You Are Ever Prey

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  1. Can one be so entwined with nothing that nothingness becomes you?

    Golden constellations flickered and heaved with the creature's echoing words, shifting and dancing; rearranging themselves to maintain the integrity of the prison they marked. Tenebrous and liquid, the shadows between them stretched out as though pushed against by millions of hands. The creature shifted behind the veil, peering out from the Contained Space with slitted, fiery eyes.

    Have they forgotten me, in the final hours of their old world? Am I to endure the passage of cycles starved and stowed away in this Tartarus of woe?

    A rueful chuckle echoed from within the umbrage, shooting lances of indigo and orange flame to dance into the churning ether. They mingled and twisted about one another, bringing color into the void for a brief moment. The fires broke as they curled, dissolving into the distant, hazy maw of infinite, unformed reality. Those flames crashed, after what felt like dreamless eons of staring, against the data-barriers that marked the end of the Old One's prison. It listened to the resounding crack with a shudder of joy, pressing against the force of the golden stars with a renewed vigor.

    Thunder echoed again, followed by a strange and blinding light. The Old One recoiled in its prison, lurching away from the umbral membrane and retreating to the far corner of its cell. It was too bright, too noxious, too acid and too much. Light swept through Contained Space 000 and cut a swathe of brutal corporeality into a place that no living entity, data-matter or not, had slipped into for countless cycles.

    "Is this how you spend your time," a girlish voice queried from within the gushing waves of the scorching prism, "Old One?"

    A daughter of Eve, in a place such as this?

    The scent was unmistakable. It strained to see the speaker's form from its prison, pressing again against its bonds; the imprint of myriad hands stretching from between the luminous constellations, held back only by a wall of black static. The stars shifted, though it was with less speed than before.

    "Such a sad way to exist. Caged and alone in the dark."

    The light spread like a miasmic mist, touching the stars. Gold turned to gray and slowly, their light faded; the integrity of the aegis containing the ancient beast cracked under the pressure of its prisoner. Another thunderclap echoed through crumbling reality.

    "My plans have failed, Devourer. All except one. You. So, how about it? You wanna go free?"

    So, uh, yeah! That's the flavor intro for my idea for a OnexOne roleplay! I know it isn't crystal clear, but I'll explain some things.

    After the intro, the world ended. The six chosen heroes of this cycle were mostly victorious, having succeeded in preventing Armageddon by activating the Genesis Egg. This offered them the chance to choose a seed for the new world. These heroes, in the nature of magnanimity and pragmatism...or, perhaps by fate, chose to begin the world anew; setting into motion events that have transpired 9, 705 times before.

    However, the release of the Devourer is sure to make this cycle a particularly crucial one.

    Now, the world enters the first stage of the new Armageddon and the reincarnation of these heroes will be called brought, again, to the forefront of this conflict. The barrier between the worlds has weakened, creating cracks in the sky visible to those who are to take place in the struggle.

    Our characters will be picking up in a rather normal point in their lives. Perhaps skipping school or something of that nature (I'm really up for whatever, in terms of their activities) when the first crack appears in the sky and something falls to the city below. Our characters witness this event and, thereafter, strange things begin to transpire within the city; leading them toward the heart of this struggle.

    I don't mind much about terms of romance and all that, I think it'd fit fine, so you're free to play whatever gender or type of character you want! I plan to play a female character with some psychological issues (nothing major, we'll discuss it more when we get into it). I do expect about a paragraph a post from my partners and I'm willing to collab on a whole lot of stuff! I'd love to hear any ideas that this has sparked with you!

    Oh, a couple of notes! Our characters will be traversing between two worlds. Their own and a world that is populated with strange, anthropomorphic creatures called Exiles. This second world will be littered with rubble from their world and possess a variety of strange and fantastic places to visit. I only really have one of the places planned out, so we can work on stuff like that together if you want!

    There will be a lot of biblical references that don't necessarily reflect anything in the Bible. For instance the phrase "daughter of eve" was used by me earlier, this refers to a bloodline that can be traced back directly to Eve. Adam also plays a part, but that's to be revealed later (or I can tell you if you really wanna know!) Also, as a note, the entire universe is composed of data. This is pretty important to a lot of the stuff that is going on, but it isn't common knowledge in-character. Our characters, our mains, anyway, won't have any idea about that until later on.

    Thanks for reading,
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