You are invited to... The Masquerade on Ice!

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    Once upon a time, there was a young Princess, heir to the human throne, and her faerie god mother, the Faerie Queen herself.

    For her 20th birthday, the Faerie Queen took the Princess on a tour of the world. Where the Princess found adventure and unexpected love in the form of a charismatic thief.

    But the Faerie Queen also fell in love. Sadly, with the same man the Princess did. More surprising yet, this Thief loved the Faerie Queen too. For as long as they could, the Faerie Queen and the Thief denied their love, until one regretful night they couldn't bare to be apart no longer. The Princess found them together and her heart was broken.

    The love affair of the Faerie Queen and the Thief could finally be realized, but it is Faerie Law that no reigning Queen can marry a human. Though the Princess' heart had run cold, she still loved both her faerie god mother and the thief. She offered to trade places with the Faerie Queen. Having no desire to ever marry and continue the royal bloodline, she could easily live the life of a faerie queen.

    Thus, they traded places. The Faerie Queen became a human Princess, married her lover, later ruled the human kingdom and continued the line for generations. The Princess became known as the Snow Queen. A faerie queen who never left her mountain palace. Who never smiled, who never loved. Who was as cold as the ice and snow in which she lived.

    The legend of the frozen-hearted Snow Queen has been a favorite of the Rowanfel Village for almost two hundred years! Every winter it's tradition to throw a festival on the frozen lake, where the locals dress in whimsical costumes, make merry entertain, and be joyous - all in hopes of enticing the sad Queen from her mountain home, melting her heart and helping her believe in love again.

    These days, few really believes the Snow Queen exists. The festival has become an excuse for young men and women to drink a lot and flirt shamelessly, while the elders enjoy a day of socializing with strangers from lands far away. Even the Magical-folk enjoy flittering around and joining the party.

    You are one of these people, here to enjoy one hell of a party!

    Welcome to the Masque!

    WHO: Everyone in Iwaku! Your hosts for this evening will be Diana, Revision, Ozzie and Mysterious Guest Hosts!
    WHAT: A Village Hosted Party at the foot of the mountains at the frozen lake!
    WHERE: Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: Saturday, January 19th. 12 Noon to 12 Midnight.
    BRING: Your character in costume!


    1.) You are a local villager, magical creature, or someone from a far away place coming to attend the traditional yearly Masquerade on Ice.

    2.) This is a Masquerade! For those of you who haven't attended previous Masked Chat Balls, this means that you should not tell anyone which character you are playing until the event is over. In this event, characters CAN wear masks and disguises. It's traditional in this village to dress in whimsical costumes for the party!

    3.) This is a FANTASY setting! If it makes sense in a High Fantasy world, you can play it! Elves, faeries, unicorns, dwarves, humans, etc, and so on. Not okay? No tech, cell phones, modern devices or aliens, and so forth. That's silly.

    4.) Keep it fun, and don't harass other players. A little action is fine, but if you take it too far you'll get your butt booted out!
  2. Quick question: when you say come in costume and don't reveal ourselves. How do you mean? Like a character playing a character? or me specifically playing a character?
  3. You specifically playing a character. In the main RP boxes, you choose your own character name when you log in, so if you don't say "I'm playing ___________" to anyone, nobody can tell who you are. But your character should be wearing a fun costume for the event!
  4. Okay so the goal here is to not let anyone know that i signed in as a specific character. Sorry I was reading it with the emphasis in the wrong place. I thought the character was wearing a mask to not be known but I was like, how is that going to work.
  5. Yeah, the fun of the mask is trying to figure out who is who before the big reveal at the end.
  6. I hate you, Diana, and your strange but appealing plots. ;__; I am so swamped already. Why not add another roleplay on top?
  7. *Makes kissy faces and googly eyes at Dawn* 8D
  8. I am so excited about this ^^
  9. This will be my first Masquerade! Do we just show up and start posting on the event day or do we need to sign up with you first?
  10. Just show up!
  11. Yep! 8D Show up in the Roleplay Lobby and just start playing, anytime between 12 Noon and 12 Midnight. You can also come in and out as you please! (Just make a good exit so you dun leave anybody stuck!)
  12. You already know my answer >=(
  13. I am going to try and attend this, but I am not sure if it interferes with my exams.
  14. This sounds so much fun. I'm definently going to be there.
  15. The masquerade has started! 8D
  16. I was Jorgith Tanglefoot.
  17. I was Evrynavane, a.k.a Nava! The hermit snowflake maker who came down to help decorate and ended up making a "friend"!
  18. I was the Gaggle of Children as NPC until I was too sick to keep them up, then Ozzie too over!

    And my character was Auralia. >:3
  19. Hey guys, many of you probably guessed that I was Luka Tristsson, the extremely awkward and nervous town councilman running the festival!

    *Leaves this here* 8D

  20. This was my first Masquerade and I really can say I enjoyed it more than I expected, actually its defiantly worth doing again.

    I was Zain, the guy who showed up at the last hour or so who gained confidence behind the mask xD

    Also I don't know if you will have a suggestions board but I think you should give a 10 minute heads up before you close down the RP. I would have enjoyed closing up my conversation with a nice ending or something. Just a thought for next time ^.^