You are instantly zapped back in time, to the first day of high school...

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  1. You're in your 14 year old body. You retain your current memories and skills. You know the "future," as it were.

    What do you do?!
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  2. I stop using reddit for iwaku gchat ideas.

    I probably would've talked to girls more, because I know how to talk to people now.
  3. I stop being such a fucking holier than thou smartass and start trying to relate to people and accept that there can be more than one good way to do things. I branch out and try to make friends instead of assert superiority.

    And I start questioning the church that I am at that point heavily involved in
  4. I would murder the girl who would later on ruin two years of my life because I don't want that and now I know how to hide a body... :3
  5. Worked on my study technique so I wouldn't slack off in class watching every anime episode within the reach of internet during class. (Well, my Japanese is good thanks to it but still...)

    Not befriend a certain girl who was going to disown my friendship with her after graduation

    Not befriend the controlling girl who's anger at me for something of equal guilt ruined my must of my social life

    Used the unique opportunity I had to get a part-time job. Lost the opportunity of a year worth of money-making and work experience there

    Hmm, yeah, the other failures weren't so bad in comparison to those.
  6. Remind myself to never come here. =P
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  7. @Mr Allen J do you realize how counter intuitive that one is for a teen? Sounds like a failed mission at the start. Still, you deserve a like for it anyways.
  8. Make friends for the love of pandas.
  9. I'd probably freak out because I knew that I'd mess stuff up.

    I developed my most meaningful friendships at around that time under complicated circumstances, and I find myself doubting I could recreate those circumstances with how chill I've gotten with them now. Sure, I'd get along with them and stuff, but everyone got along at my high school. Meaningful friendships are damned hard to build.

    Other than that, I guess I'd do a lot better at school seeing as I'd be at university-level and already have all the ideas for big projects stored in my memory. I might look more into Engineering instead of Business, I guess.

    But overall, I'm the kinda person who likes where he's at, and the further back in time I'd be sent, the less happy about it I'd be.
  10. Oh and teach a girlfriend to never confess to the entire world who her secret crush is, and prepare herself for the shitstorm known as the Ball.
  11. I would have joined cheerleading like I wanted to.
    Not tell anyone I was bisexual until I was out of high school.
    Nothing else really...I spent a good portion of my highschool years on Moonwings/here and I would not change that for anything.
  12. I'd ignore the people who got close to me and ended up hurting me a year later. I'd also not take things personally and just get assignments done so Teachers would get off my case. Probably get the assignments done before they assigned them so I had more free time. Definitely read more and debate with my teachers more on their bullshit... probably make sure to get better teachers who didn't spend the class giving out candy and newspapers rather then teach American History 1 >.<
  13. Immediately find out who the fuck sent me back-- I am not taking fucking intermediate algebra again.

    That or get a job, buy my ass some photoshop and get my art career started without the years of crippling self-sabotage and doubt.
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  14. ...Why do you know how to hide a body...?

    In my case, I would start lifting earlier, start talking to more girls. Take that girl to prom that wanted me to but was too nervous so made up a story about how she already had a date but she didn't want to go with him.

    I wouldn't have gotten expelled for making that kid feel like his life was threatened after I heard about him calling my cousin a queer and in one case making fun another actually-homosexual student. I would have instead politely asked him to just shut the fuck up and fix whatever goddamn speech impediment that made him sound drunk all the time.

    I'd have the advantage of starting highschool not a pretentious and depressed fuccboi, so pretty much all my problems would be gone from that...

    All of my problems except for all those fucking math courses.
  15. All of this + dont stick in crazy
  16. You don't know how to hide a body?

    A little off-topic, but would you happen to also be a fan of Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire Trilogy? I noticed the avatar.
  18. No idea what that is...just found this avatar and he is my demented king character for my kingdom known as Yuvick.
  19. Oh, shame. You should read the books. Might help with some character inspiration for that King of yours.
  20. You can go look him up and some of the other characters under my album The Kingdom of Yuvick if you wish.
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