You are invited to a Midnight Coronation!

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    On this night, a pitch black eve at the height of March, a most strange and rare and altogether sinister event has come to pass.

    The King of Nightmares has deigned to abdicate his throne, after haunting the Dreamscape unfettered these past thousand years. In his final act, he has called the denizens of the Nightmare to gather at Castle Tiefertraum, where one among the hopefuls will be given the crown, and a new reign of terror will begin. Only the one who rules the Nightmare possesses the power to snuff out the Spark, the force of imagination that gives life to bad dreams. Only the Dark Monarch of Phantasms holds sway over the Sack Man.

    Every creature in the Dreamscape fears the Sack Man, and dares not even speak his name, lest he come to collect them.

    But even the Dread of the Dreaded is not enough to quell the excitement of the Parade. As Looking Glass portals open up across the shifting Dreamscape and the throngs of Nightmares trickle in through these mirror doors, there is a fervor in the air. Restlessness and revelry cling to the castle ramparts like a miasma... for the thrill of competition, and the thrill of the hunt.

    These Looking Glass portals remain open, for Nightmare and Dreamer alike.

    Pity, now, those poor unfortunate mortal souls who might wander unawares into the midst of this Midnight Madness...

    Welcome to the Masque!

    WHO: All members are invited! This evening's hosts will be Ozzie, Diana, and mystery guests.
    WHAT: A fiendish coronation set in the Realm of Nightmares.
    WHERE: Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: SATURDAY the 23rd 10 PM Central to SUNDAY the 24th 10 AM Central
    BRING: Your character and a dreamer's imagination!

    Please note that this is an UPSIDE-DOWN Masquerade, the first of its kind. What this means is that we will be running this event during THE OTHER TWELVE HOURS (starting at 10 PM and running to 10 AM the following morning!)


    1.) You may play a denizen of the Nightmare Realm OR a mortal dreamer who has been unlucky enough to stumble into the castle! It is up to you whether or not your Dreamer knows that they are asleep.
    2.) This is a Masquerade! For those of you who haven't attended previous Masked Chat Balls, this means that you should not tell anyone which character you are playing until the event is over. (Please note that this does not actually mean your character must wear a mask or be incognito.
    3.) This Masquerade takes place in a world where anything is possible. Go nuts with those nightmares!! However, keep in mind that dreamers are from the Real World, where there is no magic or supernatural phenomena, and nobody can be killed permanently in the Nightmare. Dreamers wake up, and Nightmares simply come back after a short time.
    4.) Rule 3 notwithstanding, keep it fun, and don't harass other players. Nightmares who misbehave will be taken away by the Sack Man and never seen again.
  2. My god. This is brilliant.

    I'm not one for chat RPs, but I will make this.

    And I won't just show up for a 6 post bout of humorous trolling.
  3. I like the nocturnal bit! So long as I remember, I should pop in for a bit :)
  4. o.O this seems interesting... count me in
  5. I will try to make it to this, but from what things look like, I will be only be there for the second part. I also might miss this one, but I will see what I can do.
  6. wow this is way off my time o.o but I will try to show up for a couple of hours >.>
  7. Just a reminder that this is TONIGHT and starts in about an hour and a half! :D
  8. Hope this becomes a regular thing, even though I'm missing this one!
  9. I wasss Sssindra who wasss irritating to type for. And dessspite being untrusssting, paranoid, fatalissstic, ruthlesss, and pracmatic wasss ine of the more heroic charactersss around.
  10. We ended this one early due to people going to sleep, but it was a good game!

    I terrified everyone as the Castle Tiefertraum, the Sack Man, and the Nightmare King!

    I am never doing GMing like this with a migraine again... x___x (Other reason for ending early.)
  11. A huge thank you for everyone that showed up for the mirrored masquerade! Despite the typical rocky start, the story was wonderful and I enjoy it a lot. 8D

    By the way, I was the Narrator, and Yuleria. >:3 the psycho ghost lady who wound up murdering two people in her attempt to be Queen... and got grabbed by the Sackman. ;__;
  12. I was the beloved Penelope or, later known as…. the Queen of Nightmares!
    I am so excited I was in this all the way through despite it being my first rp in the Lobby and this style of rp :)
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  13. I was Dayanara, but I had to quit early due to stomach troubles.
  14. I was Xervous the shadow like nightmare who really didn't do much but sit back and watch.....was a lot of fun for my first chat RP! Was definitely worth staying up for.
  15. I really wanted to take part in this chat RP, but I guess I am too late to the party. I just hope that a similar horror-esque plot will pop up again soon so I can bring in an interesting character.
  16. I was Branwen and sad I had to go to sleep before this finished! It was a lot of fun! :)
  17. I was Darius, the drunk dreamer, who'd reached a state of inebriation so great that he was beginning to see things for what they really were, but had to leave due to my bed calling me

    this was a lot of fun, and next time i'll be sure to convince my wife to let us screw up our sleep schedule.
  18. I was Toria. It was a lot of fun. Hope there are more of these!
  19. But we worked so hard for that sleep schedule!! That I ended up ruining with a panic attack last night anyway...
  20. This was a brilliant idea and truly a good idea. While I was in it my heart was actually beating harder than normally because of how i was able to get into it (even though the whole time I had no idea what I was doing). I haven't really been in a horror rp yet so this was another first for me an I don't regret it one bit.

    I have to thank [MENTION=3415]NorwayFOO[/MENTION] for telling me about it (I didn't even notice the message at the top of each page). If it wasn't for him I probably might not have joined in and that would have been sad because I really enjoyed this!
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