets misconstrued and all of that when I don't even mean it to be. And it's just terrible. I wish I could tell all the people that I love that I love them and for them to just instantly understand what I mean.
  11. I get really clingy.

    I'm possessive. And not in the "I wanna protect you" kind of way. I get extremely agitated in an instant if I think that someone is trying to take something (or someone) away from me.

    I cry far too easily.

    And Im lazy when it comes to things that require a deadline.

    But at least Im honest~
  12. I am a Paranoid Pessimistic Realist who talks waaaayyyy to much and waaaayyyy too fast for most people to understand.
  13. I'm a strong, dominant, BOSSY personality type who has a problem with authority. c___c Online, I have a presence that seems to take over and be a center of attention, even though that's never my goal. (unless you know, those days I'm actually openly saying I want it!) I get frustrated when people aren't doings things "right" and I have a terrible habit of wanting to take over and fix things that I have no business in touching. XD
  14. I'm needy and clingy most of the time.

    I have a hard time letting people help me. I would rather do it myself and get behind on other things than ask for help and do things on time. Like instead of waiting for someone to help me pick up a dog, I'll try to pick up a full grown golden retriever by myself. I get in trouble for that at work all the time.

    I am really anal about people touching my things and going into my bedroom. :/
  15. hmm...I think there is so much that is annoying with me even though everyone else says "IT'S NOT TRUE, STOP SAYING THOSE STUFF ABOUT YOURSELF DAMNIT..." So I guess the most annoying part about myself is that I always say that I can't or that I'm not and such things even though others say that I am and I can xD That is probably the most annoying in others perspective

    In my own perspective it is that I never starts with homework even though I tell myself that I shall do it. Or that I tell myself that I shall train tomorrow but I don't do it xD

    But the moooost annoying thing about myself is that every time I hear someone laugh that I pass by (if I pass two girls or people in a group) then I think that they have whispered something mean about how I look. If I notice that someone happened to look at me that I passes then I can think that that person think something mean about me. I'm always paranoid about people hating me and thinks mean about me when I just have seen them one time.

    I have a lot of annoying sides xD
  16. My most annoying trait to whoever knows me, are my very, very, very lame jokes. They have constantly told me to not to do them, and I am trying to, but sometimes they just slip off my tongue. I also tend to not rely on others and stick to my principles until the end: if I established that I am not going to do something, then I am not going to do it, not even if the whole world depends on it. What annoys ME the most, though, is the fact that I can do things like a one-month writing marathon without a flinch, and when I finish it, I am laying around lazily all the time, not doing anything. But even though I attempt to change that, being lazy just feels too good, and I do not have the willpower to make myself do something.
  17. oh how i could write a book and i shall call it My Lame Ass self because think everything you wrote and just think of that rolled into one and you have me ^_^
    oh but i also have fears that can keep me from doing things that most people would think normal (driving,swimming,dancing in a club)
  18. It took me a while to think of one, not because I am claiming I'm perfect, but because since I'm me its hard to pinpoint my own problems, as they appear to me as habits and personality that are perfectly normal. That being said, I have a pretty horrible short term memory and tend to space out when talking to people, so I annoy friends quite a bit by asking them a question and not listening to their answer afterwards.
  19. Impatient, procrastinator, prideful, jealous, dramatic, and a rather short fuse when people do ridiculous things that I try to tell them not to do but they do it anyways, resulting in a dramatic situation that I predicted from the very beginning.

    And an insatiable, restless appetite for adventure and sugary foods. And men.