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    The town of Dormarth lies at the foot of a hill.

    Halfway up the hill, if you climb the stone steps that have been laid to ease the way, you will reach an outcropping that has been hewn into the side of the hill. A ring of ancient yew trees with a deep blue bark and silver-green leaves- turned full silver with the coming of autumn- surround the outcropping and shield it from prying eyes. At the center of the ring, a circular stone slab is set upon the earth.

    This Stone Circle is where all of Dormarth's religious rites and festivities are held, and none is so important as the Ritual of Severance.

    Once every year, the Ritual of Severance is held on Soul's Passage Eve. There is music and dancing, song and drink and feasting, but so too are the traditions observed. A pyre is built upon the Stone Circle, and every citizen of Dormarth over the age of five must participate in the burning of personal objects within the flames. There are rules of the ceremony which must be strictly adhered to:

    You must go up to the Stone Circle at some point on the night of Soul's Passage Eve.
    You must offer your object of personal significance to the ceremonial pyre.
    You must not damage the azurebark yews or take live wood from them.
    You must not use any kindling but azurebark yew for the ceremonial pyre.
    You must not enter the ceremonial woodshed unless you are an ordained priest.
    You must not allow an outsider of Dormarth to step within the Stone Circle.
    You must not wear the color red.

    The town's head priest oversees the ceremony to ensure that every rite is properly upheld.

    The Ritual of Severance has been a part of village tradition for longer than anyone in Dormarth can remember, dating back for several centuries. While it is known as a ceremony to honor those who have died this year and to ward off evil spirits, these days Soul's Passage Eve is more of an excuse for festivity. Once the townsfolk have burned their personal objects and visited the Stone Circle, they are free to enjoy the festival booths and decorations that are set throughout the town. There are even craftsman and vendors who sell items specially made to be worn or used and then burnt at the next year's rites.

    It is said, however, that sometimes on this night, odd things are known to happen... and that the spirits don't always stay away...

    Welcome to the Masque!

    WHO: Everyone in Iwaku! Your hosts for this evening will be [OZZIE]Ozzie[/OZZIE] and [DIANA]Diana[/DIANA] along with some Mysterious Guest Hosts!
    WHAT: A fantasy village festival with Celtic flavor and a horror twist!
    WHERE: Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: Saturday, October 19th from 12:00 PM to Midnight (U.S. Central Time).
    BRING: Your character and a personal object to burn in the pyre!


    1.) You may play as one of the townsfolk of Dormarth, or as a visitor to the town if you so choose. If you live in the town, you know all about the festival. If you don't, you probably don't know much!

    2.) This is a Masquerade! For those of you who haven't attended previous Masked Chat Balls, this means that you should not tell anyone which character you are playing until the event is over. It does NOT mean that your character is wearing a mask!

    3.) This is a FANTASY setting. Magic and magical creatures are allowed! No necromancers. >:[ This is also a HORROR roleplay, so be prepared for creepy stuff to happen.

    4.) Just because this is a horror game does NOT mean that you can hijack the event. Keep it fun, and don't harass other players. A little action is fine, but if you take it too far you'll get your butt booted out! Chaperones are watching all day, so if someone asks you to tone something down, listen!

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  2. lol are these rules here to be broken? because they just compel me to wear the color red XD
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  3. Please don't scare me. Please don't scare me. please don't scare me.
  4. Did I miss it?
    Yeah. Sucks. :T
  5. The very ghostly Frederick who tampered with the ritual just to meet up with his dead bf, only to get stood up in the end :D
  6. Sabo that Cat

    And I was seriously going to try to have him save Melody, but I didn't quite post fast enough . . . She saved him instead . . .
    That means I might get to use him for something else right? 8D
  7. And I played Melody who died to save the town. ;__;
  8. My parents were kind enough to let me use their net for this, You should have seen the looks my mom was giving me as I tried to sound out Cat noises in order to figure out how to spell them.
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  9. I was in at the start of the game as little Jeremy, I was going to come back this evening, but the game wrapped up.
  10. Much to the surprise of no one, I was Ailbhe who came home from the Far Lands, the one who attempted to protect everyone and used too much of her power in an attempt to pacify the spirits. Unfortunately, she seems to have only made things worse and she did not get to reveal her identity completely either. Maybe next time.